Mrs Brown and her boys model the new Brentford away kit. But what do you think?

18 Jun

Picked your jaws back up off the floor yet, Brentford fans? The away kit has been revealed and it’s fair to see this one is going to split us right down the middle. A so called ‘marmite’ of shirts. One to rival the infamous Coventry City brown or Hull City tiger stripes. A shirt so different to any colour scheme we’ve had before that fans will either cite this as our best ever. Or hate it.

Let’s get this out there right now. I’m in the former camp. Love at first sight.


Mrs Brown and her boys model the new kit

A tweet from Mark Devlin on Tuesday night suggested things were afoot. Friday saw the teaser campaign begin. Then it was here. And wow. The Bees have gone for broke with a colour that apes the aforementioned Coventry City classic on a design that is going to be worn by some of the biggest names in Europe in the forthcoming season.

For somebody who treats the Brentford shirt with an almost religious fervour, I’m most definitely a convert.

In the beginning there was nothing. And Bob said, “Let there be shirt”. And there was shirt.

Now it’s fair to say that perhaps, in hindsight, yours truly got a tad more over excited over the ‘Chelsea blue’ than it deserved. I had a genuine love for the difference that was last season’s green whilst the yellow and black that greeted our first season in the Championship was a stylish classic. For me (Clive) the limited edition black and silver was probably top of the recent pile. But has it been usurped?

On the one hand, this gives a colour scheme that we’ve never had before. On the other, a simple yet stylish effort that is a modern day classic. If ever the club were to come out with something unusual then here it is. Brown and orange with white trim.

It’s different, no question. Controversial?  Possibly. Could it set the GPG and twitter into meltdown? Well, my Geiger counter is currently clicking in anticipation. Yet at the same time, in my humble opinion the backroom team have produced something quite stunning.

Style wise, there’s more than a passing nod to the classic England ‘82 design . Here’s hoping the people at Adidas have had the necessary ‘ok’ from Admiral. Move along, nothing to see there. It is a template that brings the Bees bang up to date with some of the biggest names in European football.  Olympique Lyon and Ajax are amongst those to also adopt the scheme for their 2018/19 home and away shirts respectively.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 09.12.51

Lyon and Ajax. #shirtfriends ? I feel so dirty

Let’s cut to the elephant in the room though. The colours. We’ve never even come close to this. Whilst it’s been a while since we’ve had a regular away scheme, if you asked me to nominate what I thought were our traditional colours when on the road then blue (preferably two tone) would be the call. Perhaps with black as an alternate or some form of yellow.

If last season’s flirtation with green was different, this rips up the rule book and dials it up to 11. And I love it. Seeing this cold, the immediate reaction was the 😍 emoji. Having had ten minutes to get used to it, I’m still there. Even the sponsor’s logo seems a tad more subdued than it did on last year’s all green. For me (Clive) that can only be a good thing.

I loved that one, no question. Yet now we’ve reached new heights of sartorial bliss with a colour palette whose immediate connotation is jaffa cakes. Is this a good thing? Well, if it looks good – as it does – then bring them on. It is, perhaps, a shame the marketing team couldn’t get Mcvities to sponsor us rather than LeoVegas.

jaffa cakes

Mmm. Jaffa cakes

We’ve also changed tack in a direction that suggests Brentford having a set ‘away’ colour scheme is a concept very much residing on memory lane these days.

I’m a great believer in football tradition. Brackets at 7(seven), orange balls in the snow and FA cup semi-finals at a neutral venue. Away kit is different though. The chance to mix things up a bit is always a wonderful opportunity. Can we seize the initiative and make a name for ourselves in the annals of football fashion history?

The recent glut of interest in the Nigeria strip for World Cup 2018 shows just what a love there is for the diverse. Only last week, the BBC ran their own ‘World Cup of football kits’. Something that both showed us the love of the more outlandish creations whilst having the added bonus of denying Fulham fan Richard Osman his own self-appointed role as host of such social media events.

One thing we’ve learned about Brentford and Matthew Benham in recent years is that we do things differently. We do things well. We do things in style.

This is unusual but it is also iconic. Whilst my own takes is that it doesn’t quite overtake the black and silver, it runs it very close. And that can only be a good thing. Hopefully our supporters will think so too.

Now, with the clear word for the away shirt being’ different’, what clues can we take for the home effort?

Come on Bob, Mark and Matthew. Stop teasing us…

Nick Bruzon


9 Responses to “Mrs Brown and her boys model the new Brentford away kit. But what do you think?”

  1. Luis Adriano June 18, 2018 at 11:41 am #

    Nice review as usual Nick.

    I think there are 2 Reasons For Choosing An Away Kit?

    1) To give the players a competitive advantage (having studied sport psychology, just at BSc level, I think this is the most important reason – tiny margins = massive differences etc). Not convinced on this aspect here! Hopefully the players will still ‘feel good’ in it though. Probably not too much research on the results of teams wearing brown with orange trim!
    2) To shift some units. I’d love to see detailed breakdown of recent kit sales. Both in terms of how many were sold but also profit. I seem to recall a PUMA kit being reduced to something like ‘a truckload for a fiver’. Key to me would be how many fans are willing to spend >£40 on a top? Again, not convinced on this one but hope to be proved wrong.

    Anyway some other initial (rushed lunch break) thoughts:
    Marmite? Almost. In terms of almost matching that brand’s own colour scheme. The Jaffa Cakes matching was inevitable. Good job we didn’t have it when Butcher was boss because Terry’s Chocolate Oranges may have been mentioned.
    Love it or Hate It? Yep, early social media comments seem to suggest you have to pick a side. However…
    Personally? I neither love or hate it tbh on early showing.If its the away kit that gets us into the Premier League then it will be a classic. If we fail to make our now usual Top Ten finish then yep, blame the brown kit. Definitely.

    Many… The fact it’s different and our policy of sticking with an ‘away colour’. I’m already calling purple diagonal shadow stripes for 19/20.
    Would rather Watford’s new home as our away? Nah. I can see why people are calling that but I loved Bob’s reply recently along the lines of ‘haven’t we already done that one?’.
    Iconic? It’s not going to be that Admiral Cov away of the late 70s but it’s certainly one to remember.
    It’s unique? I’ll be surprised if any other club in the world matches the colour scheme to that template.
    It’s not Chelsea/Brum blue, Fulham white & black or QPR hoops. I know some fans think hoops of any colour are a big no no!
    Will I buy it? Probably.

    #ForeverBrentford – Great campaign but to have that heading then claiming brown as a ‘colour never before worn by Brentford’ made me chuckle. So…
    Links to Brentford history: I think we could probably make more use of this. Even last season’s green was, erm, in homage to that 1980/81 away game at Craven Cottage (wasn’t it?!)
    Next season – is all about Griffin Park/BCS Lionel Road. I’d love to see some tribute incorporated although this should probably be more for the home kit. Would love a quartered element as a nod to the “4 pubs on each corner”!
    The template? Sorry, but if it was my choice I probably would not have gone with this one.
    Will I wear it? Even though I’m likely to want to have it (I own a tiny fraction of your collection!), probably not. It’s one for the hangers (and a frame if we do go up!)

    Other thoughts:
    Love your headline but is the lady with Nico & Dan actually called Mrs Brown? Genius if she is but can see her being mightily offended if she isn’t!

    Finally, bring on the 18/19 home kit.

    • Luis Adriano June 18, 2018 at 2:28 pm #

      just found time to re-read these rather rushed notes!…
      I obviously meant, “our policy of NOT sticking with an ‘away colour’”.

  2. Charlie the bee June 18, 2018 at 11:44 am #

    It’s total rubbuish no way will I buy it maybe we will get a decent 3rd kit

    • Luis Adriano June 18, 2018 at 11:52 am #

      Last season’s green?

      • Luis Adriano June 18, 2018 at 11:53 am #

        For all those clashes against teams that wear red/white & brown!

  3. Rob June 18, 2018 at 1:31 pm #

    Last season’s green and 2014/ 2015 yellow FAR superior to this season’s sludge (Mrs) Brown

  4. tfalbb June 18, 2018 at 10:10 pm #

    That is truly dreadful. It won’t show up in murky night games so helping passes go astray, and I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind buying one.
    And once again, no fluorescent top for the keeper, something scientifically shown to gain an advantage, however slight.

  5. Moriarty June 19, 2018 at 8:37 am #

    Neither very imaginative, nor very interesting, with simplistic “yoke” two-tone design, using an unattractive colour combo. The coffers of the club shop, will not be boosted by this pooper.
    Best World Cup strip; Japan.

  6. Martin June 19, 2018 at 4:47 pm #

    Let there be shirt. If only Bob knew how to use spell-checker.

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