Footballer doesn’t score. Chief Exec nails it…

19 Nov

Cardiff City 2 Brentford 0. I really wasn’t going to bother today following our first defeat in 9. Then the corpulent buffet burgler Ian Moose popped up and started chucking bile around. The same Ian Moose whose beloved West Ham lost to Watford on Sunday afternoon, thus cementing their position in the Premier League relegation zone.

Newsflash: Player doesn’t score goal.

FFS, it’s desperate stuff when a man who hasn’t even been at a game , can take a cheap pot shot at a player he’s not seen not scoring a goal he hasn’t seen. Sour grapes over West Ham not signing Scott Hogan? Sour grapes over West Ham not signing Jota? Or just general sour grapes ?

Whatever the reason, it takes a certain type of twit (yeah, that is a typo) to revel in a player who has scored three goals in his previous four games not making it four from five. A player, new to the squad but finding his feet and his form in a Championship side punching well above the weight that most journos would likely apply to #teamslikeBrentford.


You know what, it happens. And? Move along. Yet….

Not only would Mr. Moose take to Twitter to proclaim: Miss of the Season, decade, century, how can any professional footballer miss this…. @nealmaupay18 Even I’d have scored this, embarrassing miss

He then followed it up with the boast that, “I’d be happy to go to @brentfordfc training ground this week, we can recreate the play, I’ll take Neal’s place and show him how to score in such a situation

Ok, Ian. We believe you. Let’s for one second pretend that you wouldn’t actually collapse just running out of the tunnel, such are the likely state of the half time and pre-match nosh up infused arteries. But then just say, and seriously  – it takes one almighty leap beyond the bounds of credibility (and that’s just too imagine finding a shirt that would stretch over the paunch, even Buzzette’s would be straining) that Mr Moose found himself in the position.

Would he have the lungs to still be standing? Would he have the wherewithal to see the net bulge? Would he even be able to kick a ball 10 yards in a straight line? It was a free shot, not a free buffet. Certainly, history suggests otherwise.

Please, Bees. Whilst I have no doubt we’ll treat his bullshit with the contempt it deserves, please don’t give this pathetic excuse for a professional any more of the oxygen of publicity he so clearly, and desperately, craves. Keep him away from Jersey Road.

I’ve bitten. Fair dues, I’m just the numpty on the terrace and a humble blogger. He’s an apparent professional whom one would hope to know better.

Then again, with West Ham rapidly heading towards the Championship , give it 8 months and he’ll be at Brentford for real. In the FA Cup, as the Bees tag team the Hammers in the league stakes.

Diary note: Neal’s birthday is 14 August. Just remember this for next season when Mr. Moose then attempts that toe curling , desperately sycophantic please-be-my-friend shtick of ‘Happy birthday to my good friend….’. A routine that seems more aligned with allowing the TalkSport jock another chance to share a photograph which, incredibly, reveals the fact that a journalist has met somebody he is interviewing.

Roll on Tuesday night and Burton Albion. Here’s to a Maupay hat-trick. Until then we’ll leave tonight’s ‘Last Word’ to Brentford Chief Executive Mark Devlin.

Nick Bruzon



7 Responses to “Footballer doesn’t score. Chief Exec nails it…”

  1. peter lumley November 19, 2017 at 8:54 pm #

    An unbelievable miss,yes.But all credit to Neal for the part he played in the Bees second half revival. A review of the “stats” revealed they deserved at least one point if not all three. We are still only four points off the “play off” places and,hopefully, will get back on track against Burton on Tuesday. COYBs

  2. aussiebee53 November 20, 2017 at 1:21 am #

    The good thing about the miss is that it avoided embarrassing the Sky sports commentator from our win over Leeds who clearly stated ” Maupay will never score an easer goal in his career”
    Actually I feel some responsibility myself, only last week I invested a few dollars more on him being the Championship top goal scorer and I can jinx any-thing.If only it was not too late to = not back the Bees to win the league, not back the Bees to get promoted, not back England to win the World Cup

  3. Red Rose Bee November 20, 2017 at 8:08 am #

    If you don’t want to give this clown any publicity,why are you banging on about it?

    • nickbruzon November 20, 2017 at 8:42 am #

      It’s a fair point and by my own admission: “I’ve bitten. Fair dues, I’m just the numpty on the terrace and a humble blogger. He’s an apparent professional whom one would hope to know better.”

      At the same time, putting to one side Mr Moose’s nonsense, I just don’t want the club allowing themselves to become the sideshow in a game of his own ego.

      Whilst I can’t for one second imagine we’d allow him down to the training ground to ‘show us’ how its done, it wouldn’t be the first time he has weaselled his way into such showboating ‘larks’.
      All focus on Burton, please. Leave this buffoon to stew on his radio station

  4. Rob November 20, 2017 at 8:23 am #

    Bad miss…not sure why he didnt go right with his shot, but Murphy’s miss against us was arguably worse.

  5. HerzyBee November 20, 2017 at 8:46 am #

    Shock horror..Footballer misses ‘easy chance’….move on, it happens to the best……our first loss for a long time….I’m still seething at the ref, He’s not responsible for us not scoring, but he must have left his cards in his coat pocket. I counted at least five fouls by Cardiff that deserved yellow, in the first half alone, and the yellow card should have been a red……edge of the box, last defender? Warnock’s teams are always the same……fouls galore and until the ref starts carding, the ante goes up…..physicality is first, football is second, I’m not bitter, disappointed with the result after all the play and possession, stats don’t win matches though….just goals. We were trying to win the game and Warnock/Rowett style football takes the points.
    We have to improve our tempo in the final third, we are a bit too slow in the build up allowing the defence to muster 7 (seven) players to gridlock the box. Canos came on late and we looked sharper, his flickover trick was fantastic skill……I hope we see more pitch minutes in the coming weeks….

    FYI great stadium wasted on the few home supporters, and excellent prematch with the Beesotted crew………

    • Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) November 20, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

      Your right it was a poor refereeing display where a yellow card was warranted on numerous occasions, let alone the pro foul. You begin to wonder whether referees are actually afraid of Warnock.

      Our middle of defence is still a shambles and it was clear yet again that our best central defender was playing at left back.

      Ultimately 2-0 flattered Cardiff. Walking away from the ground I could hear Welsh accents saying how lucky they were. The difference was the poor defending and the poor finishing. Maupay’s effort was a foot wide in the end and after that he looked a man destroyed, missing another excellent chance seconds into the second half.

      Sergi looked very lively when he came on, and he needs to be starting on Tuesday night.

      The support was excellent throughout. The only noise you heard out of Cardiff was their drums. Even after the final whistle the Ring Of Fire song still resonated with Lasse just standing and applauding the support for a good 3 or 4 minutes. I didnt think he was ever going to leave the pitch. He clearly loves this club, the same as Yoann, always the last to leave.

      A question on Egan as captain. Why? What does he actually bring as captain? You never see him gee up anyone or be the first to stand up. For me it should be the outstanding Woods all day long. In fact id put a whole gaggle of players in front of Egan (Nico, Sergi, Yoann, Lasse, Bjelland).

      Oh and Cardiff really is a depressing city!

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