Maupay banned. Funeral Directors appointed.

24 Aug

Brentford head to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday knowing we’ll be missing the services of the Championship’s leading goal scorer, Neal Maupay. A three game ban (which also takes in the Carabao cup tie at home to Cheltenham Town and then the visit from Nottingham Forest in the league) being the result of his accepting a violent conduct charge following the stamp on John McGinn at Aston Villa on Wednesday. In happier news, kind of, the club have announced G Saville and son as their latest commercial partners – the Official Funeral Directors of Brentford Football Club. Just for clarity, that’s Graham and not George. His career hasn’t died yet.

First up though, Neal Maupay and the incident at Aston Villa. The retrospective video review was no surprise to just about anybody who saw it on TV. Whilst referee Jon Moss missed this at the time, the subsequent going over and over in super slo-mo on Sky meant that there was only ever going to be one outcome. And understandably so on seeing the footage. It didn’t look good at all. There is a brief statement on Brentford official (you can read that in full here) although the jist of it confirms the games which will be missed, accompanied by an update from Dean in which he said that Neal understands the severity of his action and that he will be suspended for three games.

I reviewed the incident with Neal and spoke to him this morning. He understands the severity of his action and that he will be suspended for three games. We did not want to prolong the process so have accepted the charge immediately”, said Dean.

Nobody needs me labouring the point about what was an ugly incident which, despite the provocation, can’t be justified. The FA have delivered their verdict and so there’s nothing more to add on that aspect.

It’s a real shame for the team and a player who is the league’s top scorer (5) and also provider of assists (4). Instead, the conversation turns to how we replace Neal in terms of that centre forward role. In at the deep end for Marcus Forss or pull Ollie Watkins in from the left? It seems a shame to break up an otherwise winning formation but I suspect that’s the way Dean will go. Personally, I’d love to see Marcus given a chance in an otherwise retained shape. There’s also the option to stick Sergi up top although then we might be starting to stray into old ground….

Who could ever forget the the ‘false 9’ experiment? Few who remember ‘that game’ at QPR back in March 2016, in which Alan Judge was pressed into an advanced midfielder role (what was actually described as the aforementioned ‘false 9’) would be looking for a repeat. It was a nightmare afternoon where a striker free team were abysmal and, whatever the perceived logic from Dean, his gamble brought about inevitable consequences. Let’s please never, ever do that again.

That said, and we digress slightly, that afternoon sticks long in the mind for two other reasons. Both of which have been mentioned before and will no doubt again. But some things bear repeating.

Firstly, the magnificent Billy Reeves doing his zero-to-catwalk in three seconds shimmy along the touchline at half time. It was a move that was equal parts Zoolander and Moonwalk. Not even Ian Moose’s movement when the half-time pies appear could match this for impressiveness. Any excuse to drag out that picture once more.

Billy  QPR

BBC Billy had provided the one moment of joy the last time we tried a ‘false 9’

Secondly, being ‘fly on the wall’ to a conversation taking place in the row directly behind me. There, the emotion had clearly got to another fan who had been giving a running commentary down the phone to his, presumably, better half during the second half. As the Bees collapsed his call, which had been getting more and more aggravated, reached a sad denouement with the line, “Yes. I love you my darling. But we’re sh*t. Now please f**k off”.

Whomever Dean starts with at Blackburn, it can’t be that bad. Instead, with our head coach now facing his first mandatory test of personnel, it will be very interesting to see which way he jumps. More importantly, how the team cope. Bring it on…

The other news of note was the announcement of the club’s official funeral partners. Whilst I’ve no doubt there will be some who think it is a commercial opportunity too far and indicative that the game’s gone, others will welcome it. Certainly I do, if only for the pun potential it now offers. It was something the club themselves have recognised, leading with the headline.: Brentford ‘til I die. Cue immediate references to dead ball specialists and experts in the box, although perhaps Will Grigg may not want to think about being on fire just yet. Urghh. Is that still a thing?

There have been the usual knockers but, frankly, who cares? It’s going to happen to us all one day so why not have a name ready for when that sad moment comes? Why shouldn’t the club explore unique and innovative opportunities that get people talking about both us and our partners?

Keen eyed observers had already seen the adverts at the Sheffield Wednesday game on Sunday. I was sent this picture, wondering whether George was currently lying low at the Holiday Inn ahead of the announcement of a controversial career change and forthcoming return to West London.


Not George

Whilst it will be a blow to many, such flights of fancy are yet to transpire. Instead, the true meaning was revealed in yesterday’s announcement. And you can read that one in full on ‘official’.

Otherwise, there’s not really much else to say. Safe travels to Blackburn and roll on 2pm tomorrow when Dean announces his team.

Nick Bruzon     


14 Responses to “Maupay banned. Funeral Directors appointed.”

  1. Moriarty August 24, 2018 at 7:26 am #

    Maupay should be ashamed of his wilful and vicious foul; a fantastic start to the season, in which he has otherwise played one of the central roles, has now been potentially undermined by his deserved suspension. He should make a public apology, not just mutely accept his punishment.
    I hope the club can insist on internal measures to correct Maupay’s sometimes excessive aggression on the pitch, that all the pundits have been saying had been suppressed and corrected from last season; obviously, that is not the case, as it was so deliberate and cynical, on Wednesday and would probably have handed AV victory, if he had been sent off , as he deserved.

  2. sheffbee August 24, 2018 at 7:37 am #

    No good going on about it, I trust Neal has now learnt from it and we move on to what is now an interesting dilemma…. who to play up front. I hope we don’t move Ollie as he seems best cutting in from wide. Would like to try Said there as our initial press release says he can play across the front line. But, and it is rather a big one, who do you bring on at 60 minutes to carry on our momentum? So I guess Forss is the best option.

  3. Brighton Bee August 24, 2018 at 8:33 am #

    Forget Maupay, he’s an idiot who will no doubt have learnt his lesson. I am more worried about these rumours of Woods having a medical at Stoke. I thought we were supposed to be building a team for promotion? Handing one of our rivals one of the best midfield players in the league is a nonsense if it’s true!

    • David Carney. August 24, 2018 at 11:00 am #

      4th in the League, 4 games, 8 points, goal difference +6, undefeated – not a single woods appearance.
      Not sure there is an issue here.
      1. All opposition clubs will continually strive to improve their teams just as Brentford do. Would you prefer to hang onto a player until his contract expires and walks away for nothing or for Brentford to capitalise and receive the best possible fee?
      2. If Brentford refused to sell players when they were not getting first team footballers there would be less players prepared to join because of the risk of their careers being stifled.
      3. Believe it or not Brentford need to make a profit to survive long term. Benham has loaned over 100 million, all of which is interest free.
      4. The Brentford way is to buy talent young and inexpensive, invest in developing and on sell at a profit. I think that has worked well since Benham arrived, so what is the problem now?

    • hobbo August 24, 2018 at 2:13 pm #

      Woods will probably at the very least treble his wages at Stoke,valuation met and by all accounts he has told the club he wants to go,if you no longer want to pull on a Bees shirt off you trot as far as i’m concerned. Our record without him in the side when he has missed games is excellent. Dean,Jota,Colin,Hogan,etc, etc, none of them missed and the Bees now stronger with replacements and money in the bank.

  4. David Carney. August 24, 2018 at 10:46 am #

    Why is everyone being so righteous about the Maupay incident. There was nothing malicious in Maupay’s ‘incident’, just a lack of judgement of youth. The whole world of sport is full of athletes that are super competitive and that is what makes them great. Their nature is that they will never accept second best. Every now and again, particularly during early stages of their career an adrenaline rush will sometimes cause an athlete to overstep the mark. From the Comments of Dean Smith the touchstone here was the Jedinak incident that immediately preceded the incident that got Maupay suspended.
    Every footballer commits professional fouls, like it or not, so too probably every player has reacted badly at some point to an unpunished foul committed against him by reacting too quickly. It seems all that poor Maupay did was to over react to the foul committed against him.
    OK, he should not have done so, but it is hardly a hanging offence so get off his back.
    The other thing is he is the league top scorer, which at his age is quite remarkable. The fouls committed against him not seen/recognised/punished by referees, the verbal abuse (sledging here in Australia) he would be receiving and the incessant close marking obviously makes life difficult for him.
    You would all be the first to criticise Maupay, call for his replacement and generally abusing him if he did not get into the faces of opposition defences, create openings and assists for other members of the team and outscore every other striker in the Championship. He achieves all of the above by skill, aggression, teamwork, spacial awareness and all the other qualities that a good striker possesses, plus he has a 90 minute adrenaline rush.
    In simple terms Maupay committed a crime, is now doing time and hopefully he will return three games from now just as aggressive as he is now with a little more knowledge and cunning than pre the incident so that he can focus on scoring even more goals – that is the best was to damage the opposition.
    So, get off his back, support him, encourage him to be more aggressive and accept that every now and again he is human and will overstep the mark, particularly at the early stages of what promises to be an outstanding career.

  5. Moriarty August 24, 2018 at 12:47 pm #

    Maupay has a known problem with a sometimes nasty attitude on pitch; he was just plain mindlessly spiteful on Wednesday and the last thing he needs, is to be made, “more aggressive”; it’s no excuse to say that when a completely different player fouled Maupay, that this can be taken to justify taking his anger out on a player helpless on the deck.
    It was a cowardly action and I don’t agree with your contempt for moral behaviour in your statement, which demonstrates the ethical vacuum in some so-called sports fans, who ignore the basic tenent, of the requirement of all competitive participants to be sporting in their conduct, whatever the sport, as best you can be.

    • David Carney. August 24, 2018 at 1:15 pm #

      I don’t think we agree

      • Moriarty August 24, 2018 at 8:48 pm #

        No. Your attitude, is reprehensible,

  6. David Carney. August 25, 2018 at 2:07 am #

    Wow, impressive response. Now what did you say above about excessive aggression?

    • hobbo August 25, 2018 at 11:08 am #

      Yeh bring back Boru?

    • Moriarty August 27, 2018 at 10:07 pm #

      Yea, your a very funny, entertaining and original character, not.

      • hobo August 28, 2018 at 2:49 pm #

        “Hello Brian” same old rhetoric,yes

  7. HerzyBee August 25, 2018 at 11:44 am #

    Maupay? Silly thing to do, he knows and has been told that…move on and enjoy the season……

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