Magnificent Brentford obliterate Blackburn. What an afternoon at Griffin Park.

2 Feb

My word. That was incredible. What an afternoon. What a game. What a result. Brentford swept aside Blackburn Rovers in a phenomenal display that saw a 0-2 deficit with just 7(seven) on the clock turned into an eventual 5-2 thrashing. We’ve handed out some football lessons over the last few seasons – the likes of Leeds United, Birmingham City and Aston Villa amongst those to feel the pain of a full force red machine – but this was something else. Moreso given the quite horrific start to proceedings.


Brentford were head and shoulders above Blackburn at Griffin Park

We don’t do full fat match reports on these pages and now isn’t the time to change that record. If you were lucky enough to be there you’ll know how scintillating Brentford were. How irrepressible Said Benrahma was. How desperate were an opening eight minutes that saw Bradley Dack and Danny Graham hand in-form Blackburn an early lead with Daniel Bentley beaten twice. And then the Bees woke up.

Benrahma got our first after a wonderful exchange of passes. The Rovers defence sliced open with all the precision of a surgeon. The execution, clinical. That the goal came so soon after having shipped our second almost nullified the effect of going down so early. The crowd shifted from moan to buzz to noise.

The Bees kicked on. Harrison Reed in the Rovers midfield kicked off. It was symptomatic of his afternoon, tumbling under the most innocuous of challenges and doing his level best to wind up the Brentford players. But they, and the ref, were having none of it. Instead, all he got was a chorus of boos for his trouble. 


Cheer up cheater Reed. Captain Romaine makes his point.

With Benrahma also finding the crossbar from out wide, Brentford went in 2-1 down at half time but very much in the ascendency. And when they came out for the second period, things escalated to the realms of fantasy football. Ollie Watkins levelled up from distance (something which seems to be very much his thing at present) as the Bees continued to turn the screw. 

Attacking with confidence, flair and swagger there was only one team in it. With Blackburn forced to withdraw both their goalscorers they could do nothing but try to soak up the relentless pressure. A kitchen sponge would have done a better job. 

Ollie Watkins got his second and our third on 73, heading home after David Raya made a mess of a high ball in the box. Five minutes later Neal Maupay doubled the lead after another slick passage of play from Thomas Frank’s free-flowing Bees. And with Brentford refusing to slow it down, birthday boy Sergi Canos completed the rout in the final few minutes.


Size doesn’t matter – the Bees kept pushing up until the end.

One can’t underrate the beauty of our play or the tremendous character shown by the team. To go two down so quickly against a Blackburn side coming into the game on such a great run of form could have been the catalyst for disaster. Instead, it was a metaphorical boot up the backside that resulted in us being privileged enough to witness one of THE Brentford performances. 

The goals are up on Sky already – they’re every one of them worth a watch. Ollie Watkins ended this one being nominated for Sky Sports ‘goal of the day’. Frankly, it could have been any of the five. Trying to pick a Man-of-the-match from that one is a task akin to the judgement of Solomon. Ollie? Said? Kamo? Romaine? Yoann? Any of them.

Neal was as formidable and ballsy as ever. He must be nightmare to play against. Talking to one Braemar Road observer in the second half, he commented that we probably haven’t had such a tenacious (that’s the polite version) player since the likes of Terry Hurlock. There is no quarter given. Whether in the challenge, the build up or the finish. 

Honestly, I can’t was lyrical enough about this one. It was a finish and performance that put me in mind of Birmingham City last season. The 5-0 rout. Fans lined the pitch at full time as the players walked off to a heroes’ serenade. Thomas Frank, his arm around Neal Maupay, amongst the last to exit this arena of joy. How wonderful for him to see his own plans coming together after that horrific run of form that coincided with his own step up into the head coach role. Yet he has stuck to his principals, taken a horrific amount of flak on the chin but won those dissenting voices around. That’s now 9 games unbeaten and the goals flying in for fun. These 5 came after the 3 against Barnet, the 4 at Rotherham United and another 3 at home to Stoke City. 15 in four games – that’s just ridiculous.

The only question now being how Tuesday night can follow this? A visit from Barnet in an FA Cup replay, our lesson learned, could turn into a massacre IF Brentford continue with the same flair and attacking intent. It’s no gimme of course but I can’t wait to see if we can pick up then where we left off tonight.

What a performance.


The smile says it all as Brentford go 4-2 up

Nick Bruzon

11 Responses to “Magnificent Brentford obliterate Blackburn. What an afternoon at Griffin Park.”

  1. David Carney February 3, 2019 at 5:22 am #

    And do you still believe a top 6 finish is beyond this group of players. I am more certain that they can.

    • nickbruzon February 3, 2019 at 7:19 am #

      Hi David. I’d absolutely love you to prove me wrong. Playing how we are at present, there’s no doubt The Bees are on fire.
      Yet reeling in a ten point gap with just 17 games to go is going to require a phenomenal collapse from the teams in the box seat. That’s the sad case of the stats but, as we all know, anything can happen in football. A buoyant Feb could make things very interesting….

      • hobbo February 3, 2019 at 9:55 am #

        That excellent display should shut a few numpties up (for a while) Nick?

  2. Rod Davidson February 3, 2019 at 10:10 am #

    “Thomas Frank’s free flowing Brentford” ! Who would have thought that when we were in the middle of that dreadful run a few weeks back.
    It just shows you that a week, is a long time in football, just as well as in politics.
    It seem that this turnaround has coincided with the promotion of ‘King Kev’ to the first team group, and that we now have the ‘mixture’ just right, with confidence and understanding allied to the Scandanavian coaching principles.
    So well done everybody! Onwards and Upwards !
    And just as a last thought.
    Well done Brentford on sticking to our guns in the recent transfer window, by either rejecting offers or pouring cold water on the many rumours that were flying around.
    We didn’t get a ‘Birmingham’ this time, thank goodness – good for supporters morale that !

  3. steve b February 3, 2019 at 11:34 am #

    and the fans were still singing on the 235 bus as it pulled away from GP…when did that last happen ??

  4. Moriarty February 3, 2019 at 12:08 pm #

    A terrific result, SB, man of the match, but great outings from most players. after the initial disastrous first ten minutes and good that the goals are coming from more than one player.
    However, as TF accuarately stated after the match, “we can’t start like this again”, “throughout the game, I don’t think it was a top performance” and on the nose, “we need to do better defensively”.
    BFC, were heavily helped by the double loss of the two key BR players and goalscorers, Dack and Graham, around half time, after which the Reds prospered.
    Come Tuesday, with some extra defensive coaching, to deal with corners, set pieces and proper marking and no McC & De S starting in midfield, they should deal more convincingly with the plucky “fake” bees.
    Well done!

  5. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 3, 2019 at 1:26 pm #

    Happy to admit I was wrong about Thomas Frank. Two master moves being the change of formation away from one built around Ryan Woods, and the addition of King Kev to the coaching team, both huge changes have brought opposite results to the ones we were seeing, in the same way the addition of Frank to Dean Smith’s coaching set up, brought a similar change of fortunes.

    Although the first 7 minutes made you think we were heading back to that Swansea game with woeful defensive errors. But already at that point we were seeing Said Benrahma making a difference and who will eventually be the clear man of the match but also his best game in a Bees shirt.

    Once Said put the ball away after a wonderful move you started to believe that we could get something out of this game. No one in their wildest dreams expected 5, the fourth being the best after another wonderful move with Romaine celebrating before Maupay even put his foot through the ball.

    It was a wonderful performance, bearing in mind Rovers usually do well against us. Now we need more of the same Tuesday night to shut up the constant irritant whining from the Fake Bees.

    I thought referee Davies was good, although the incident you highlighted got my goat. With Reed off the pitch the game should have restarted but had to wait for the Blackburn team to return to the pitch. He should have carried on without them.

    And that pic of Harry is THE pic of the game!

  6. Brighton Bee February 3, 2019 at 7:12 pm #

    Agree with everything that has been said. An excellent performance against a team whose Manager prides himself on defensive qualities. I think the play offs are beyond us this year but you never know in football given the turn around we are experiencing. My MOM was Said Benrahma but I have to say I was great to see Sergi back with a bang and a smile on his face yesterday and on Monday Barnet. I hope he is rediscovering the form he showed when he was originally with us on loan from Liverpool.

  7. Moriarty February 3, 2019 at 8:03 pm #

    Everything I write on this ste, is “under moderation”; no other commentator labours under this oppressive mandate, so why are you so scared of me, NB? Free speech not a right in your little world?

    • nickbruzon February 3, 2019 at 8:10 pm #

      I have literally no idea what you are talking about.

  8. Moriarty February 3, 2019 at 10:33 pm #

    Oh , by the way, the loutish Leeds, beaten soundly by a terrific Norwich, tried a bit of unsuccessful diving in the area, namely “The Roofer”.

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