Arsenal and Leeds dates confirmed. Bees heading back to TV and the 70s as Forest visit.

1 Sep

Good news, Brentford fans. We’ve got a date for the Carabao cup tie against Arsenal which has been confirmed as taking place on Wednesday 26 September. Bad news, Brentford fans. Our game up at Leeds United has been changed and will now be a midday kick off on October 6th rather than the original 3pm start time noted when the fixtures were announced. And we’ve the small matter of a trip back to the 70s with our game against Nottingham Forest at Griffin Park this afternoon.

First up, the Arsenal game. The Gunners published a statement on their ‘official’ last night simply noting that:    

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 06.32.16

There’s not much more to say about that beyond good luck to Mads in our ticket office and Chairman Cliff Crown today. Both will no doubt be plagued with questions, from different perspectives, in regards to that game.

One things for sure, there’ll be a huge crowd there. At least, from the away contingent. Whilst B-team games against the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and, on this week’s evidence, Bournemouth (whom King Kev’s boys beat 3-0 last night) are common place, this will be the first chance for the vast majority of us to see Arsenal reserves line up against the brown & orange army.


A fine win at Bournemouth last night, via @BrentfordFC on Twitter

The other fixture news revealed yesterday saw the aforementioned update to our game at Leeds United. If ever a game was in doubt it was going to be the trip to Elland Road.

I’ve seen a stat that says Leeds were shown on TV an incredible 19 times last season. So far this campaign the’ve already been on at least (I may have missed one) four times – Stoke (h), Derby (a) , Swansea (a) and last night’s 0-0 with Middlesbrough. Then to come there’s a trip to Sheffield Wednesday in late September followed by the latest raft of games. Us and Nottingham Forest at home in October. Wigan and West Brom away in November. That’s 9 ‘main games’ already. And this before you discount the red button option which, to be fair, is available to all clubs for midweek Championship action.

Simply put, why? What is Sky’s obsession with Leeds United? They won something, once. Well done. Haven’t done in ages. There are plenty of other teams in the Championship who have done similar. The likes of double European Champions Nottingham Forest, West Brom and those other Sky regulars in Aston Villa.  Plenty of other, so called, ‘big clubs’. They don’t feature with anywhere near the same regularity. If it’s not Leeds, it’s not worth showing. Seemingly. Do the club just have a huge base of displaced  supporters? It’s not as though the footballing fare on offer is the sort to draw in the casual viewer, going by the Boro’ game last night.

Of course, that side of things is a matter of personal taste. If you don’t like it then don’t watch. Yet more pertinent is that fans of both Leeds and their opponents end up seeing travel plans in disarray. I know many Bees have already booked their trips to Elland Road to get in before prices go through the roof. I can’t see Sky or the train companies (LNER, in this case) refunding those. It would be great if they did or could team up with some sort of football related offer.  What a way to ‘give something back’ or show the fans they ARE thinking of them. No. Seriously.  One can only feel for Leeds supporters when their team are playing away – something they are infinitely more likely to fall foul of.


The latest TV games are announced

On a personal note, whilst I’m in the minority this works out perfectly. Kind of. The Leeds fixture coincides with our 10th wedding anniversary. It’s a fairly safe bet Mrs. Bruzon isn’t reading this so I can continue with impunity.

The chance to travel for this game was never even an option. Not something even I’d been naïve enough to suggest. Now, there’s a chance of seeing the game. That rather than the special day out she (I mean we) had been planning there is the hope, albeit slim, that a trip to the pub could be on offer. Rather than a meal for two by the sea or at a swanky restaurant, how about a lunch of pork scratchings and Guinness? What better way of saying romance than finding a hostelry to show Leeds – Bees? Stranger things have happened…..

All that’s to come. For now, focus has to be on today’s visit of Nottingham Forest to Griffin Park where the club have announced that we’ll be going ‘Back to the 70s’. Hopefully this just means our ‘guests of honour’, a #BeeTheDJ special and the retro shirts that ‘official’ have suggested we wear rather than the dark days of hooliganism and vile chanting. Thankfully, those later elements have massively gone from the modern game whilst have rarely been an issue at Griffin Park – well done to the current regime for all their work on that front.

Given the advertising banner, I was wondering if Brentford were going to go for the controversial routine of wearing our quite magnificent ‘away’ colours at Griffin Park? Whilst there’s no doubt many would be in favour of an extra chance to see the incredible orange and brown in action, perhaps that is a flight of fancy too far. Instead, let’s just do the needful against Arsenal and hope for another away game.


Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Arsenal and Leeds dates confirmed. Bees heading back to TV and the 70s as Forest visit.”

  1. Phil Hogarth September 1, 2018 at 6:58 am #

    Why are Leeds on TV? It’s because Leeds have thousands of supporters worldwide. Sky are in the business of making money. Although it’s been years since the glory days they’re still a big draw.

    • nickbruzon September 1, 2018 at 7:01 am #

      Cheers Phil. Yeah, I get that. Lots of other clubs do though. And its as much the point of spannering fans – Leeds and their opponents – that I take umbrage with

  2. Brighton Bee September 1, 2018 at 7:36 am #

    On a slightly different subject, I just wondered what your take is Nick on the players we let go out on loan this week and our failure to sign a forward to convert some of the many chances we create?

  3. David Carney. September 1, 2018 at 8:03 am #

    Sky are prisoners to their advertisers and the size of the fee paid for TV rights is based upon advertising reach, therefore a large supporter base attracts more TV eyes watching the TV Ads. Brentford still have a very small supporter base so the only time Brentford feature is when the opponent is one of the those clubs with a large TV audience. The other disadvantage for Brentford is that when attracting shirt sponsors and others the low TV exposure means a smaller fee can be earned. One of the reasons why Brentford Sponsorship income is so low. The TV income distribution is higher as a result of the over exposure of the likes of Leeds and Villa, so there is some advantage for Brentford.
    A small supporter base hurts a club like Brentford in so many ways. Low exposure and lower income is one, so the sooner the Promised Land of the Premier League is achieved the better.

  4. steve b September 1, 2018 at 9:55 am #

    agree entirely with the Leeds on tv issue…for that reason didnt bother to watch last night leeds -v-middlesboro…i feel sorry for leeds season ticket holders who have no doubt splashed out big money for their season tickets and found that they could have stayed at home and watched most matches for free

  5. Moriarty September 1, 2018 at 8:24 pm #

    It’s strange, how massive corporations, oppress the” lesser “clubs, by their broadcating viccisititudes. Leed’s dominance , is actually repellent .
    Great result against Forrest’s game playing, gutsy, yet, again, the goal scoring killer punch , could be a lot better,
    Good luck, against Wigan.

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