Was this the game that had everything? Fans and players nail it on Twitter as Bees hold Leeds.

7 Oct

Where do you even start with the one? Well, the result obviously. Leeds United 1 Brentford 1. Yet this was surely the consummate example of that old cliché that the result doesn’t even begin to tell half the story of a blood and thunder league game that was a quite wonderful example of Championship football. It had everything. Great saves, red cards, crossbars hit, pantomime villains and controversy. It was a day that saw the hosts end it in third place, The Bees still sixth and Neil Maupay become the first player in the top four divisions of English football to reach the ten goal mark.


Neal does his thing for the tenth time( on official twitter )

On a personal note, big thanks to Mrs. Bruzon. What greater treat could a man be offered than to wake up in Lisbon on the morning of his tenth wedding anniversary and be told that he was to be taken to the pub to watch the game? Love? Worn her down? Her own secret desire to watch this one? Or some very hefty payback coming my way? Whatever the answer, it was worth every moment.

We’ve all seen the game. We’ve all got our reasons for where we watched it. I’m not going to over elaborate here as there’s a programme column to write for next Saturday’s game with Bristol City. Frankly, you’d need a volume to do this one justice. Both on and off the pitch where one can only doff the hat to those Bee’s supporters who braved the early start, the journey and remortgaged the house to cover the cost of the ticket.

What I would say is that to play like that and then concede so late was frustrating beyond belief in the moment that Pontus Jansson headed home with just two minutes left on the clock. Was there any reason we couldn’t hang on at the death? It felt like Aston Villa all over but that was short term disappointment when, stretching desperately for another cliche, I think the vast majority of us would have taken a guaranteed point had it somehow been offered before kick off. 

Yet for that perspective I’ve been reaching for all season, we’re upset about ‘only’ drawing with Leeds United. About going to the league leaders and not being beaten. About putting in a stonking performance on the road. I thought the first half in particular we gave everything. But instead of tiring and burning out, the Bees kept going. If anything, that was ultimately our undoing and, perhaps, a touch of naivety as rather than put a foot on the ball to “Slow it down. Slow. It. Dowwnnn” (as somebody much wiser than me once said) we kept on playing. Luke Daniels had pulled off a quite wonderful save . Kamo was magnificent. Neal Maupay did his best to make friends and influence people, slotting home the opening goal under the most extreme pressure and ‘encouragement’.

The players’ appearances on social media afterwards tell you everything you need to know about how this one went……  

As ever, the likes of Brentford ‘official’, Beesotted and the BBC will have all the reports on this one. We do more of the other stuff on these pages and so instead, we´ll leave it to Twitter to talk through the highlights of a game that had everything:

And I can’t beat that for a summary.

GREAT work you Bees.

Nick Bruzon

14 Responses to “Was this the game that had everything? Fans and players nail it on Twitter as Bees hold Leeds.”

  1. Still stand by my comment. Pen all day long. Watkins going full pelt, dinks the ball, Peacock-Farrell coming at him fast sliding along the ground. What’s Watkins supposed to do? Leap out of his way like a gazelle? Keeper is not in control at ANY point. Watkins makes a movement if he didnt he would likely have been injured. It was only until super slo mo it came into any kind of question. No one questioned it at the time, even the Leeds players gave the obligatory appeal but no hysterics.

    But of course the extremely one sided Sky coverage went crazy about it. The TV coverage was shocking. Post-match, the Bees analysis only made the final 20 secs. It was all about Leeds Leeds Leeds with two ex Leeds players in the studio. Yet in the interviews Dean was shocked that the pen came into question & Bielsa didnt even mention it.

    The display though was superb with Kamo putting in a Woods like performance and deservedly won MOM. The team made a very good Leeds look very beatable. Granted Moses should have been sent off but it was good to see him back in a starting XI

    • nickbruzon at 8:29 am #

      Thanks BQ. Really appreciate you filling in the post match blanks, too. That would have been chancing my arm somewhat. Thought Moses dodged a bullet for sure but, as you say, wonderful to see him start

    • A quick word on Bielsa. Quality. No dramas. Said draw was fair and his team may have lost and just said when pressed about the referee that referees had good days and bad days and thats football

  2. Roger French at 8:42 am #

    Prices too high but you went to Lisbon instead! Bet that was a cheaper weekend!

    • nickbruzon at 9:01 am #

      Yeah. It was my tenth wedding anniversary. Been saving for it all year. Mrs B thought it would be a more romantic place than Elland Road

  3. Brighton Bee at 9:10 am #

    Like many I found the Sky coverage very biased towards Leeds United – how unlucky they were, the dodgy penalty, the refereeing decisions etc.etc The fact is that they were taken on in their own back yard and nearly beaten by a team / club a fraction of their size with a comparatively small playing budget. This was and excellent playing and tactical performance by Brentford that nobody outside of our fan base seems the acknowledge or recognise. I have been critical of Dean Smith’s tactics in the past but yesterday he was spot on with his team selection and tactics. I thought Kamo was immense, Konsa and Mepham defied their youth and Maupey and Watkins never gave their back four a moments rest all day. I can’t believe how far we have come when we are disappointed at not winning at Elland Road – simply brilliant!

  4. David Carney. at 9:57 am #

    I just think your banner headline is wrong 0 it should be ‘Leeds hold Bees’. Brentford were winning and Leeds were relieved to sneak a draw. The whole Brentford Coaching Staff, Players and supporters were disappointed when Leeds scorned and a few minutes later when the final whistle blew.
    Everyone associated with Leeds was relieved – so your headline has to be the reverse.
    Brentford and supporters also need to become more brave – just because Leeds have a magnificent history, are richer and have a bigger budget does not make them superior in any way to Brentford.
    Leeds were lucky to sneak a late equaliser because the clock was ticking down. They were potentially exposed to conceding by chasing the equaliser. In reality it could have so easily been 2-0 in those final minutes.
    In reality, two very equal teams, but Leeds do not deserve any greater respect because they have a good history. Today is today and today Brentford are at worst the equal of any team in the Championship and at best, more than equal.

  5. G. Raynor at 10:04 am #

    One-eyed comment – to be expected from a Bees supporter I suppose. As soft a penalty decision that you’ll ever witness. The gk was doing his job, being big, wide and almost stationary before the forward dived on top of him. I’m aware that today’s players still have the ability to jump over a prone figure (as they once used to) but the desire to cheat when a goal scoring opportunity is spurned manifests itself all to easily these days. It can be a difficult decision for the best of referees to judge but this hapless official was totally fooled. Just a different POV – football fan.

  6. Moriarty at 11:08 am #

    Great performance, but again, the winning chances were tgere, but the finishing was lacking. Poor finishing from Leeds, let BFC off, plus good fortune re dithering by two BFC defenders over who was going to clear the ball and at least one weak backpass.
    The equaliser, was caused by Saiid B; he again repeated a totally unnecessary foul, which got him sent off recently, but yesterday, cost the team a great win. Daniels, was in no mans land, out of position, unable to punch clear from foulmouth and away from his line; not great and he and the team, should have been slowing down the game in the final minutes. Should have been clear instructions given by Dean, to close down the game in the final five. Usual parade of vanity hairstyles, by the Leeds players.

  7. martin west at 11:48 am #

    my god it must have been hell for leeds fans watching cheating diving brentford, obviously all of their players have always played the game in a fair and honest way.

    • hobbo at 12:18 pm #

      Well said Martin, karma come to mind, what a bunch of whinging big time charlie hypocrites

  8. Charlie Mcmahon at 2:20 pm #

    Couple of things nick the damed ones only charged us old guys (60+) £25 they had a decent bar to drink in b4 the match Howard’s our support was great Ollie couldn’t go round the keeper so as the keeper didn’t get the ball it was a penalty all day long it’s a long way till the end of the season so let’s keep our feet on the ground ps how good are we Fulham just lost 5 1 at home to a team that only just managed to beat us 🐝🐝🐝

  9. aussiebee53 at 2:40 am #

    Possibly not as stonewall a penalty as the one we should have had last season before Leeds went on to get an injury-time winner.
    It was also very iffy that a penalty wasn’t given shortly after when Watkins was given a serious shove to the back of his head just inside the area near the dead-ball line.

  10. martin west at 7:19 pm #

    cant believe leeds fans are still banging on about pen,one even suggested leeds are not allowed to be promoted.move on

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