There’s nothing superb about anything this weekend.

4 Feb

It’s not been a great weekend for football. Personally, I’ve kept the duvet over the head for as long as possible. Brentford left Derby County on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline and a somewhat harsh looking red card for Sergi Canos. But it wasn’t just there where pain was felt. Sheffield Wednesday 1 – Birmingham City 3 saw a brace for Jota. Fulham 2 Nottingham Forest 0 saw the Cottagers strengthen their play-off position. QPR 1 Barnsley 0 saw true horror –a home win for the Loftus Road outfit as they climbed higher into mid-table although at least we have the consolation of their remaining 7(seven) points behind The Bees. And then to cap it all, in the game Americans refer to as ‘football’, we have another piss weak entry into the pantheon of lame calendar related puns to annoy us for the next 24 hours. The Something Eagles play the New England Patriots in what is commonly referred to as ‘Superb Owl’ day.  Hilarious. Said nobody. First though, proper football.

Derby County 3 Brentford 0 will say the record books. They’ll even show a red card for Sergi Canos. I’ve watched it a few times and still think it’s somewhat dubious. Being polite. A 50-50 ball on a greasy surface for which even County manager Gary Rowett would later say,”If I’m being honest it didn’t look like a blatant sending off, it looked like a dangerous tackle although I’d have to see a really clear view to see whether I thought it was particularly dangerous”. Still, it’s the referee who makes the final decision and his was red card.

Sergi was clearly gutted. His twitter post on the way home said it all whilst giving the local press another ‘story’. Hey kids, don’t worry about reading the player’s social media feed when you’ve got hacks on hand to turn every tweet into a ‘story’. It’s journalism you could do in bed and does obscure the real stories driven by a never ending quest for hits.

The glut of clickbait headlines do make it it somewhat tricky to determine which articles are worth negotiating the subsequent sea of adverts and ‘pop ups’ for.  You can’t see the wood for the trees some days. Which one will simply turn out to be a regurgitation of Twitter? What is a managerial interview dissected into one line at a time exclusives? What is something that makes a genuinely intriguing read? Certainly, I’ve given up on the vast majority these days.

We digress. As ever, Sky Sports have the goals and the red card incident. Neither of which support Dean’s view as to us having had the better chances or the County players surrounding the referee at the crucial red card. Certainly, their reaction was no different from ours and along with the aforementioned quotes from Rowett, probably tells you all you need to know about the validity of this one. There’s a full match report on the BBC whilst Brentford ‘official’ have the interview with Dean in full. And if you haven’t read Sergi’s post then his Twitter page is your place.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 08.52.29 1

Sky highlights show Derby players surround the ref as a red card is shown to a devastated Sergi

Still, what’s done is done. Preston are next up, at home on Saturday. Brentford may be slipping away from the play-off pack but to even be up there after a somewhat tricky start to the campaign is still a huge achievement. There’s plenty of time to go still and plenty of fun to be had en-route. I’d rather be where we are than, say, QPR or Birmingham City. As for Sunderland…. The table doesn’t lie and last season’s Premier league outfit are now in serious danger of being next campaign’s League One giant. Accrington Stanley v Sunderland as a league fixture for August. Who’d have thought that a possibility twelve months ago yet there is a very real chance of that happening should current form continue. Give me our position than their plight any day of the week.

That’s me. I’m done. Off to block the words ‘superb’ and ‘owl’ ahead of tonight’s Patriots – Eagles encounter. It’s a pun too far and (almost) as toe-curling as May the fourth’s Star Wars day.  Although nothing could get my heckles up as much as that one – at least this has given a cheap excuse to play with photoshop.

As funny as an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, set Twitter filters to stun. Or mute. Perhaps a few days of down time will do us all good.

superb owl

There’s nothing superb about a weak pun

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “There’s nothing superb about anything this weekend.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 4, 2018 at 10:32 am #

    I only had the highlights and Twitter to go on but to me it looked a red card. If it had been Olsson on Canos & it wasnt given we would have been screaming until we were blue in the face. Like you I also didnt get the ‘surrounding the referee’ business, it didnt look any different than normal. What was apparent was that Mr Bankes over the whole 90 minutes is a particular weak referee. What it also meant was that we didnt get a true picture of how playing Ollie up top would play out. The team selection was nearly right for me. I would have had either Nico or Judge ahead of Kamo.

    Like you say its a game to draw a line under and move on to the next one. With Sergi suspended for 3 games it may mean that Ollie goes back on to the wing and either Maupay or Marcondes taking the number 9 role

  2. Richard February 4, 2018 at 12:12 pm #

    Whilst on another day Sergi may have only got a yellow & we have all seen worse tackles get lesser punishment I can not say that it was the wrong decision & I will be surprised if on reflection Brentford appeal,
    That it ” didn’t look any different than normal” when 4 Derby players raced up the to the Referee to remonstrate & only after the red was brandished did two of them bother to check on their team-mate is a sad reflection on the modern game,
    I concur with Bernard on Mr bankes The clear dissention shown the Derby players. Keogh in particular every time a call went against them should not be tolerated nor should they have been allowed on at least 3 occasions to kick the ball away to prevent quickly taken free kicks,

  3. Spanish Bee February 4, 2018 at 1:04 pm #

    Well I guess I must be getting old. He went for the ball not the man, he made contact with the ball (it went forward), which was a 50/50 and he didn’t go over the top. OK so I can remember when the goalie was ‘shoulder charged’ over the line, but really a red card, for goodness sake!

  4. Angry Griffin February 4, 2018 at 7:59 pm #

    Maybe its just me, but was Smithy watching the same game.
    Last week against Norwich the 3 midfield players (Woods, Mokotjo and McEachran) were non-existent. Maupay would struggle to hit a barn door with a banjo and if he is the hope we have to get promoted then we may as well wave the white flag and accept that any hopes of reaching the play-offs went with Vibe to China.
    This week the changes come in and most noticably Nico and Maupay are dropped to the bench with Woods and Mokotjo still in the team. So no matter how they play they are untouchable.
    Like to see Yennaris McEachran sawyers in midfield with Judge, Watkins and Jozefzoon in front of them. Woods and McEachran cannot play in the same team and playing all 3 with Mokotjo is waste of time.
    Canos , He can plead all he wants but he got what he deserved. Tackle was reckless and going in the way he did could expect nothing else.
    Too easy to blame referees when managers team selection and blind faith are the real cause.

  5. Brighton Bee February 4, 2018 at 11:18 pm #

    I was there on Saturday and a few things stuck in my mind about the game;
    Olly Watkins is not a centre forward
    The officials were all suffering BCS (big club syndrome) as all the big decisions went Derby’s way
    The Derby players were well schooled as they surrounded the ref or went down at every opportunity
    It was not a red card, as soon as Sergi walked off, Olsson got up and ran around like a spring chicken
    The second goal was offside
    The third goal looked offside in the build up to Mepham giving away the penalty
    We desperately needed a forward from the last transfer window
    Our pretty approach play needs a proven outlet up front
    Judge and Marcondes look a good partnership and must start the next game
    Whilst we have technically gifted, young players you still get the impression that we need an old head to drive them on or at least mix it with the opposition ie Douglas or Macca
    Derby had a number of “big” players that dwarfed our team and when they needed a bit of extra bite, they bought on Joe Ledley.
    In summary, the real damage was done with the sending off but I am pleased to say our players gave it a go in the second half and forced Carson to make a number of smart saves. Who knows what we may have done with 11 players on the pitch.

  6. HerzyBee February 5, 2018 at 10:49 am #

    Moving on from Derby (a very reasonable over policed and stewarded £22 a ticket rising to £25 on the day)…Should we now be discussing the extortionate ticket prices for Leeds away? £39 ffs? I’m over 60 so can get one cheaper, but it’s time we campaigned as a united force, Beesotted are you listening?BFC are you in?…and lobby the League for a rule change that allows reciprocity in ticket prices. I think all clubs should charge what they like, which would allow us to charge Leeds fans what their club charges us. I’m not suggesting prices go up across the board, and I’m fully behind £20’s Plenty……..but maybe the fans of these robbers would be subject to pressure from their own fans…..or are Leeds fans so wealthy that they could afford 23 away games at £39 a pop……a massive £1287 plus travel on top of whatever their home season tickets are…….discuss…

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