A new look – in more ways than one. But do you like it?

10 May

Boom. No sooner has the regular season ended than out of nowhere Brentford have launched a new club website whilst our new crest has also began to appear all over cyber space. And, although slightly delayed (this nonsense can’t write itself every day) we now know another opponent for next season as Middlesbrough make a swift return to the Championship following the briefest of sojourns in football’s top flight.

First up, the website. There was no real build up but visitors to what is now brentfordfc.com on Tuesday morning were greeted with a new look. And what a relief. What a blessed relief. Gone is that awful, awful cluttered template look. Gone is the almost random way articles were thrown together on screen. Gone is that stream of outdated and long defunct ‘news’ that we’d get on the right hand side of the screen.

The previous incumbent was awful. I make no apologies for saying this and it was something that had been noted on these pages previously. Equally, it wasn’t one of the club’s direct making. Look around the websites of other EFL clubs and you’d see the vast majority with the same, restrictive template. Even the ability to write in paragraphs was an enhancement that only came about this season.

First impressions of the replacement are nothing but positive. What a great decision by the club to look at breaking the mould and what a great job, certainly on first impressions, to those responsible for putting this together. For a non-techy like yours truly, it was simple to use, intuitive and I loved the fact that there’s even a tab for our fan groups on there (most of whom will grant you access !).


Early visitors to ‘new look official’ got a treat – our important fan groups being represented.

Nice one Brentford. I can’t wait to see how it looks once we get back into a season ‘proper’.

Next up, the crest. We’ve made no secret on these pages of loving the castle and not being the biggest fans of her replacement – the cluttered, clipart that until the weekend has been the public image of BrentfordFC for over 20 years. To me, it was always the graphical equivalent of  Murray Jones replacing Dean Holdsworth. Equally, I’m not so naive as to ignore the fact that it remained hugely popular amongst a large section of out fan base who view the crest’s passing with some sadness.

But whether you loved it or loathed it, the crest is dead. Long live the crest. The new look Bee began to take pride of place on the website and Twitter from yesterday, with the promise of a club wide rebrand to follow. For me, the is nothing but good news.

On a personal note, there was no secret of my approval for the new version when it was revealed earlier on the season. It is an opinion that I most definitely stick with now we’ve had time to acclimatise. Stylish, smart and displaying a modern take on a former classic, this really is a good look.

Looking around the internet yesterday I saw those interminable muttering about the legs and the ‘wasp’  factor being mentioned once more. It is so clearly a bumble bee as to be almost unrecognisable as anything else. Likewise, it is possible for a Bee to only have four of the six legs on display at any one time. And if we’re really going to split hairs, just look at the crest that has just shuffled off this sartorial coil. Examine the legs on view and count them. One, two, three, four, fi..no. That’s it. The same four as we have once more.


The new crest is now live (and a bee, for comparison)

Look I don’t want to dwell on that anymore. Our new crest is, in my opinion, worthy of a big thumbs up. It isn’t the Castle (what is, though?) but it is now the look of our club. The next big question being just what it is going to look like on a shirt. Kitman Bob, any clues here?

And finally, Middlesbrough. As suspected by many, they’ve bounced straight back to the Championship after a solitary season in the Premier League. Which is awful for them and potentially worse for us. Nobody needs any reminder of our record since the return to this level of football. Played 6 Lost 6.

That was then; this is now. Four of these six were in our first season and included that play-off semi final loss where we came so close to an incredible end to the campaign. Then again, do we do play-offs any other way?

I think both Middlesbrough and Brentford will find each other very different opponents next time out. Our own set up has undergone a huge overhaul and the starting XI is probably now our strongest in years. Certainly when the players hit their stride. As for Boro’, they’ll have had the wind taken out of their sails somewhat and will no doubt have their own rebuilding exercise to undergo.

Will they be a Newcastle united or an Aston Villa? We saw vastly different responses to Premier League relegation from those two fallen giants this campaign. Newcastle bouncing back in style; Villa finding the Championship a much tougher division than could have been anticipated. Whilst the Magpies ended it as champions,  the Villans finished the campaign below the Bees in the final table.

Whilst the suspicion is that Boro’ will use their experience and set up to be nearer the business end of the table, they’ll no longer be that big fish they once were. Neither will Brentford be the perceived minnow.

I can’t wait for the chance to do battle once more and look at getting that first win under our belts. Until then, it simply remains to say, RIP to the previous crest.

Now bring on our new look….


Nick Bruzon


13 Responses to “A new look – in more ways than one. But do you like it?”

  1. HerzyBee May 10, 2017 at 6:33 am #

    As usual, to the core of the debate Nick, social media is awash with the comments of the negativity trollers of our club. The pointless ‘wasp’ and leg count conspiracy theory is tiresome and best ignored. We are all wary of change, but the new crest, in my opinion, is very good, and will look great on our merchandise. We are a modern and progressive club, our leadership is innovative and that’s what’s giving us ‘the edge’, long may it continue.

    It’s only a few days since the season ended, but I want to fast forward to August already….

    U 🐝🐝🐝’s

    • nickbruzon May 10, 2017 at 6:55 am #

      Thank you Herzy – I’m with you all the way on this. Especially thew August bit 🙂

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) May 10, 2017 at 6:51 am #

    I stand alongside Nick & Herzy on the badge. I love the new badge! The old one looks incredibly anachronistic and should have been left in the last century. The new design is bang on with current trends and I love the nod to art deco as well, baring in mind there is so much art deco in the Brentford area.

    As for Boro, I still dont get why they sacked Karanka. He was the reason why they got to the Premier League & built a team to suit his style. They went from relegation fight to relegation certs after they sacked him. Can see them ending mid table next season.

    • nickbruzon May 10, 2017 at 6:55 am #

      Thanks BQ. Apprecaited. AS ever. Love the new badge, I really do.

    • Andrew May 10, 2017 at 11:41 am #

      Hi Bernard,
      being both a Bees and Boro fan I’ve seen a fair bit of both teams this season and can say Brentford have played by far the better football. From Christmas until Karanka’s departure in March Boro got 4 points from 10 league games – no wins, one 1-1 and three 0-0 draws. And having watched quite a few of these games there was little fight on show.

      With the exception of Gibson, De Roon, Friend and Fabio they are a mid to bottom half championship side. Chambers and Negrado will return to parent clubs. Traore is lightening fast but no end product and cant cross or tackle, Downing past it, Bernardo, Barragan, Espinosa, Fischer, Bamford and Gestede have all been complete flops. Until recently they were a dour, negative team massively short of confidence.

      Karanka has to take a big share of the blame for this. As you say, this was his team and he set them up. He had them playing dour, negative football that was almost 100% defensive minded, horrible to watch which would be forgiveable (just!) were it effective but they were still letting in goals with no end product to nick a goal at the other end.

      Playing football that is horrible to watch but not actually getting results was I think what caused his downfall and, contrasting sharply with Brentford, i hated watching them this season. No entertainment value. They have added almost nothing to the premier league which is my biggest disappointment, especially after the euphoria of promotion.

      Not sure if you’ve seen much of them (why would you?) but I bet you would not recognise Adam Forshaw, Karanka turned him into a defensive midfielder with none of that cavalier spirit we saw when he was at GP. I always pegged him as a premier league player, perhaps he isn’t but I hope a better manager can get more out of him.

      Since Karanka left they have at least shown some spirit (in parts), just a shame it didn’t happen much sooner.

  3. Ash May 10, 2017 at 7:50 am #

    Will look great if visible at night from the M4! The new streamlined version will be a great marketing tool, if used properly for different purposes (Branding, Revenue Streams)

  4. hobbo May 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm #

    Love the new crest, wear it with pride you BEES.

  5. the ain't May 10, 2017 at 1:21 pm #

    there was nothing wrong with the old crest. don’t fix what ain’t broke

    • nickbruzon May 10, 2017 at 2:55 pm #

      A lot of people liked it, absolutely. A lot hated it. Myself included. It just looks horribly dated, convoluted and cluttered.
      I’m glad we’ve upgraded and got a Bee motif in there, too

  6. Thomas May 11, 2017 at 7:40 pm #

    I’m sorry nick I respect your opinion but completely disagree about the new crest it seems like the crest and the history I associate with it being thrown away for a cold corporate boring ugly badge

    • nickbruzon May 11, 2017 at 8:45 pm #

      No need to apologise Tom. Its all about opinions. Personally, I’ve never liked the previous version. It usurped my castle and just looked so, so cluttered. This one is a modern take on a retro image. But that’s only relating what’s been said. Change never easy – especially when so many have such strong associations with one that has been on our shirt for almost a quarter century.
      I just hope this new one grows on people as much as it has on me

    • Sara May 22, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

      I don’t associate our club’s history with that badge. I guess people would if it’s the only one they’ve known, but for some of us over 25, maybe you know how some of us felt when the one we’ve just changed from was brought in. I never liked it but learned to live with it. This isn’t corporate at all. It’s fresh and striking and harks back to the badges I remember from my youth and history of the club.

  7. Gordonbankole May 13, 2017 at 7:55 am #

    Dear All

    Hopefully the whole Karanka thing at Boro shows that utter cynicism, pre-meditated rotational fouling and total anti-football do not work in the league above, though it was a bit sad they were able to work in the Championship in the first place.

    And what did Karanka do before Boro? None other than assistant to Mourinho. Well, there’s a thing.



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