The King of Spain reigns supreme at Griffin Park. Unprecedented joy follows a quite wonderful denouement.

26 Feb

Brentford 4 Rotherham United 2. A game that prior to kick off had promised goals and a guaranteed three points for the home side would look, by the scoreline, to have delivered just that. The headlines, quite rightly, will have been dominated by a quite wonderful performance from King Jota, whose joy enthused celebrations of his late hat-trick goals left everybody (the handful of Rotherham supporters aside) leaving Griffin Park with grins like split watermelons. Yet on a day where we commemorated 50 years since the doomed take over attempt by QPR, the Millers came so close to being consumate party poopers.


View from the Braemer – unadulterated joy from Jota and the team

To be overly down on a four goal home win seems really odd. Yet Brentford were so, so sloppy for huge swathes of this game. The Bees started, with Romaine Sawyers seemingly in the ‘false 9’ position once more, at 100 mph. 85% possession in the opening period was rewarded by Jota’s first after what the papers report as 13 minutes (although if Kitman Bob is reading, I’m pretty sure the Griffin Park clock said 8) . It was a beautiful finish from a tight angle on the left and promised to be the precursor to a much anticipated opening of flood gates.

And then. Nothing. From shuffling around like disinterested zombie hoards, Rotherham United were slowly allowed back into it. The scoreline stayed 1-0 at half time as the game descended into League one style averageness. Sawyers was drifting so deep that he was more Josh McEachran replacement than filling in for Lasse or the Hoff. This isn’t his natural position and I do sympathise with a player thrust out of his comfort zone yet, at the same time, if you can’t handle it then let somebody else have a go. Let the head coach read the game. Really, Dean should have made changes quicker rather than Romaine coming in for more flack. When he was switched, look what happened.

Being honest, I was quite happy with the starting XI in the circumstances but once we’d got bogged down into high ball kick and rush then changes should have been made. Instead, Brentford allowed the visitors to equalise not once but twice. Our second goal, Nico bundling home a cross from Ryan Woods, should have knocked the stuffing out of a Rotherham team looking to grind out a draw. Instead, we gave them the freedom of Griffin Park.

Then, with the impressive Sergi Canos and the B-Team’s Justin Shaibu making their marks from the bench, Jota stepped up and did his thing on the 90th minute. The first, from the penalty spot, prompting ecstatic celebrations from the player, the team and the crowd. A few minutes later, he combined with Sergi to get on the end of a through ball from Sawyers (and when he does those, he does them so so well), to go around Lewis Price. With the former Bee scrabbling around in the mud, the King of Spain was as cool as you like to stroke it home.

Cue mayhem of an unprecendented style. Cue tears of regret from those who left early.

Even now, Sunday morning, I still have a huge smile on my face at the resultant celebration. An outpouring of pure joy. And that was just Jota. Truly, we are blessed to have such a talent in our team. It was a privilege to be part of that moment.

What a wonderful, wonderful man and yet, what incredible enthusiasm. Even Dean Smith told Billy Reeves at full time that the player had received a round of applause on entering the dressing room.

Aswell as the goal video (up on Sky now ; Beesplayer now below) do listen to BBC Billy’s interview with Dean. It’s interesting to hear his acknowledgement of our own improvement points from this one aswell, of course, as his own admiration for the super Spaniard and his “great balance” .

Fantastic Jota gets his first hat-trick for the Bees

What else can you say about this one?

Well, the club have rightly paid huge notice to the 50 year anniversary of QPR trying their little stunt and the incredible effort involved by supporters and players like in thwarting this. We’ve had all the build up to this game whilst on the day there was that wonderful banner and of course, the minute’s applause on the 67th minute. The timing of Rotherham’s equaliser proving somewhat unfortunate and one of those rare instances where there was more clapping from the home side than the visitors after an way goal had been scored. Only Brentford.

Equally, another big nod of recognition is due to Mark Chapman. This season’s match day programme has been given due credit on these pages before and likewise, the piece of work he and the team put together for yesterday’s game needs proper recognition. If you haven’t got one yet, do drop into the club shop to see if you can get your hands on a copy. It is well, well worth a look about an event that is such an important part of our history. There’s more than just QPR, though. Come for the history lesson; stay for the interview with Chris Wickham.

But we can only finish, once more, by offering a huge cyber hug to Jota. What a way to finish a game. What a way to grab a hat trick. What a way to pull Brentford out of the fire. What a way to send the fans home so very, very happy.

What a way to stick two fingers up to all those at Loftus Road.

Muchas Gracias to the king.


Nick Bruzon


9 Responses to “The King of Spain reigns supreme at Griffin Park. Unprecedented joy follows a quite wonderful denouement.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 26, 2017 at 11:19 am #

    It was a strange start to the game. Was it the lackluster opposition? Was it the celebration of looking back to much more sobering times? It may have even been the ‘orrible weather conditions. Was it Peter Gilham’s demand that we turn and shake an old codger by the hand, only to be told by the infuriated that they were only 48! But the crowd seemed a little lethargic even after Jota’s opener. Things only got animated with the issue of the bogs on Ealing Road, the toilet related songs that followed and eventual announcement that everything was now in order. The cheer was so loud that those shopping on the High Street must have thought the Bees had scored.

    It didnt help that after dominating so much that we didnt add a second and let the Millers back in the game, not once, but twice. As predictable as night comes after day the crowd then turned on Romaine, with one person not far from me screaming abuse at him for passing to his own teammate! Its true though he clearly isnt a striker, at one point he was playing left back, but hes been asked to do a job by Smith and is doing the best he can without complaint. I truly hope in the last quarter of the season he finds his mojo like KK did last season and prove all those doubters wrong.

    But it was the King of Spain who stood out over everyone else on that pitch. He has come back from Spain even better than when he left. He looks happy. He is enjoying himself and is loving his football and is by himself worth making the 200 mile round trip for. There is nothing I feel he cannot do. I would half expect him to walk down to the Thames after the game and part it. With Sergi by his side, along with FloJo, a fit Rico Henry, a yet again outstanding Maxime, the possible emergence of a very promising Justin Shaibu, and maybe a return by Alan Judge, this promises to be a very exciting run in to the season.

    • nickbruzon February 26, 2017 at 8:57 pm #

      Sergi, Rico, FloJo and Jota in the same team. Is it possible to believe this will happen next season? Chuck in the likes of Mcketchasketch, Ryan, Lewis Macleod and killer balls from Romaine in midfield(if he can find his killer balls consistently). Harlee majestic at he back alongside Egan. Bentley in goal. Find that missing piece of the puzzle up top and who knows, or dares to dream?
      Or will it be case of ‘cash in’……?

  2. peter lumley February 26, 2017 at 12:37 pm #

    JA truly bewildering performance by the Bees salvaged only by Jota,’s two goals in added time.Cannot wait for him to be offered an extended contract to cover the next 3 to 4 years at least

    • hobbo February 26, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

      Im afraid 3 to 4 years is not going to happen Peter, not with our wage structure on only 10/11,000 crowds, when he could easily treble them elsewhere.Fact of life being a Bees fan mate.

      • peter lumley February 26, 2017 at 3:27 pm #

        As a Bees fan for more than 74 years I am well aware of the facts of life! I am,however. still an optimist and can only hope that the King will treasure the relationship he has established with Griffin Park fans .Surely money is not the only consideration in life!!!

  3. RebelBee February 26, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

    Good summary & really pleased to get the win and valuable points. Canos has to be starting and I’d prefer to see Shaibu tried up front instead of Romaine. Smith seems able to accumulate approx 1.25 points a game which will see us at high 50’s and well safe, beyond that I don’t know. Happy to be competitive in this division but don’t feel he’ll be the man to take us forward, maybe that’s the plan until LR – cool with that. The Spanish boys & FloJo have dragged us upwards with their infectious enthusiasm for the club and simply to play, without them it’d be hard to see much difference between us & our opponents yesterday. People said we’d never see Jota back at GP, they said we’d never be able to sign a Sergi Canos, well we’ve done both so why not dare to dream re Jota’s contract? Either way we have a very valuable asset again, vindicating the owner’s approach to his situation. If Hogan is a £10M player what is Jota potentially worth? Impressed with Henry and well done BFC for the appropriate commemoration of the 1967 uprising.

  4. Daniel Callaghan February 26, 2017 at 4:46 pm #

    Did feel sorry for Sawyers yesterday, the false 9 is not a position that he is remotely suited for but his body language and lack of basic grit , even when not played out of position, does not endear him to anyone but the most forgiving of fans. Canos and Shaibu were just the shot in the arm that we needed but our inconsistency – going toe to toe with the likes of Newcastle and Brighton one week and unforgivable lethargy the next is worrying as it is frustrating.

    • nickbruzon February 26, 2017 at 8:54 pm #

      Thanks Daniel, and well said. Romaine takes a lot of unfair flak whilst yesterday saw him in a lose-lose situation. Dean should have pulled him out of their earlier but, in the end, we got there.

  5. paul klein February 26, 2017 at 6:14 pm #

    Sorry to put a dent in your Sunday morning smile but yesterday we saw for the umpteenth time the recent age old problem….Brentford defending. How often have we seen, match after match, recent season after season that for as exciting our attacking football is, our defending always let’s us down. I will always have the love as I would bleed red and white if cut but we have to accept that we will never reach our full potential until one of our managers solve this problem.

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