Is this a case of ‘If’ or when?

4 Oct

Aaaaargghh. 5.30am. Alarm clock ringing. Eyes sore and head thumping with a plane to catch. I’m not going to lie – a few beers were drunk last night. And by a few I mean a lot. A rare night without Mrs Bruzon had been spent at The 100 Club in London’s swinging West End, watching popular music’s The Bluetones. Brentford fan Adam Devlin doing his thing quite brilliantly (guitar, rather than Twitter – where he is one of the undoubted kings of social media) and, as such, the cause of this morning’s discomfort. All of which meant thoughts of Aston Villa, Leeds United at the weekend and the swathe of stories I think I’d read on the way home had all been forgotten.


I blame (and thank) Mr Devlin. Adam, not Mark

No bad thing, either. The last thing anybody in a fragile state needs at that ungodly hour is to start visualising cabbage or Steve Bruce sweating. So there was a half hour of respite until Absolute Radio kicked in. Specifically the sports bulletin where it all came flooding back with the news that, of course, Aston Villa had sacked their manager last night. That much anticipated decision finally made, despite the club only being two points behind a Brentford side who retained their place play-off spot after yesterday’s results planned out. I’ve no idea who won what games but a cursory glance at the table showed us in sixth.

The obvious question from a TW8 perspective is who will be pick The Bees starting XI for our own trip to table topping Leeds United on Saturday? The real snap back to reality was the news story continuing with the reminder that “Dean Smith, Thierry Henry and John Terry” were the early favourites for the now vacant seat. John Terry? Seriously? Wow.

Putting him to one side, there’s been talk for the last couple of years about Dean taking the position. The Villans are, of course, the team he grew up supporting whilst our own success in The Championship speaks for itself. Moreso, given the ‘small’ budget and controlled spending compared to some of the monumental transfer fees our more high profile rivals have splashed out. Indeed, Brentford have been the beneficiaries of a consistent buy low, sell high policy that has seen us stay within FFP rules despite our obvious size.

But being a fan of a club doesn’t make you a shoe in for the role. Dean may be the last person on Dr. Tony’s mind, especially given all the Thierry Henry talk over the summer. Yet given our man’s ability to work on a budget, and with his obvious connections to the talent in our squad, the lure is an obvious one.

Would Dean go if offered? You couldn’t begrudge anybody the chance to takeover at their boyhood club. I’m desperately hoping he’d politely decline if anything came his way now. That – and I think it was Natalie Sawyer who mentioned this yesterday – he’d want to stay put for now to see our job though. We’ve a wonderfully talented squad, a great attitude and a new home on the horizon. The future is very much a bright one.

We’ve been consistently strong - especially against Villa, despite the torrential downpour

We’ve been consistently strong, whatever the weather

Indeed, who would willingly step into the maelstrom of unpredictability that is Villa Park at present? There are those well documented financial issues that emerged over the summer and a fan base quick to make their opinions known. Whether vocally or via the medium of a rogue cabbage. A story which then led to getting lost down the rabbit hole of the internet, searching out ‘that’ A-Team episode when their Heath-Robinsonesque device of the week was the infamous cabbage launcher. Likewise, the question as to why they were always locked up in barns that were chock full of farm machinery, surplus machine parts, blow torches and welders goggles.

Yet we digress, as ever. These chances don’t come around very often and in my heart of hearts I’m already imagining the letter to supporters. His thanking Mathew Benham for the opportunity and noting how there was only ever one club he’d leave for. How he wishes Brentford all the very best for the future and can’t wait to play against us….in the Premier League.

Come on Dean, prove me wrong. Please.

Instead, let’s hope Thierry or anyone else gets it. Well, almost anyone. The last thing we need is another club being rebranded. Bad enough we’re currently being dragged kicking and screaming into the ‘Frank Lampard’s Derby County’ era.

One can only imagine how awful ‘John Terry’s Aston Villa’ will sound.

Nick Bruzon

P.S. If anyone from the band is reading (unlikely, let’s be honest) apologies for going all fan boy. But it was a quite magnificent night. On the plus side, that’s #BeeTheDJ sorted for Bristol City.


That’s BeeTheDJ sorted at least


5 Responses to “Is this a case of ‘If’ or when?”

  1. Small Heathen big Villan October 4, 2018 at 10:32 am #

    Mate, I’m desperate for him to come home, have been for some time. I remember being incredibly pissed off when England swiped Graham Taylor from us so I know the feeling when the bigger boys come knocking but don’t you think he deserves the chance. And yes, I hated being ‘Martin O’Neills Aston Villa’ and the idiocy of appointing big names with no experience never seems to stop starry-eyed owners.

    And you did nick him from Walsall in November when they were doing quite well.

  2. David Carney. October 4, 2018 at 12:57 pm #

    I am sure Dean Smith will always follow his boyhood team with his heart.
    I am equally sure he will follow his head and stay with Brentford.
    Just look at the clubs with a big history and a big supporter base that have lost their way, found people with more money than sense who buy in based upon emotion, then find the place is a shambles and proceed to make matters worse with knee jerk reactions designed to stop the club bleeding increasing losses and decreasing wins, staggering down the road to football oblivion.
    On the road to nowhere they hire and view managers with gay abandon, usually fire a couple of Chief Executives, panic buy overrated players that inevitably underperform and have a supporter base living on past memories and resenting successful ‘smaller’ clubs such as Brentford, Bournemouth, etc, with a passion.
    These clubs have destroyed many a Football Manage/Coach career, so why would Dean Smith be so silly as even think twice about leaving Brentford.
    Just think, Villa, Leeds, Sunderland,Bolton, Preston, Notts Forest, Derby County, etc, etc. They all believe they have a ‘right’ to permanent existence in the Premier League and will fire any Manager/Coach that does not deliver in quick time.

  3. Hobbo October 4, 2018 at 1:37 pm #

    You can buy the head coach villa what you can’t buy is the system backing him up.dont worry Bees fans if he leaves the man to replace him is already at the club knows the system and is well respected by the players.

  4. Moriarty October 4, 2018 at 6:55 pm #

    Dean has left the door open to an offer, but pledges job satisfaction to BFC; sensible chap. Is Frank really interchangeable with Dean, like he is a cog in a machine?

    • Hobbo October 4, 2018 at 9:20 pm #

      Worked with warbs so why not?

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