Prince William. Tom Hanks. David Cameron. Simon Hateley. Your boys took one hell of a beating. Again

13 Feb

Come on, Aston Villa. Perhaps one day you’ll give Brentford a game. One can’t even begin to describe the performance and dominance tonight as Thomas Frank’s Bees made it three on the spin at home to the Villans. Chuck in three away draws and that’s a mighty impressive record against the one time European Champions (1982 in Rotterdam, in case you hadn’t heard it mentioned before). Dean Smith’s return to Griffin Park was anything but a happy one as we warmed up for Sunday’s FA Cup fifth round tie at Swansea City in mightily impressive form. 


Romaine brings the ball out of the back

It was another case of true domination against Villa. We’ve all been used to it over the last few seasons but this was about as one sided as it came. The visitor’s midfield was non-existent. Only a mass of bodies at the back, and the vagaries of our ‘referee’ Gavin Ward, keeping Brentford out. Yet the fact that it took injury time before Neal Maupay finally found the net made the eventual result all the sweeter.

It had never seemed in doubt from the first few minutes as Aston Vila were put on the immediate backfoot. It was a position from which they struggled to make any inroads but, and as we’ve said many times is the thing that actually counts in football, Brentford were unable to make the possession count. Brentford were unable to find the back of the net. Brentford looked like they may finally drop two points at home to Villa. Then that man Maupay stepped up and did his thing.

Oh my word, what a goal. What an explosion of ecstasy and relief from the crowd. What a finish as Maupay burst clear into the box before curling it high into the top corner. Visiting goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic left rooted to the spot as ball flew past him. Unable to do anything more beyond turning to watch the ball make the net ripple from the sweetest of strikes.

I’m struggling to remember specifics at present. The brain is a blur of excitement and relief. Despite outplaying our illustrious opponents for huge swathes of the game, we’d been unable to find a way though. The impressive Sergi Canos forcing a fine early save from Kalinic in the first half to set the tone for what followed in all aspects beyond the actual scoring of a goal. Here’s hoping he’s fit for Sunday and the injury related substitution was nothing more than a precaution. 

Even the most ardent of Brentford supporters were perhaps beginning to feel that this one may have to go down as an opportunity missed. Neal Maupay thought otherwise. It was one of those where you HAD to be there. I’m sure it was great on TV but the communal outpouring of celebration as the goal went in was one of THE moments of a season that is rapidly building pace to a frenzied denouement. Whilst one has to appreciate there were those who missed this game through their own personal circumstances, those choosing to deliberately stay away are missing out on something quite wonderful. 

Of course Warbs, Dean and Thomas have all played their parts in quite magnificent style but you have to doff your cap to Matthew Benham and the current regime at the helm of the club. Their vision and guidance has brought through the likes of Said Benrahma, Sergi Canos and Neal Maupay. Ezri and Julian continue to impress at the back. Long term Bee Yoann Barbet continues to exude enthusiasm from every pore. The last player to come in from the warm up and one of the last to leave the field of play at full time.It really is a special time to support Brentford.

That said, Thomas named a side without a traditional right back that instead chose to take the game to their illustrious opponents. Perhaps here was the answer to how you fit Watkins, Benrahma and wing back Sergi Canos (not a typo) into the same team. Moses Odubajo on the other side pushing an extremely high line as Villa struggled to get out of their own half. It was delightful to watch.   

Full time came with a traditional response from Dean Smith. Catching up with the replay upon the return home, he opined to Sky how it was, “On the scale of chances, not what we deserve”. Come on Dean, next you’ll be telling us that Villa won the European Cup. For once, don’t do press by rote. Just try and tell it like it was. This was as one sided a game as I’ve seen since the last time Villa visited this part of West London. Prince William. Tom Hanks. David Cameron. Simon Hateley  – your boys took one hell of a beating. Again. 

Where I would agree with Dean is his commentary about the referee. He’s always been one to say it like it is when it comes to the man in the middle and here he was spot on as he observed, “I’ve said this season the refereeing has been pathetic at times.” Truly, Gavin Ward was a nightmare. A Keith Stroud in Bobby Madley’s clothing. Penalties denied. Advantages pulled back. Decisions made with all the authority of a roulette ball trying to find an eventual resting place. How lovely would it be to have a referee and linos who get on with the game rather than instil a pre-match level of dread which is then fulfilled as proceedings get underway.  

The flip side to all this being that we won. Nobody will care that Gavin did once more what Gavin does so often. All that counts are the three points. 

Now bring on Swansea City and the FA Cup.


Said takes the plaudits at full time

Nick Bruzon

6 Responses to “Prince William. Tom Hanks. David Cameron. Simon Hateley. Your boys took one hell of a beating. Again”

  1. simonsapper February 13, 2019 at 11:54 pm #

    Well said in every regard Nick – what a game, what poor refereeing, what a goal, and above all….. what a win!

  2. Rob February 14, 2019 at 12:13 am #

    I thought the ref was ok…in the first half at least! Maybe we should have had a penalty but at least he didnt give Abrahams “dive”. I wonder if there will be an outpouring of hatred from Bees fans about a player diving to gain an advantage in the same way Leeds fans have done, spouting their vitriol about Watkins!?
    Still, to the game. A thoroughly deserved 3 points. I was always a little concerned that it might be another game where we’ve smashed the opposition only to lose….thank god it wasn’t!
    I think youve nailed it with your appraisal of the game….and Dean Smiths comments at the end. Ues they had two or three good chances, but we had far more…had much more of a penalty shout that them and we just deserved it! This is one of those games where the stats reflects the match. I’m pleased to say i was there to witness it!

  3. Brighton Bee February 14, 2019 at 8:10 am #

    Well said Nick. It was a great all round team performance last night with a fully deserved victory. I thought Dean Smith sounded bitter and twisted in the Sky Sports interview after the game, blaming the referee and claiming a penalty that was a clear dive by Abrahams. Our young squad completely outplayed an aging Villa team that will be very lucky to get anywhere near the play offs.

    • hobbo February 14, 2019 at 8:41 am #

      Yes Villa did not play well, reason being the Bees did not let them Mr Smith, pure and simple. Join the growing list of whinging managers that do not give us the credit we deserve.

  4. Ted Soudan February 14, 2019 at 8:45 am #

    Hi Nick,
    Thought Dean Smith was disingenuous in saying that Villa should have had a penalty when Abraham fell in the area but at the same time ignoring the ‘bundling over’ of Romaine Sawyers when he was about to shoot. As clear a penalty as you are likely to see.
    Ted Soudan

  5. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 14, 2019 at 11:18 am #

    My #BeeTheDJ request was ‘There’s A Ghost In My House’, as it turned out it wasnt the crazed poltergeist of Enfield proportions but a barely noticeable tap on the wall.

    Villa were as insipid as they were last year. Last season we were far more clinical, but like last year, the performance was outstanding. From Dan, whose confidence has been clearly undermined to pull off that save as he did from Hourihane, right through to Maupay, more like a wasp than a bee, being such an irritant to the opposition. Said, who has really found his stride in England now, a controlling midfield, a solid back line, with Yoann just getting better & better with each game (as i always predicted!), to Sergi who was outstanding in the wing back role. Thomas Frank out thought Dean in every department.

    The goal was a just reward and I havent seen ER erupt like that in a long time. I think the term the kids use is ‘limbs’, and it was certainly that. Every man, woman and child going completely crazy! And what a goal it was. I cannot wait for Swansea now!!

    The interview on Sky and more so on his club’s twitter feed, i thought Dean was rather ungracious. Pretty much claiming he was responsible for that win! So nothing to do with Matthew Benham, or the DoF’s, Rasmus or Phil, or indeed the late Robert Rowan. Let us not forget Thomas, who was brought in and helped steady the ship when Dean had an awful run. And of course the style of play also had nothing to do with Uwe, Warburton or Lee Carsley either, or the work Thomas with Brian and King Kev has done since? No, it was all down to Dean! Well done Dean!

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