‘That’ day is here. Roll on 5pm.

9 Aug

Here we go, Brentford fans. Strap yourselves in and prepare for that bumpy ride until deadline day concludes at 17.00. With the talk of Ryan Woods to Swansea continuing apace, I’ve also seen plenty of ‘stories’ (hmm) about Chris Mepham to Leicester City (combined with their Harry Maguire to Manchester United) and Sergi Canos to Middlesbrough. We should be talking about the build up to Stoke City on Saturday yet all supporters are doing is crossing their fingers, sweating profusely (that could just be me) and preparing to listen to a day of bums squeaking. After last season’s triple transfer swoop by Birmingham City, one thing we’ve learned is that anything can happen before that accursed window ‘slams shut’ (TM).

Whatever happens today, there are plenty of positives. Plenty. For one thing, no deals have actually been confirmed as yet. Except, of course, that which brought Moses Odubajo back to Brentford for another season. This is a fantastic good news story and one can only hope that, for the player’s sake alone, he is finally able to put that injury hell behind him and get a hugely promising career back on track.

The one down side here was the use of an oh-so confusing hashtag to welcome him back to Griffin Park. Regular readers will know my feelings on these at the best of times. The event-specific comedy hashtag is the lowest of social media art forms (memes aside) and nobody needs another lecture on #trophyfriends (never, ever forget) or #novemberkings. Whilst we seem to have dropped these for a while, our own use of #MolsBack heralded an unwelcome return. Moreso, given the combination of the Twitter typeface and yours truly having a somewhat warped brain read it as Mols Back.

Who is Mol? I thought his name was Moses or possibly Mo for an abbreviation? And what’s up with his back?

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 06.32.48

Mo’s back…

It brought all those horrible memories of Manchester United using the #Pogback hashtag to herald the £90m return of player they had sold for £1.5m a few season earlier. Compared to that, MolsBack (Mo Is Back, obviously) is worth every penny of a £3.5m sale turned into a free signing. Whilst in the minority, I wasn’t (quite) alone on this one.

The penny did eventually drop. Glaringly obvious once somebody pointed it out – thank you.

So whilst the out-door is yet to swing, could it? And how many times? The majority of, if not all, Brentford fans were gutted last time out when Maxime and Jota moved to Birmingham City at the death. Joining former captain Harlee who had moved a day or so earlier. Just about the only positives from that one were: the cash (so, so much of it), that Jota hadn’t joined Fulham (which was THE rumour doing the rounds in the few days prior), their subsequent horrific form combined with our own ascension up the table and, of course, THAT game at Griffin Park. Cheer up Harlee Dean etc….

Now we have several names in the frame with Ryan Woods to Swansea being the most talked about story of the summer in TW8. Rumours of an increased £7(seven)million bid were doing the rounds last night with their own Sam Clucas being an alleged target for Stoke. Then there’s suggestions of Harry Maguire moving from 2015/16 Premier League champions Leicester City to Manchester United (talk about a step down to a club who haven’t scoopped the top honour since 2012/13). Completing that merry go round would be our own Chris Mepham. Allegedly.

That’s before we even get to Sergi Canos to Middlesbrough or Romaine Sawyers to Everton. Hey, at least that one is a step up from last season’s rumour of a move to Southend United.

Will all of this play out? No. Will any of it? Quite possibly. The fact that Woodsy was left out from Saturday’s table topping annihilation of Rotherham United spoke volumes. Moreso when Dean used his post-match interviews to explain that, “We both felt it wasn’t the right thing putting him in the squad today.”

I don’t want him to go, let’s be clear on that one. If we get to 16.59.59 and Ryan is still at Brentford then I’m going to be an exceedingly happy man. Yet few could deny his wonderful service to the The Bees. If this one plays out. If Ryan wants to leave then it would only be with best wishes, albeit a few tears in the eye.

Ryan Woods celebration Leeds

Could it be an end to scenes like this?

For me, the real testing point will be Chris Mepham. Without a doubt THE shining star and most potential drenched player in the current squad, Meps is somebody who could go as far as he wants. He has already wowed the crowds, made his Welsh international debut and been the subject of several sky high bids from Bournemouth despite just a handful of league games under his belt. Will a bigger bid come in? Will we accept? Does Chris feel he is ready to step up so soon – he certainly has the talent.

With Ryan, there is a resigned inevitability. Saturday was the tell-tale sign of a wantaway player. With Chris, it is uber-angst about the great unknown playing out. Will he be in the squad for Stoke? Could his future lie elsewhere this weekend? There is absolutely no doubt he will play in the top flight. I just hope it is for Brentford.

And that’s before we get to any of the others. Who will Dean have left to pick from? Are the directors of football already padlocking the gates to Griffin Park, cutting off the phones and taking the players on a day trip to Brentford beach? Who knows? The only things for sure are that by 5pm it will all be over and we’ll know if anyone has ‘done a Birmingham’ to us.

I say it will all be over, that’s not strictly true. Whilst 17.00 is the formal cut off, that’s only for domestic sales and purchases. Reading the deadline day report on the BBC, it clearly notes how football league clubs can still sign loanees and free agents until the end of the month. Likewise, with the European deadlines later in August, they can also sign players after our own cut off this evening. Brentford lending Ryan to Swansea?  Meps to Madrid? Sergi to Barcelona? Stranger things have happened.

Yet if if last season and Birmingham City proved one thing, it is to expect the unexpected when it comes to transfer deadline day. More importantly that whatever short term pain we feel, things have a nice way of playing out…..

Brentford came out of deadline day with heads held high. And a bucketful of cash.

Nick Bruzon


5 Responses to “‘That’ day is here. Roll on 5pm.”

  1. Gary Hennell August 9, 2018 at 7:48 am #

    I am pretty angry about this tbh. The clubs warned the FA that not moving the loan deadline in-line with the transfer deadline would be exploited; and so it is Brentford who may suffer the worst if the cash rich ex-premier league bunch press the panic button – which they always do when its not quite the picnic they envisaged.

    I hope Mr Benham tells them to shove it, as it can clearly derail us. If you cant do the business with Brentford in the transfer window, respecting our need to replace, then do one till January. Even then, I would say if we are top 4 in January Ryan isn’t for sale. If we aren’t then we will listen to your ridiculous offers.

    I truely believe Brentford have a massive chance this year if they keep last years team entact. It wouild also seem the bookies agree with me! For once.

  2. Brighton Bee August 9, 2018 at 8:03 am #

    I totally agree with Gary Hennell’s comments. This EFL loan window makes the whole thing a farce. One other thing, has anyone noticed how Frank Lampard and Derby are following Brentford around trying to pick off our transfer targets? Or are our DofF laying false trails to put them off the real targets?

  3. Martin August 9, 2018 at 3:28 pm #

    I’ll stick my neck out here: I will be baffled big-time if the loan loophole looms into view.

    If the money is remitted up-front, regardless of events, surely it is a transfer to that club. I recognise that sometimes players are loaned back to the sellers, but that is the point; they belong to the new club, not the one they are loaned back to.

    Imagine the reverse: an anonymous player is loaned by an anonymous club to bolster Swansea’s midfield. If it is a loan, and and the feisty ginger bugger gets crocked, he comes back to the club who so foolishly loaned him out. All the risk is with that club; it simply does not make sense.

    I do not think the Bees would be that daft.

    And if it consoles you; I am the guy who realised, as soon as he arrived, that Jota was a luxury we could not afford, and that Sunderland would bounce straight back to the Prem. So I am overdue to get one right

    • nickbruzon August 9, 2018 at 4:59 pm #

      Third time lucky, then ! I’d agree with you on this one, for what’s its worth. We do have our heads screwed on. Dean’s next press conference cold be interesting. Likewsie if our DoFs speak.

  4. John August 9, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

    Great day….this could be our year as Gary said. Please let that be the case. Middlesbrough seem to have done the best business…time will tell! I think Brentford has eventually worked out how to work the system of buying and selling to their benefit. Great to see Moses back….cannot wait to see his dribbling runs again.

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