Look at what you could have seen. Where do you start after that?

22 Oct

For a moment this looked like it was going to be Burton Albion away all over again. With Brentford trailing Sunderland 3-1 at Griffin Park on Saturday, as the Bees headed in for a half-time cuppa/rollicking (delete as applicable) it was looking like it would only end in a historic win for the hosts or a bracketing from the visitors.

And like Burton away, it was a game yours truly missed due to a rejigged family commitment. That’s life. Mrs Bruzon generally lets me get away with murder (footballing, not literally) . Besides there was no way what happened against The Brewers last season, where 3-1 down at HT finished 5-3 to the Bees, could ever happen again. Could it?

Had the returning Sergi Canos come on that bit earlier then who knows? To be honest, I’m just glad he was back in action. Whilst the team have started to build a decent unbeaten run (this makes it six in the Championship now) his flair and enthusiasm have undoubtedly been missed.


As one New Road observer noted…

Having had two hefty injuries already this season, I can well understand Dean Smith’s reticence not to bring him on too early. Ease him back into it. This, despite a first half performance that sounded like an abomination.

I say sounded. Don’t take my word for it though. Seriously. These blogs normally come with the disclaimer along the lines of : ‘for any sort of match report then the likes of ‘official’, the BBC or Beesotted are your place.’ For this one, take that to the max.

A Saturday spent in South Wales meant the nearest I got to Brentford was peering through the traffic and Storm Brian at what might have been our chief scout moonlighting.


My own view of the second half

Yet at 3-1 down, there was that thought lurking at the back of the mind that the footballing gods would stick up two fingers in this direction once more. So much so that, and purely for research purposes, the offer of 10/1 for a Brentford win from my online bookmaker seemed too good a gifthorse to turn down.

And then it began. Whatsapp began to flash updates:

16.07: Free kick from outside the box scored by number 7…

3-2. The comeback was on.

16.23: Dalsgard with a very loud fuck off there towards the ref

16.31: ANGRY DAD MELTDOWN (and if you sit in the paddock, you’ll know. He is just wonderful. And I mean that quite honestly. Genuine passion)

16.37: Two touches. Two goals.
16.37: It’s comedy goal day at Griffin Park.

In the end, 3-3 it stayed. Despite what sounded like an ‘edge of the seat’ denouement, the Bees couldn’t quite repeat the miracle at the Pirelli. Sunderland continue below the Bees. As do a Birmingham City side who lost. Again.


View from the Braemar – fornicate off ??

After the game, there was the usual trawl of Twitter to see who was saying what. Looking at our own team, I did have to wonder if the media team had played a part, there had been some copy/pasting going on or just a coincidence:

Yoann Barbet : Shame we didn’t win today, but great reaction and come back in the second half 💪
We go again next Saturday.
Thank for your support again 👏🐝🐝🐝

Josh Clarke : Shame we didn’t get the win today but the boys show get character to get back into the game… on to the next 🔥🤘🏽#Brentfordfc

Another season, another player ‘going again’. Yet the reason for my suggesting the hand of the media team, whilst tongue-in-cheek, has grounding. And of a Sunderland connection.

Anybody who picked up a copy of the programme and we’re kind enough to look at my own ramblings would have read about the article on the 100 worst strikers to feature in the Premier League published by @RokerReport (and you can read that here – theirs, not mine).

Incredibly, 9 Sunderland players featured out of the 100. That’s some strike rate. Somewhat ironic, given their inability to find the back of the net. And at number 6 in that list was Victor Anichebe. A player whose form in front of goal was only matched by his form on Twitter.

When the media team said…..


Nick Bruzon

4 Responses to “Look at what you could have seen. Where do you start after that?”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) October 22, 2017 at 9:16 am #

    You did miss an absolute corker Nick. A day when a newly relegated PL side with a team full of internationals ended up playing for a draw at little old Brentford. Saying that, yes the first half was not good. The CB pairing a bit of a shambles. Bjelland was shocking for the first goal and Egan’s performance wasnt much better. I still go back to last weeks comment. Why was Yoann & Mepham both dropped after Boro?

    Second half we were a different proposition. FloJo’s awesome FK to get us going straight after and then just constant pressure. Josh coming on and making a huge difference. I have never been his biggest fan, but I felt his presence and vision swung the match in our favour, and then finally the goal came, with a huge slice of luck or Maupay’s arse Im not sure which it was, but pleased for Neal as the stats will say it was his goal. By the end the Black Cats were happy to get away with a point. And yet again we had another awful referee this time the newly promoted Mr England from Barnsley.

    Other observations. Bentley was acclimatising in the windy conditions for an hour before kick off, but that howler was just 1 in a 100. One to forget and move on.

    Lewis Grabban a pain throughout. Always to remind us we were foolish to let him go, but fair play to him, 2 goals in front of ER and he never gave it the big I am. Respect him for that.

    John Egan as captain just does not work for me. What does he bring to the side as captain? I watched him after the third goal, and there was no talking to his team mates or geeing up. He just stood there. Yet it was Ryan Woods trying to fire up the team instead. Give the armband to Woodsy!

    And then theres Nico. Not exactly a fans favourite but he has established himself as our goalscoring midfielder. He was my MOM. He was outstanding yesterday and he has finally got a song, albeit the old Alan McCormack one. Yoann needs one now, I propose the old Rupert the Bear tune!

    • peter lumley October 22, 2017 at 10:10 am #

      To give away three “soft ” goals after taking the lead was a real downer.But to comeback from 3-1 down at half time to take a point was some consolation albeit a small one. Still do not really understand Dean Smith’s team selection including a right back who finds it very difficult to “defend” !!

      • peter lumley October 22, 2017 at 1:36 pm #

        Reading the “Football League Paper” today revealed some interesting information of how some recent “departees” from GP have fared in their news surroundings and with their enhanced salaries!! First, the 3 now with Birmingham: Harlee Dean (unused sub). Jota (subbed in the 63rd minute) Maxine Colin (conceded own goal at Millwall).Others: Scott Hogan(unused sub for Aston Villa) Adam Forshaw (not in Middlesbrough squad) Andre Gray (came on as sub for Watford in the 90th minute). The only real success has been “arch villian” JamesTarkowski whose recent performances for Burnley have prompted MB to tip him as potential international with either England or Poland. Not that MB has any ulterior motives for doing so !!!

  2. Dave Washer October 22, 2017 at 6:48 pm #

    I really thought we’d win yesterday and was looking forward to the match. In the event, we pretty much gifted them three goals – although Grabban showed a lot of skill to score the first.

    Duncan Whatmore was absolutely sensational and looked every inch the Premier League player. At times I thought that Sunderland looked really good, so, despite our defensive frailties, I personally think Grayson deserves some credit.

    At the end of the day, it’s another match unbeaten and brilliant to have Vibe and Canos back. But I do agree that Egan and Bjelland aren’t the answer in defence. Barbet has to come back against Preston.

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