Green light given for final Lionel Road Stadium amendments.

8 Dec

You may not have been aware in advance but there was a meeting of the Hounslow Council Planning Committee last night. Most Brentford supporters have understandably been focussing on the weekend’s game at Hull City whilst the club have playing things relatively low key (at least in public; behind the scenes I know all concerned have not relented and the hard work has been continuing) since August’s announcement about the redesign to our original plans.

There was the very public fans’ forum shortly after and then the attention has been on continuing the work of levelling the site. No doubt we’ve all seen the footage in regards to the demolition of Capital Court.

Then, last night, this appeared. Sometimes one tweet is all you need.

That’s it. No fanfare. No local news stories. Nothing on Brentford ‘official’. But it IS fantastic. Scroll up, read it again and absorb.

In a project that has seen the club having to clear more hurdles than Ed Moses, this is another landmark moment. True, it was one of our own making in looking to refine the plans after the Council (and other bodies) had already granted their initial support but there was always that worry that things might not go our way this time. Changing opinions and changing faces might alter what should, in theory, have been a decision we were all hoping for.

But no! Agreement is in place and with next season likely to be our last full campaign at Griffin Park (subject to the usual league dispensations regarding the terracing etc) expect progress to continue apace. Matthew Benham, Mark Devlin and the rest of those involved will be adding ‘hard hat and shovel’ to their Christmas present list ahead of that ceremonial ‘breaking ground photo’. That said, perhaps ‘monorail conductors costume’ is a step to far at this stage, even for Santa Claus.

I’ve no doubt official will give us all the news and next steps today. Presumably the wi-fi in the council chambers meant we couldn’t upload any celebratory GIFs etc last night. Likewise, expect online coverage to include stories along the lines of : This Brentford player remains of keen interest for Chelsea, Watford and Barcelona (as stadium progress agreed).

Good luck to them. It’s great news to wake up to . Likewise, to read last night for those of us just coming in from work.

Now, Mr. Benham. If your reading and need some shovel work, my hat size is….

Lionel Road building

Diggers have already been at work clearing the site at Lionel Road

All of which means we’ve little time / space to talk about Saturday’s opponents, Hull City. Having sacked Leonid Slutsky during the week, they have moved to immediately appoint Nigel Adkins as their new manager. There’s been no time for a caretaker to fill the void and the BBC report that Adkins will be in charge for Saturday’s game.

Can he reverse their fortunes? Can he arrest the Tigers’ slump? Or will Dean Smith’s team continue their strong run of form?

Roll on Saturday at 3pm when we find out.

Nick Bruzon


4 Responses to “Green light given for final Lionel Road Stadium amendments.”

  1. ReliableBee December 8, 2017 at 7:16 am #

    How could next season be our last full season at Griffin Park? Are you saying the new ground will be ready for occupancy in August 2019? On what basis? I’d love it to be true (I think) but on what basis do you say this? Building projects never run on time. Can you share your information on this?
    Thanks for the blog.

    • nickbruzon December 8, 2017 at 9:04 am #

      Thanks for your note.

      No specific ‘basis’ / knowledge. Just a potential- hence the word ‘could’ – based on a number of factors we can all see and my own optimism/ wishful thinking.

      That August date is 20 months away and we’ve already made rapid progress clearing the site. Whilst I wouldn’t profess to have your / any building knowledge, it’s not inconceivable a stadium could be built in that time. Look at the progress Tottenham have made.

      Equally, and without wanting to piss on anyone’s chips, we are still reliant on the League sanctioning our use of Griffin Park ( in the current state) each season. Who knows what added complications might be added should we go up this season or next and a new home not be ready. Equally, that scenario could ( see use of the word ‘could’ ) see our days at GP numbered.

      It’s not something I want and I’m sure it won’t come to that. Likewise, this is just my opinion/guess as a fan.

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    • Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) December 8, 2017 at 10:05 am #

      Calm down Reliable! Its only a blog

      • nickbruzon December 8, 2017 at 7:47 pm #

        Anybody would think it was the GPG sometimes, eh 😉

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