Have the visitors scored an own goal before the game has even kicked off?

4 Feb

What links the Brentford away end with Chelsea and Everton? Quite simply, they sold it out in the cup and then didn’t go crying when there were no tickets left. Now what links the Brentford away end with Barnet? Quite simply, they sold it out in the cup, with reckless abandon given it holds twice their average gate, but then did go crying, threw their toys out the pram and their chairman launched a quite bizarre tirade against us.


No tears from Chelsea (despite not beating us at Griffin Park

We’ve all seen that rant by now, I’m sure. Blaming everyone but themselves for the fact that not everyone can get along who may want to. Shock news : big match proves popular. It was a tirade that still included reference to Ollie Watkins being awarded a penalty although refusing to acknowledge that the player didn’t appeal for it or call foul play. A tirade that included the terrifying threat of a boardroom boycott. Oh well, all the more pies for Ian Moose should he sniff them out from the press box.

One can only assume it is, at best, a misguided effort to engender a sense of being hard done by. A feeble attempt to rally the Barnet fans and players further ahead of a game which, given the magnificence of the original tie, is one we’re all looking to see played out to a gripping denouement.

Instead, all it has done is elicit laughter from the Brentford contingent and unify us. If ever we needed more incentive to stick two fingers up and raise the roof then here it is. Served up by bucketload with a side salad of a swipe at our own Chairman, Cliff Crown.

The reaction on Twitter was as expected.

Justin(LionsAndBees) : Tell your Chairman to learn how to read full sentences, not just the bits he likes the look of.


Jamie: What absolute shite. You get the same amount as every club that comes here. Including Chelsea a few years ago and Everton a few years before that. Did they complain? No of course not cause they sold their tickets the right way and didn’t offer 6 tickets person. Also there is no possible way you’ll ever get more tickets as there is no bloody segregation. I’d be embarrassed if this was our chairmen doing this, absolute joke.

Personally, I went for classic ‘Partridge’. One of the rare occasions a ‘gif’ is acceptable.


Yet it was the team at Beesotted who pulled out the big guns. And I can’t top this. See you on Tuesday, Barnet. I can’t wait.


Nick Bruzon


5 Responses to “Have the visitors scored an own goal before the game has even kicked off?”

  1. Rob February 4, 2019 at 11:10 am #

    Great observation. Loved the sardonic letter at the end. I think they fail to grasp that we don’t have a swanky new stadium (yet) and that our current one is limited. That said, as correctly pointed out, they still have 50% more tickets than they normally sell on a standard match day. Shame, I’ve always quite liked the plastic Bees, and this leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth…

    • Mark Hardy February 4, 2019 at 1:32 pm #

      I agree with you Rob… It seems that simple logic is alien to this bloke…not even worth answering or addressing. Let’s hope Barnet’s fans leave him in North London tomorrow so the rest of us can enjoy a re-run of an otherwise enjoyable encounter!

      • hobbo February 4, 2019 at 2:03 pm #

        I sit in the paddock below the directors box i for one will be giving him well deserved abuse if he shows his ugly mug the numptie

  2. HerzyBee🦔 February 5, 2019 at 1:16 am #

    As always, spot on, I highlighted the t&c’s on cup tickets for the away match, which incidentally, Barnet charged £20 for. I did enjoy their stadium and the away fanzone bar before the match. I hope Mr Kleanthous watches the match from his home tomorrow, and reflects on his lack of #manners and #dignityand good grace….. to harp on about the Ollie Watkins penalty incident and his supercilious remarks on hospitality at Griffin Park just seems the language of a bitter man who should bring himself to apologise to Cliff Crown and BFC for his petty outburst. They will, incidentally, as a non league side, take a larger share of the gate money in both matches (again trawl through the FACup conditions for info)……

  3. David Carney. February 5, 2019 at 4:12 am #

    The Barnet Chairman is just so boring……Let’s just hope he has some nice toys to play with on Tuesday evening, but judging by his comments he has probably broken all his you already. So perhaps he will just sit in the corner crying and picking his nose.

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