Fans guess who got the yellow and ‘Official’ look for a bigger boat. Twitter tears end the day nicely.

30 Dec

Birmingham City 0 Brentford 0. A draw on paper but a victory if social media were anything to go by. Which of course it isn’t in terms of points but is in terms of the moral high ground. As the Bees made it 3 unbeaten with a second successive draw on the road, it set up an intriguing New Years day visit from Norwich City on Tuesday. The Canaries themselves going down 4-3 to Frank Lampard’s Derby County (TM) as the Rams edged four points clear of the play-off chasing rivals and Norwich had to be content with ending the year in second place. It was a combination of results that set the Blues fans off the deep end in terms of post match reaction – whether the bottles that were allegedly thrown or a Twitter meltdown that very much belied their own belief that we’re ‘obsessed’ with them ! Please. No. I’m still laughing.

And laughter is the only reaction you can have. For a team that haven’t beaten Brentford since November 2016 and have failed twice more, again, this season you’d think they may learn to keep it zipped. But no. Instead it was the usual bitterness, tears, hissy fits, tantrums and belief that having a large stadium capacity is somehow akin to being deemed success. For a team that have finished below Brentford for the last four seasons perhaps by now they may have realised that size isn’t a guarantee of quality and matters infinitely less than what you do with it. But no.

There’s plenty out there. A quick search of #KRO or Birmingham amongst those terms to reveal the unintentional comedy gold that lets you know we’ve done a job on them. The marks down Neal Maupay’s back completely at odds with the claims of him being a ‘cheat’. I’m not going to give it the oxygen of publicity. If nothing else, they’re still rank amateurs compared to our good friend Simon C. Hateley of Aston Villa. If you need to rant, at least do it properly. They don’t even touch the sides compared to the Villa Park legend and it won’t take Sherlock Holmes to find the usual suspects out there. Moreso, given the responses from some of our own fans. And Brentford Official. Twitter was awash with feedback: 

‘The Chauffeur’ would note: I’m seeing Villa fans in a different light. Villa fans didn’t cry this much and Maupay  was actually bang out of order in that game. Generally proper fans of a genuinely big club who happen to share a city with w@nkers like Blues and Baggies.

Tony Cross was quick to chime in: I do love it when we annoy other clubs by not rolling over & letting them win ‘because that’s what history says should happen…’

Justin(LionsAndBees): But why are we so obsessed with them? Apparently.

Katie Bennett nails it this morning: Who wants to explain that leagues are point based and not attendance?

David Owen: The energy they put into telling us we’re irrelevant to them.

(That one had a ‘gif’ too).

Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 10.33.04

Yet, incredibly, if was Brentford ‘official’ who hit the jackpot. We’ve been quick to criticise the club’s use of Twitter in the past and you can never be reminded enough times about the horrors of #trophyfriends or #Novemberkings (amongst others). So imagine the surprise and pleasure at their reaction to a critique of the match report, which went :  


All of which serves as a neat medium for bypassing the match itself. That Sky only have 58 seconds of highlights (here if you want them) probably tell you all you need to know. The Bees had the lion’s share of possessions and shots but, of course, that counts for naff all if you can’t put one away. Whilst we were never seriously troubled, Blues manager Garry Monk would claim afterwards that: “If anyone was going to look likely to get the win it was going to be us” .

There’s no surprise there. Birmingham City have dropped further ground in the promotion race at a time the fixtures are coming thick and fast. Derby County stretched the gap over the play-off wannabees as very late goals from Flo Jo (87) and Jack Marriott (90+inj) saw Norwich City undone at Carrow Road. 

As for Brentford, it’s three unbeaten and only one goal conceded in that period. Thomas Frank used his own press conference to comment how: “Defensively we were very solid and gave away zero chances. They created nothing and that is well done to the boys who have conceded far too many away goals in the past….I would say in general I think the match official needed to protect the key players in the game. You should see Neal’s (Maupay’s) back. There are scratches all the way down on his back.”

The BBC have more extracts from that one here.

The photograph that Neal posted Instantgram afterwards supported these claims. It made a mockery of the language being directed towards the ‘cheat’ (please, I’m STILL laughing) at full time. Yet whatever has gone before, all this has done is further embolden the fans with a positive frame of mind. If nothing else, the sour grapes from our opponents serving no better use than to act as a bonding catalyst for supporters who have heard it all before. Little Old Brentford. Punching above their weight. Tinpot. Tiny ground. Don’t deserve to be here.

You can keep it coming all day long. We love it. There’s no finer means of galvanising supporters than by making us laugh. Giving us the belief in our team. Genuinely, I LOVE playing the likes of Leeds United, Aston Villa and Birmingham City. Not because, “Ooohh – they’re ‘famous’ ” (please note: your definition of famous may vary) but because of the oh-so predictable reaction and under-estimating that we still get, even now, in our fifth season of Championship football.  Long may it continue – hopefully in the Premier League. Assuming, of course, Birmingham et al can get there too.

Bring on Norwich City. I can’t wait for this one.  


Neal Maupay – ‘cheat’

Nick Bruzon

10 Responses to “Fans guess who got the yellow and ‘Official’ look for a bigger boat. Twitter tears end the day nicely.”

  1. Ijaz December 30, 2018 at 11:49 am #

    You obviously weren’t there to witnesses your time wasting tactics and your players diving to the floor at the slightest touch holding their face trying to get other players in trouble. You came looking to get a point and you got it. Personally not what I want to see my team doing but each to their own.

    • Chris burns December 30, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

      ironic you did the same at leeds

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) December 30, 2018 at 11:54 am #

    The Twitter fall out was something not seen since Leeds. Those Blues fans really DO NOT like us. As far as im concerned the rivalry ended with the 5-0. We made our point, and we moved on. It appears Blues fans havent and are more akin to Fenella the Witch shouting at her toadstools. It feels like yet another outbreak of the condition known as #TeamsLikeBrentford. Jibes about no cups, small support, small ground and so on. Yet we are continually on a par with club with much greater resources. Also the tinpot jibes, are a bit ‘so what’. i am proud of our tinpot status, yet here we are with our 5th season at this level and still really annoying the so called big boys. The jibes dont hurt us, they reinvigorate us

    From the reports the game was niggly and clearly there are players still at the club who havent forgotten how Jota & in particular, Harlee, left. After being turned over by club after club over the past 4 years for being too nice. The new bastard side of Brentford is very welcome. In Maupay we have a player who increases his cult status with every game. The sort of player opposition sides hate but would love in their team.

    Although Norwich on rather concerned about!

  3. Nick Carthew December 30, 2018 at 12:43 pm #

    Great article Nick, but can I pick you up on the use of the word “allegedly” when it came to the bottle throwing incidents. Twice the referee ran to the 4th official having picked up the bottles thrown from the stands.

    As I said on the Beesotted post match podcast it will be a travesty if Brentford are fined for getting 5 yellow cards and no action is taken against Birmingham. Yes we all get worked at football – or at least I do (!) but throwing objects at opposition players is bang out of order.

    It’s also a shame that we never get to see the reports compiled by the referee’s assessor. The official was abysmal yesterday, allowing all sorts of niggles and on going fueds to take place on the pitch. There was plenty of s*ithousery from both sides and ref should have been stronger on telling both teams to cut it out early on.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Martin December 30, 2018 at 9:01 pm #

      Surprise, surprise, the ugliest side in the West Midlands sulk because their rough house tactics fail. Was not there, but saw the 90 minutes on line.

      I am not going to excuse Maupay’s embarrassing fakery: trying to make a push in the chest (isn’t that a penalty) seem like a blow to the face; but it is hilarious that bluearses ignore the fakery from their own lumpen forward line.

      Sulk all they like, but take out the personal stuff between the teams –

      that they played like the away team in the first half against a side 10 places below them
      that their boss thinks they are punching above their weight to be in the top ten
      that he feels a need to use gutless distraction techniques discussing the game
      that bottle throwing is swept under the carpet

      all shows the feebleness of their own pretensions to playoffs.

      Sorry for the first really negative post I have added to your blog, but the attitude of this mob deserves contempt

  4. Andy Pugh December 30, 2018 at 7:29 pm #

    Most like minded fans have no problems with teams coming to thier turf and getting results, but keep inthespiritof the game.Maupays antics throwing himself to the floor are a joke, but you seem to have missed that in your report.
    If che Adams took his shirt off after the game no doubt he would have had claw marks all over his back too as twice he was grabbed by your left back as he was clean through.
    Talking to Brentford fans before the game yesterday I did mention your name as you annoyingly keep popping up on our news now page, and after a bit of eye rolling they all said yes , he does seem to hate you…
    I applaud Fansof Brentford , Birmingham and the likes because it would be so easy to support bigger more successful clubs.
    If any of the Brentford fans we met in the Woodman are reading this …. we enjoyed the talk and pint with you.


    • hobbo December 31, 2018 at 6:52 pm #

      Adams was also guilty of throwing himself to the ground a tad to easily in the game, he also has a history of doing so, but thats ok as he was wearing blue, Double standards from Monk and blues fans or what?

  5. David Carney. December 30, 2018 at 10:33 pm #

    The truth is Birmingham City and their supporters have a quite massive inferiority complex which manifests itself when they feel (usually incorrectly) that there is a (small) team around that they can bully.
    Birmingham have spent their entire history jealously watching their more successful close neighbours Aston Villa and WBA consistently perform better. They are also envious of near neighbours Wolverhampton Wanderers achieve so much more than them.
    Bearing the name of the Uk’s second biggest City has been a burden for them, particularly as teams from much smaller Cities, yes that’s right, have stolen the limelight by outperforming the with silverware in the trophy cabinet..
    I think they are under some sort of transfer ban for playing outside the rules and they also seem to think that the rules of on field fair play do not apply to them.
    They have a manager that has been in charge of 4 clubs in less than 5 years, quite a quick turnaround until it is compared to the fact that he became Birmingham’s 5th manager in 15 months.
    Then, I seem to recall there were some relatively recent issues regarding the state of their finances.
    To add to their woes they bought three Brentford players who are competent, but never good enough to progress further, for a rather inflated price.
    Add all of the above to a feral supporter base and it is a recipe for an antagonistic, resentful and confused environment where everyone else is to blame for their uninspiring past and cloudy future.
    Meanwhile, Brentford are a well run and structured club, playing good attractive football and recruiting top class players on a consistent basis and (which is even more irritating for Birmingham) on a steady upward trajectory, from both a playing and financial position.
    Irrational anger and bitterness is a sadly self destructing force. It would be far more productive for the Birmingham mob to focus on themselves, recognise and identify their problems because they will never fix those problems until they firstly identify them.
    Oh dear, I think I have just lost some brain cells taking time to think about Birmingham.

  6. Jay December 31, 2018 at 12:02 am #

    ‘Hopefully in the Premier League’…………….it’s creeping back in; love it!

    • nickbruzon December 31, 2018 at 8:46 am #

      Always a pleasure – and just for you xx

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