More pie, Ian? Professional loudmouth goes again.

25 Nov

With no game for Brentford until the small matter of Monday night’s trip to Queens Park Rangers, there’s been the chance for some time out. The usual Saturday routine has opened up whilst there was even the opportunity to watch a bonus game on Friday night as West Ham were held by Leicester City at the Olympic Stadium. Still, at least that point takes the Hammers out of the bottom thr… Ah, oh well.

I really can’t wait for Monday night’s action. Who doesn’t love a West London derby and form has certainly been on Brentford’s side in recent games with QPR. Three wins out of four in the league and, of course, the added bonus of knocking the hoops out of this season’s league cup. That, a 4-1 thrashing administered by the Bees, in which Neal Maupay starred and rounded off a great performance wit ha quite wonderful goal to make it 3-0.

Maupay scores a beauty for 3-0

Which is somewhat ironic considering professional pie-eater and motormouth Ian Moose is back on his his self-promotional bandwagon following the bile he spotted last weekend following our game at Cardiff. It was bad enough he took two bites at Neal Maupay then (likely the first time he’s ever left sufficient for a second bite) but having had time to consider his words, he’s gone again.

This time, using Friday’s column in The S*n to once more have a pop at our man and desperately beg Chief Executive Mark Devlin for a chance to come down to Jersey Road and demonstrate his skills. Please note: your definition of skills may vary.

Moose twet

No doubt looking to get a rise out of us, there is of course no way that Mark Devlin – also given the standard, yet quite bizarre, Ian Moose nomenclature of ‘good friend’ – will cede to this nonsense. Yet it does beg the question of why an apparent professional has decided to keep prodding away at such an innocuous moment and, moreso, then use it to fuel his own ego?

It also prompts the poser as to whether there is anybody in the football world that Ian Moose doesn’t consider to be ‘his good friend’? And it wasn’t even, to the best of my knowledge, our Chief Executive’s birthday.

For crying out loud, he supports West Ham. And has the temerity to criticise players for not scoring goals..??!!. How is it down at the bottom of the Premier League, Mr Moose?. Please, if I laugh anymore I fear my sides will split (to coin a well used phrase). Besides, we’ve already seen how well he can do when given a clean shot at goal…

No doubt Ian will consider he has already achieved a moral victory. We’re talking about him again. And I apologise for biting. Maybe I should be the bigger man, although that’s not really possible when sitting in Ian Moose’s considerable shadow.

Yet with his constant badgering for a publicity stunt, let’s hope the club can be calmer than me and just ignore him. The last thing anybody needs is his sort of unwelcome attention around the training ground. Or Griffin Park, for that matter.

With fans already up in arms on social media, his reception will be frostier than the current winter weather. Give me Clem, any day of the week.

Instead, I’ll just leave it here with two other thoughts. First up, from Jim Levack (@JImblee1) on Twitter  – although apologies if anyone else got in here first – when he  noted earlier this week that: I might be slow but the irony of @nealmaupay18 being called out by a man whose favourite two words correctly pronounced are the striker’s surname has only just struck me #morepie.

And then an oldie but goodie from Mikael Silvestre…

Moose pie silvestre

Nick Bruzon

6 Responses to “More pie, Ian? Professional loudmouth goes again.”

  1. oldbeesfan November 25, 2017 at 9:25 am #

    I really can’t wait for Monday night’s action either Nick , should be a cracker with maximum support from our fans but local derbies apart It always amazes me the number of supporters who now travel to away matches especially with so many games shown live and all highlights and goals available soon after the game end .
    Back in the day I could only afford to go to a few away games, the big one was always of course QPR but others included Bournemouth , Reading ,Brighton and Aldershot (shame about the Shots).
    When the the Bees were playing away I would sometimes go to watch Hounslow Town at Denbigh Road. Who remembers that season when they got to the Amateur Cup Final after beating the mighty Bishop Auckland in the semi final at Griffin Park .
    Occasionally I ventured further afield and have great memories of traveling to a game that wasn’t played . Were any of your readers on the coach that left St Paul’s Hall at 9.30am to Tranmere on 17 November 1962 for a Saturday evening match . With transistor radios blasting out The Beatles Love me do , It started to snow when we stopped at Chester and by the time we got to Birkenhead it was a blizzard . Met up with some lads who had traveled up by train and gone to watch Liverpool or it might have been Everton in the afternoon and then remember walking the streets of Birkenhead in driving snow to find a chippy (the snow ruined my winkle picker shoes).Funny thing is that I don’t remember the score when the match was eventually played later in the season . I bet that not many of us went to that one.

    • Lady Bee November 25, 2017 at 12:28 pm #

      Great nostalgia OBF , reminds me of stories my Dad would tell me , keep it up .

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) November 25, 2017 at 10:41 am #

    At the Cardiff game we were bombarded with their marketing images of We are Morrison We are Hoilett and so on. We should borrow that and say We are Maupay, and tell Moose or Mouse or Size of a House or whatever his name is when he is next at GP to go forth and multiply on Neal’s behalf.

    Unfortunately, i am missing Monday night due to work but will get to see it on Sky, but thats just how it goes sometimes. Although we have won the last 2 there, we cant take them for granted and I would be more than happy with the most boring match ever on Sky (even more boring than Norwich on NYE) if we win 1-0.

    • nickbruzon November 25, 2017 at 11:01 am #

      Great idea, BQ.
      Enjoy Monday. It’s going to be great wherever you watch it.

  3. Spanish Bee November 25, 2017 at 1:26 pm #

    I recommend Mr. Moose read that chapter from Len Shackleton’s book in order to compare his knowledge with that of the average director.

  4. simonsapper November 25, 2017 at 11:15 pm #

    “Apparent professional” is too kind! None of us can resist biting all the time!

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