2-2 to the referee but the table shows all to play for on Tuesday.

30 Sep

Brentford 2 Reading 2 . Ten games played, the table having now ‘taken shape’ and the Bees sitting in the play-off zone. Just four points off leaders West Bromwich Albion. We’ve another home game to come on Tuesday night, the always welcome return of Birmingham City, and have just run Arsenal super close in the cup. We should be ecstatic. And I am yet equally can’t help still feeling somewhat subdued having woken up off the back of a quite awful display of spoiling tactics and atrocious officiating. It was one that has surely denied the Bees all three points and the fans any semblance of a quality game.  Geoff Eltringham and team, we’re looking at you.

SAid red v Reading in black white

Thanks. Ref.

We’ve crossed swords with Mr. Eltringham before. And I don’t mean last season’s oversight of the 5-0 hammering inflicted on Birmingham City. His performance that night being ten times better than anything seen since. Or previously. The straight red card administered to number 26 in the home game with Sheffield Wednesday a few seasons back, after he’d allowed himself to be harangued by opposition players, being an additional slap to the face in a game that saw Marinus Dijkuizen ‘in charge’ for the last time. It should have been a warning that we were looking at an acolyte of Stroud. Alas, he struck again.

Saïd Benrahma was shown red for two bookings in a second half that saw the man in the middle wave the yellow 7(seven) times. It was a period that saw a crazy ten minutes of additional time added on in about as frustrating a half as we’ve had to endure. There were close to five of those alone, just for faffing around at a free kick awarded to the Bees from which he promptly failed to control or organise an opposition team who, understandably, were pushing the man as much as they could get away with. Which was lots. It was like watching a nervous supply teacher having to cover a bunch of rowdy fifteen year olds. And he couldn’t cope.

That there were ‘only’ ten minutes added on for a game where nobody was seriously hurt tells you all you need to know. Frankly, it could have been closer to fifteen. Dean Smith was his diplomatic best at full time, telling Brentford ‘official’ how, “The second half exploded into something that probably only the referee can explain” whilst from the aforementioned deadball situation he noted that “I don’t know what’s happened but we’ve ended up with six cautions and they’ve ended up with one. And that was the wrong person.

John Swift Reading ball OUT

View from The Braemar – This ‘no throw’ decision another to incense the crowd

That’s not to deny Reading their two goals. Both came as a result of what we’ll call defensive ‘fumble’. They were presented their chances and took them. That’s how football works. If you‘ve seen them then you know. And if you haven’t then Sky have their highlights up at present. This isn’t the day for castigating individual mishaps when, frankly, even with ten men Brentford would ordinarily have still walked this one – based on current form. Yet such was the stop-start nature of the game, the physical approach of Paul Clement’s Reading side and the roulette wheel nature to Eltringham’s decision making that any attempt at proper football was nothing more than a pipe dream. The visitors came to do a job on us and succeeded – they got their point. Well done Reading. Well done Geoff.

Prior to all that Neal Maupay had given the Bees an early lead, slotting home from close range to bag his 9th Championship goal of the season. Not a bad return prior to October for a player who has appeared just eight times. We should maybe have turned the screw from there but the opposition gameplan and an attempt to restrict our passing game meant Reading were able to contain the situation. This, before taking their own two chances twenty minutes either side of half-time.

Yet it was in that gargantuan period of stoppage time that Brentford hauled themselves back into it. The incredible Yoann Barbet heading home to send the Griffin Park faithful delirious. His constant enthusiasm and seeming love for the club is nothing but infectious. So to see him of all players pop up to ensure summary justice was executed generated the natural response. Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! You beauty.

BArbet Reading

Yoann. Involved in everything fr0m ballet to goal scoring

2-2 and that was how it remained. The Bees kept pushing but were unable to turn one point into three. 10 men against 12 is always an uphill battle but it certainly wasn’t for want of trying. Instead, we’ll need to reflect on a table that sees us very much at the business end as we approach the quarter point of the season. As we await the visit of Birmingham City on Tuesday night. The Blues also earning themselves a point in their 7th(seventh) draw from 10 games after going two goals behind at home to Ipswich Town yesterday. That sort of fighting spirit something we’ll need to be accutely aware of if last season’s results are to be emulated. Moreso given we’ll be missing the mercurial Benrahma. But with Sergi Canos no doubt chomping at the bit to regain his place in the starting XI, things aren’t all bad on that front.  

There’s not much more to say from here. The officials had a stinker. Reading were industrial. Brentford earned a point and are sixth after ten games. I’d have absolutely taken that positon all day long if offered it when proceedings began at home to Rotherham last month.

The question being how we push on from here.

Roll on Tuesday night when we find out.

Geoff Eltringham said Reading guide dog

Saïd can’t believe he’s been sent off.

Nick Bruzon


9 Responses to “2-2 to the referee but the table shows all to play for on Tuesday.”

  1. David Carney. September 30, 2018 at 10:38 am #

    First blush the result is disappointing, but just look at the facts:
    1. Another team is afraid to play football against Brentford. The Coaching staff and backroom boys will analyse and find the tactics to overcome the spoiling style of football used and once again the sheer skill of the players and coaching staff will work out a solution.
    2. Over a season the consistently bad refereeing will balance out. Nothing Brentford can do but I am sure Benham has worked out the probabilities and reset strategies accordingly.
    3. It will only take a run of 5 or 6 wins to put daylight to the rest of the division because it is all so close.
    4. 36 games to go before the Premier League awaits.

    • nickbruzon September 30, 2018 at 6:14 pm #

      Well called, David. Can’t disagree with you

  2. martin west September 30, 2018 at 12:39 pm #

    amazing afternoon,Reading had the strike force to make us really suffer, but instead chose to spoil our game, fair enough you must try to stop our football, however at 2-2 and against 10 men they were wasting time in the corner. they may well help us by taking points off our rivals as they have some good players, shame about tactics. I bet Dan wasn’t trusted with the family china last night.

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) September 30, 2018 at 3:45 pm #

    Yet another side came to GP to spoil. Reading were on a par with a Karanka side who appeared earlier this season, and to be on a par with that is saying something.

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head twice about the officiating which was shocking. 10 minutes added for a game where no one was seriously hurt says more about the referees management of the game than anything else. If there was that much timewasting why did he never book anyone?

    Then the free kick situation which was quite possibly was the most inept piece of refereeing ive seen. That was solely down to Eltringham for not controlling the game, allowing Reading to dictate to him how the game was being run.

    The lino wasnt much better. Giving offside against Maupay for a ball he played himself!!! Eh?

    It wasnt until i read your report i realised it was Yoann who scored. I was too busy leaping on anyone close to me on ER to notice who had scored. I apologise to anyone I squashed.

    Throughout the season I am also monitoring my successes with beethedj. Which currently stands at 0/5. Oh well.

    • nickbruzon September 30, 2018 at 6:13 pm #

      Thanks BQ. If it’s any consolation, I’m also nil from five on BeeTheDJ. Reckon even Birmingham City would have more chance of winning in that at present.
      The lino was horrific but Eltringham an absolute shambles yesterday. THAT free kick faffery was embarrassing. The sort of absolute basics that you can’t get wrong – yet do . This was no heat of the moment split second decision but something that he had close to five minutes to sort out. And couldn’t

  4. John September 30, 2018 at 5:08 pm #

    Agree with all that was said. Why do we end up with so many bookings like the forest game where we also did little wrong. I do feel our players get involved when not needed which leads to trouble. I think Judge was lucky with his challenge….should know better, especially on that part of the pitch. We need to learn as Birmingham will be similar. If we fail this season it will be down to not having another striker….cannot rely of Maupay to score all and Forss is a work in progress. A Billy Sharp type finisher would be ideal.

  5. aussiebee53 October 1, 2018 at 1:23 am #

    It’s a pity that it is only likely that Brentford get a fine for the number of yellow cards. If both teams were in line to get punishment a suitable punishment would be for the return game to be played behind closed doors. If you are going to employ tactics that show no respect to the paying public you don’t deserve to have one.

  6. Moriarty October 1, 2018 at 10:32 am #

    Clement was pleased with his tactics, which he rightly judged would frustrate Brentford.
    An away point, is better than losing two home points; Brentford lucky to have the extra time and guts, to get the equaliser; but at a significant cost in cards.

  7. Angry griffin October 1, 2018 at 12:23 pm #

    What’s happened to Nico, seems to have fallen out of favour this season
    Any ideas why?

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