Kamo joins but will King Jota abdicate ? Reece Cole – what a goal !

8 Jul

Boom. That was a day and a half. Following weeks of tumbleweed, football has come back to Brentford with a bang. There’s been a new signing in Kamohelo Mokotjo.  We’ve had the first pre-season friendly with a 5-1 run out at Aldershot. Yet all the talk was of  the main man, Jota, missing that game following a deluge of transfer speculation involving the likes of West Ham, Newcastle, Brighton and just about any other name our local press could chuck at the story to generate click bait headlines and some form of substance.

And so, with the absolute greatest of respect to Kamo, we can only start with Jota. Everybody knows just what he did before going out on loan to Eibar for personal reasons and everybody knows just how incredibly he performed upon this return in January. His ability is staggering, his enthusiasm and love for the club is apparent and he is one of those rare players to unite all Brentford fans in a common opinion – namely just a wonderful player and, quite possibly, the most skillful we’ve had the privilege to watch in living memory.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 06.22.24

‘Official’ love him, too

Well, whatever nonsense/guesswork was going around cyberspace (and boy, here was an example of how a rumour can spread like wildfire thanks to social media), it was down to none other than Billy Reeves as the right man in the right place. His post match interview with Dean cut to the nub of the matter, where our head coach confirmed:

“Jota came to see me yesterday and he said that his agent has told him there’s a bid imminent from a Premier League club. He knows that club will want a massive bid….If the bid doesn’t come in and its not big enough Jota’s happy enough to stay at Brentford as a Brentford player”

This seemed to immediately rule out West Ham as potential suitors. The words ‘bid’ and ‘massive’ being anything but their style, as evidenced during the faffing around with Scott Hogan at Christmas. That, something which eventually worked to our advantage as the player moved to Aston Villa for a figure documented in the media (although officially undisclosed) as £15million.

Dean went on to add that,“It would have to be a massive bid to tempt the football club” , so the question is now, what happens next? And apologies if that puts anybody off their cornflakes with images of Phil Tufnell or Ally McCoist faux-flirting with Sue Barker.

Let’s rule out West Ham. His flair and skill would perhaps be at odds with their more industrial style of football whilst they’re generally all talk and no trousers when it comes to significant transfer activity. My gut fells is one of those clubs we were on Championship terms with last season – namely a Brighton, Huddersfield or Newcastle United. Although don’t rule out the likes of Bournemouth or Watford. Hey, I realise that’s a quarter of the league in one sentence but I’m just trying to figure it out.

Talking to another source close to the club last night, the name Brighton also came up. On target or miles off? Who knows. Will they, or anyone else, put in what Dean confirms “would have to be a massive bid to tempt the football club” ?

Billy’s interview cuts to the chase, as ever

It’s interesting. We know the financial rewards for reaching the top flight. £170milllion is the figure touted for going up from the Championship. Weigh that up against £8m – the figure Billy suggested to Dean – for a player who will be out of contract when this campaign ends. Which way will the club jump? Indeed, will we even get a choice if Jota decides his heart and feet belong in the Premier League immediately?

We all know of his love for Griffin Park. That much is apparent . But agents and money both talk. We showed loyalty to him in supporting the loan move back to Eibar and that was paid back in bucketloads when the player returned at Christmas. Indeed, Dean spoke earlier in the week (in that SKY interview) about our aspiration being top six. By definition, that means promotion or a shot at it through the play-offs. With it comes that dumper truck fill of money and the top flight football that Jota is so clearly capable of.

Is he prepared to wait? Can we make him an offer he can’t refuse? Are we financially able to turn down that short term hit of cash which comes with his transfer fee ? Are we able to make it without a man who is most prolific talent? This one is going to take am massive leap of faith from all parties if Jota is to stay a Bee.

Brighton. West Ham. Other. This is going to be a very squeaky next couple of weeks on that front. I’d also note that the fact we are even having this conversation – top flight aspirations and another multi million pound transfer – shows yet again how far we’ve come as a club. This time though, I’m hoping it’ll play out in a fan friendly way and the King doesn’t abdicate just yet .

On the more positive front, Kamo Mokotjo has signed from FC Twente. Top marks Beesotted for calling that one. Dean Smith told Billy “He’s a ball winning midfielder. His passing stats were incredible last year in the Dutch league“ whilst his quote on official describes Kamo as “a defensive midfielder who can break play up, cover a lot of ground and use the ball intelligently

The news was preceded by a short video in which the media team debated whether there was a gimmicky way to announce his signing before settling on the traditional signing photo. Reaction to the 40 second film has been mixed – both cringe and brilliant.

For me, we are in the latter camp – a clear attempt at taking the ‘p’ from the likes of Aston Villa (That. Whatsapp) and the seemingly modern trend for ‘hilarious’ announcements. Often involving hashtags.

Whilst the build up to the punchline was perhaps a tad laboured (Chris Wickham, Ciaran Brett et al are certainly no Matt Damon on the acting front) we got there in the end. Top marks all round and I hope supporters can see it for the obvious joke that this was !

And did anybody spot new programme editor Sam Marshall in there? He’s on twitter now as @SamMarshall94 .#WelcomeSam.


One other observation on this news but has Kamo been given the world’s longest signing scarf? Or, as one New Road observer would suggest to me last night, perhaps he’s only 5ft two ?


Kamo signs – he won’t be cold in the winter

As for on pitch action, we can only be happy with a 5-1 win at Aldershot. I wasn’t there so can’t add much more beyond what we’ve all seen on social media. That said, special mention to Reece Cole in setting an early bar for goal of the season. What a strike for the youngster and, with the finish/build up play, an effort somewhat reminiscent of Stuart Dallas at Fulham.

You can see that one Twitter now.

Thanks again for reading. I’m off to watch The Lions and pray for Jota.

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Nick Bruzon


4 Responses to “Kamo joins but will King Jota abdicate ? Reece Cole – what a goal !”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) July 8, 2017 at 6:45 am #

    Good morning Nick.

    There has been much wailing on Twitter in the last day about the Jota situation. With some questioning our ambitions for this season. The way some of these critics talk you would think that promotion is a given if we have Jota. Its a huge gamble for a club like ours with a possible £8m bid on the table when the players contract will be up next summer. Business sense says we need to cash in on Jota and reinvest some of the money in the squad/wages. Also many forget that we still have high quality on the wings. Sergi could move to the right with FloJo or McLeod on the left.Then of course there is Alan Judge.

    I am afraid I know zilch about Kamo other than what I have found on Transfermarkt & the odd YouTube clip. But the word online is we have a gem & he could be the player we have so desperately needed since Toums left. I cannot move on though without mentioning the clip. I have worked in marketing and one of the golden rules is not to make yourself the subject matter. Not for the first time this rule has been broken and what we have seen is incredibly self-indulgent, embarrassing and forgets what the aim of the project actually is. If they had done a straightforward piece the next day on ‘how Brentford do a signing announcement’, fine. Please no more village hall am-dram.

  2. Rob July 8, 2017 at 7:24 am #

    Thanks for the clip. I was at the match last night and found myself queuing for a half time pint. By the time id finished my drink and returned to the terrace we had scored 3 goals and i had missed that screamer!!
    On last nights performance we were a bit sloppy in defence first half and didn’t create much, second half with the new personnel we tore them apart. Some of the B teamers did themselves a lot of credit and for me the big plus was Dalsgaard. Impressive impressive impressive! Comfortable on the ball, fast, physical and great in the air, something weve been lacking.
    As for the King, if he does go it will be disappointing. As you say not just because he’s a great player, but he unifies the fans. That said, if he’s premiership bound who can argue with that? And if he does go then we should look to the likes of a Marcus Maddison from Peterborough straight away.

  3. Max Willow July 8, 2017 at 9:46 am #

    I would not write West Ham off, just yet (re:Jota)
    West Ham not creative enough? Are you serious?
    Too industrial? But good enough to beat Spurs 1-0, eh!

  4. RebelBee July 8, 2017 at 3:46 pm #

    Agree with comments so far, nobody wants to see Jota leave & im sure this equally applies to MB & all the staff. Sad that rumours of bids came on the day we’d pulled of another really smart transfer with the capture of Mokotjo. Further evidence that we are sensibly going about our business & improving what is already a good squad. Our support is superb but with circa 5500 ST holders & current incomes, we aren’t anywhere near the point where we can compete with bigger suitors in this division & in particular the PL. As long as have made Jota a great offer & that we don’t let him go without a fight I’m comfortable with whatever happens. Certainly no reason for complaint towards the club & in my eyes even more reason to invest in ST’s, memberships & anything else to support the investment made by the owner. We have every right to feel optimistic, excited & at time frustrated by the transfer market. But no right at all to feel entitled to anything in this the toughest of leagues – even with Jota a shot at promotion or too 6 will require an incredible effort from all involved – and that includes us the support. So no moaning, back the club and let’s fill GP every week & see where we can take this together.

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