Welcome Home, King Jota. Majestic finish completes another derby day defeat of QPR.

23 Apr

Where do you start with this one? The scoreline? Brentford 3 QPR 1. The record? Three wins out of four in Brentford’s favour since our paths crossed again in the Championship. The current form guide? That’s LLLLLL for a QPR side who are by no means out of the relegation woods yet and entertain fellow strugglers Nottingham Forest next up. Or that man, Jota?

There was a welcome home, with very open arms, to the King yesterday and didn’t he repay his adoring subjects back in style? If his second goal against Derby County last time we were all at Griffin Park was something special, yesterday’s is one where words really can’t do it justice.

A delightful cross field ball from Nico found the King of Spain whose first touch, past Jake Bidwell, was simply magnificent. With the ball  travelling straight towards him he knocked it forward, mid air, already running and then picked it up once more the other side of the former Bee. Cutting into the box, as against Derby, he then shot through three defenders and past the ‘keeper for a goal that sent Griffin Park bonkers. It was a thing of absolute beauty  – from the control, at speed, on the first touch to the jinking through the defence and net rippling denouement.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 06.22.24

As seen on / stolen from Brentford official. Nice.

Oh, the smile on his face. The noise from the crowd as the scoreboard moved up to 3-1. Former Bee and one time QPR player Les Ferdinand, sitting up in the director’s box, could only applaud the majestic finish from the Spaniard. He is quite possibly the most exciting and skillful player we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching at Griffin Park. Jota, not Les.

One could well understand the exhilaration of the moment causing him to take his shirt off and earn the mandatory yellow card. We all know the rules but nobody cared.

Let’s not overlook the pass from Nico that started the move either. Like Ryan Woods yesterday, perhaps one of the unsung heroes from this game, but the accuracy of his delivery from a good 40 yards was the catalyst to this goal.

Prior to this Yoann Barbet had given the Bees a lead in a cagey first half where, perhaps, the visitors had the slightly better chances. Daniel Bentley was called upon to make a couple of smart reaction saves, a feat repeated during a second period that saw an additional 7(seven) minutes of injury time added on. By then, though, it was far too little, far too late.

IMG_7128 (1)

View from the Braemar. QPR try to get stuck in during the first half

Jota had doubled our lead from the penalty spot following a foul on Max Colin and whilst the reply from the visitors for 2-1 was almost immediate, they’d barely finished celebrating before the Nico and Jota show graced Griffin Park. I cannot wait to hear what Mark Burridge and co on the Beesplayer team made of this one when the highlights go live at lunchtime. Until then Sky have the best of the action, including one for the visitors that definitely didn’t cross the line (who needs goal line technology?).

But, really, like Burton away (one imagines!) it was the sort of game and the sort of atmosphere where watching on TV can only part replicate the moment. A full house in the sunshine saw Dean Smith’s boys go for it as supporters and players alike delighted in returning Ian Holloway his pre-season prediction in a giftbox . With a card. Marked three points.


Even the fanzine sellers made their point to Mr Holloway

On a weekend that saw Billy Reeves, Adam Devlin and Rich Archer forming their super group Grown Men in Tears to release the wonderful ‘Welcome Home, King Jota’ for charity (and PLEASE, rush out and buy this before it is deleted on Friday – all proceeds from the 79p download go to Cancer Research UK) , there was no irony lost at the charitable donation made by QPR. To Brentford.

Another three points. A 237 derby double over our near neighbours. What was, by all accounts, a somewhat emotional post match press conference from Ian Holloway (oh, to have been with the journalists for that one). But best of all, Brentford up to 9th in the Championship table. With two games to go we’ve a very real prospect of a third top ten finish and even creeping into 8th to overtake last season’s final slot.

That’s all to look forward to though. For now, let’s just enjoy the moment once more.

Welcome home, King Jota.

Please don’t go anywhere.


A full house and returning favourite were blown away by the king

Nick Bruzon


12 Responses to “Welcome Home, King Jota. Majestic finish completes another derby day defeat of QPR.”

  1. Gordonbankole April 23, 2017 at 8:33 am #

    Dear All

    Forget this El Rey nonsense. El Mago is much more appropriate.

    It was a strange game in some respects. Despite the obvious difference in skill, QPR did have some chances. However (and let’s stir up the proverbial hornets’ nest here) they were a dirty, ugly, long-ball outfit with no finesse whatsoever. The plan seemed to be to bully us with a bit of Middlesbrough-style rotational fouling, taking advantage of a slightly lenient referee.

    #Jakejoins – other than the boost to his bank balance, it’s difficult to see how else he has benefited from his move. The latest in a long line over the last few years who thought there was greener grass elsewhere.

    Player of the Year is going to be an interesting one this year – I think I’m going for Woodsie over Harlee (just).

    Finally, a word on the boy Sawyers. It was obvious he had class, but the last few games he has started to put it together consistently in a way we haven’t seen before. If he can maintain this kind of form and add a few more goals to his game, we will have some player.

    Roll on Fulham – though I sense we could be up against it.



  2. peter lumley April 23, 2017 at 8:36 am #

    One of the highlights of the day for me was seeing KingJota and Sergi Canos embrace each other as they walked off the GP pitch at the end of the game.Their delight at having returned to the club was there for all to see.Jota is certainly one of the most talented players I have seen in a Brentford shirt over more than 75 years! Due to the resurgence of the Bees since he returned in January he must be a leading contender for the “Player of the Season” award?

    • Rob April 23, 2017 at 9:42 am #

      Agreed Peter. Sergio is great for team AND crowd morale.

    • nickbruzon April 23, 2017 at 9:46 am #

      POTY a straight fight between HArlee, Dan and Ryan. Jota has been absolutely incredible since his return – words cannot describe how good he has been. But for a season long award I think it would be unfair to vote for him, much as he has been a class apart since January

  3. Gordonbankole April 23, 2017 at 9:00 am #

    Dear All

    The one thing I don’t understand (and let’s face it, it’s worked in our favour), how on earth was El Mago not getting any games at Eibar?

    Hopefully his lack of achievement there might put off any potential suitors from the Premier League.

    Oh, and finally can I just say that I genuinely find the demise of Leyton Orient very very sad. Unfortunately worse could be round the corner for them too.



    • nickbruzon April 23, 2017 at 9:45 am #

      Sad times at Leyton Orient. It isn’t that long ago we were neck and neck for promotion to the Championship. But for the right/wrong owner…….

      • hobo April 23, 2017 at 11:07 am #

        The nail on the head Nick, right /wrong owner be very thankful Bees fans even “YOU” Boru?

  4. RebelBee April 23, 2017 at 11:11 am #

    Good comments from all above, just a perfect, special day – one to savour & for me the more important of the 2 WL derbies. I have posed the question as to whether Dean Smith was the man to take us forward, the run in has confirmed that at the very least he has earned the right to have a good go at it next season. The additions in January have transformed us, but Smith deserves huge credit for producing a team that plays such a refreshing brand of football – the ball moved around the whole side at pace & seeming to do all the work, takes effort, confidence & a lot of skill to get this right.

    Romaine has really stepped up & blossomed, helped by Woods producing consistently superb performances over the past few months. Harlee will be my POTS, closely followed by Ryan, a few more months of Sergi, Jota & Henry in the side & it would be really interesting.

    Strange antics from Ollie yesterday, another few games & they would be in real trouble, but they’ll be ok, just.

    Huge ask next week, FFC are a very good side & we’ll need to step it up another level. Still after yesterday it’s a bit of a free hit, give it a real go & see where we are. If bees fans aren’t motivated to get to the last games after our recent performances they never will be.

    Putney next Sat – be there!

  5. peter lumley April 23, 2017 at 1:55 pm #

    I appreciate Jota has only played for half a season but his contribution over that limited period has been exceptional both in terms of goals scored and assists provided. Much as I have admired the performances of Harlee and Ryan for me Jota has made a greater impact on the club’s progress.

  6. Chasyuk April 23, 2017 at 4:37 pm #

    Always difficult to compare a goalkeeper’s contribution over a season with that of any outfield player but quite right that Nick included Dan Bentley in the mix for POTY. The Reading hiccup apart, he has been consistently superb and his two first half saves yesterday were simply top drawer. As for Jota’s second goal, to witness those few seconds alone, with Jake B trailing in his slipstream, were worth the price of my season ticket. I checked to see that ‘sublime’ adequately described it and with thanks to the Oxford Dictionary it does “Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe”. El Mago indeed Gordon

  7. suttontutor April 24, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

    I managed to get two free tickets to the Fulham game, so I’m very happy – and I might even struggle out of bed early and watch us beat Blackburn! Even if we don’t win at CC, it’s likely to be a great game. All in all, it’s a great finish to a good season. Can’t wait to see what we can achieve next season!

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