Tigers mauled by the Bees as Saïd inspires mayhem.

24 Feb

It really doesn’t get much more enjoyable than that. If Aston Villa had been fun, this was next level excitement. The memory of Swansea City in the FA Cup well and truly exorcised by a rampant Brentford side, inspired by Saïd Benrahma. Three wonder goals and one assist for the Algerian put a huge dent in the scoreline that saw Hull City heading towards brackets and lucky to leave with just a 5-1 reverse to their name. Brentford were scintillating. Magnificent. Insatiable. Choose any positive adjective and it applies to this.  A second five goal haul in less than a month at Griffin Park (and our third this season) were the very least Thomas Frank and his team deserved after a performance that was very much men against boys.


Saïd definitely enjoyed this one

Where do you even start with this? Benrahma will understandably grab the headlines. His goals and approach play dictate that. Peter Gilham losing himself on the public address system, prefacing the announcement for our second goal and Saïd’s first with a shocked “Wow!!”.

But it was stunning. Waltzing through a crowded penalty box. Dancing around the Hull City defence until the smallest of gaps opened up, he pinged it into the top corner.

It took the breath away. The crowd erupted. The Bees turned the screw.

Saïd had already set up our equaliser, opening up the Hull defence to free the General. Kamo made no mistake as he virtually passed it in from distance. Parity restored after the visitors had, to be fair, controlled the lion’s share in the early stages. Their goal had threatened and eventually came via the head of Fraizer Campbell as a rare slip from Yoann Barbet gave the Hull man all the room he needed and left Daniel Bentley with no chance. Yet from that moment it was game over. Albeit the Tigers has no idea what was about to be unleashed.

The third came just before half time. That man Benrahma firing home as 0-1 down after 25 minutes became a 3-1 lead when the players headed in for their half time cuppa. There was a serious danger of the supporters running out of ‘goal sweets’ at this rate (one Haribo Supermix every time the net ripples, being the tradition in our block). There was a serious danger that the brackets would need to be defrosted.

Moreso when Maupay made if four just after the break, guiding home from close range after top work from Ollie Watkins. Watching the build up on the highlights (available now via Sky’s match report), the work Neal does to even get in position is great. He delivers the pass that sets the move in motion before breaking up field through the middle to get on the end of the eventual finish. The finish may have been (relatively) simple but it was all about the approach play

Peter Gilham was practically self-combusting at this rate. Freestyling on the mic with all the panache of a man who knew how exquisite this performance was turning out to be. How wonderful the interplay across the team was. Sergi roasting his man time and again. Romaine having one of those beautiful games where the passes flowed as sweetly as honey off the back of a spoon. Liquid football. Ollie and Neal linking up the play as Moses continued to push up on the other side. 


The high-flying Bees were rampant

We said after the Aston Villa game how good this team can be when they get going. That time, they were only rewarded with one goal. This time out, it was carnage. The fifth and, ultimately, final strike being on a par with everything that had come before. Whilst the second took the breath away at the time, the hat-trick strike was just beautiful.

Romaine’s pass through was stopped dead, Saïd spun and curled it from the edge of the box into the top corner. One touch. Barely looking up as he hit it. Pure instinct and what a finish. What a celebration as he ran full tilt towards the dugouts to celebrate with Thomas.

You could see what this one meant to them both. Likewise at full time where the players did the lap of Griffin Park to rapturous applause. Every one of them enjoying the moment, talking to the fans and enjoying very well deserved acclaim. It really was a devastating afternoon and one had to feel for the visitors, now facing a long shlepp home.


Thomas celebrates with the fans at full time

Brentford remain 16th, with the prospect of a trip to Sheffield, Tuesday, and then the visit of “The team from West London” (as PG called them) next weekend. The table above us is really getting congested now with the gap to the top ten now just four points away and, for the dreamers amongst us, 10 points to Bristol City in sixth.

Whatever happens, if the Bees carry on playing like this there’s going to be a lot of fun between now and May. For all that the Hull fans like to sing about “Getting mauled by the Tigers“, this time around they were made to look as dangerous as a restaurant cat. Claws very much clipped as Brentford ran riot.

Tuesday is about as a huge an ask as they come but what momentum to go into the game with. And then there’s the small matter of Saturday. See you there. 

Now, let’s go and watch those highlights once more…


Bees cat mauled tiger

The only mauling on Saturday came from the Bees

Nick Bruzon 

4 Responses to “Tigers mauled by the Bees as Saïd inspires mayhem.”

  1. Brighton Bee February 24, 2019 at 8:56 am #

    Great summary Nick. After twenty minutes yesterday I was getting a little worried. However, I needn’t have as the next 70 minutes were absolutely brilliant. Not much more I can add really as the players did all the talking, particularly Saiid. As one fan near me commented, all the transfer talk has been about Maupey but now it seems we have another player who is attracting a lot of attention. When FloJo left I thought t would be difficult to replace him, how wrong I was. Saiid offers a lot more in his all round game plus he brings others into play. Tuesday will be a big ask but the way we are playing, anything is possible.

  2. David Carney. February 24, 2019 at 11:25 am #

    14 games remaining. 10 points adrift. Superior goals, which can only get better with a winning run.
    Sorry, that’s not dreaming. If the rich vein of form continues reality is the play offs this season – it is reality.
    The performances continue to improve under the Coaching of Thomas Frank and his staff, therefore there is a realistic chance that 10 points can be made up in 14 games. Granted, the odds are longer than we would all like, but the prospect is certainly not a dream.
    There is no room for slippage, but we should never under estimate the ability of the other teams chasing a play off place to struggle under pressure at this end of the season.

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 24, 2019 at 12:25 pm #

    What a wonderful day. A stellar performance on a beautiful day, and personally satisfying that despite working with 70 people, there are only 3 football supporters at work & one of them supports Hull!

    At first i thought it was going to be a stroll in the sun, one of those end of season games when minds had drifted to the poolside, until Yoann’s slip! But then came the Said show ably assisted by all of the front 6. It was magical. Said just gets better & better. Was so good it even allowed Neal to leave early before he got sent off & the introduction of the very promising Zamburek (our first player beginning with z?)

    One question though. Why does Thomas always bring McEachran on? That baffled me and to not give Chiedozie a run out to join in the fun.

    • peterwot February 24, 2019 at 8:28 pm #

      Hope the result brought a smile back on your son’s face after Swansea!

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