No falling apart, this time, as shrewd loanees help the hosts.

22 Aug

There’s not much to say, really. Congratulations Leeds United after a rare victory over Brentford last night. A 1-0 win at Elland Road returned the home side to the top of the Championship table after a game that could have gone either way. But didn’t. Arsenal loanee Eddie Nketiah’s late strike via Wolves loanee Helder Costa was the ultimate difference between the two sides. It was a game where Bees new boy Bryan Mbuemo came within a lick of paint from seeing his first half strike find the back of the net from the inside of  the post and substitute Saïd Benrahama could have levelled things at the death. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Leeds failed to fall apart. Instead, we must focus on another road (and river) trip this Saturday with Charlton (a) next on the agenda.

Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 06.10.31

The only stat that counts. Sadly.

Brentford started this one on top. The view afforded via the Sky Sorts smudge vision option saw us dominant in the opening period but chances were at a premium despite possession. Oh, for a pound every time that phrase were used. The aforementioned Mbuemo effort about as close as it got, the wideman shooting from outside the edge of the box and across the face of the goal only to see his shot beat ‘keeper Casilla before bouncing back across the six yard box via the edge of the back stick. Half time came with the hosts finding their feet and the chance of a break in the action probably a welcome one for Thomas Frank.

Yet instead of allowing us to pick up the pace once more, the second period began as the first had ended. Leeds on the front foot and the Bees hanging on. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. The game had that feeling about it and, sure enough, with less than ten minutes to go the net rippled. Nketiah making no mistake from close in after Costa’s wonderful run and cross. Inch perfect box delivery to rival the pizzas being eaten on our couch as this one unfolded (although not from a little Italian restaurant. At Brentford Lock). Hey, there has to be some compensation for missing out on seeing this one live.

That the move for the goal started with a clear foul on Benrahma was almost a moot point. There was still plenty enough time to stop the rampaging Leeds hordes but the pace of Costa and the positional awareness of Nketiah proved vital. It was a finish akin to Sergi and Ollie at Middlesbrough and showed how well Marcelo Bielsa has played the loan market. Being able to take players from Premiership Arsenal and Wolves certainly paying dividends for a team whose record in the Championship is now WDWW. 

It was disappointing more than anything else as on a different night we could easily have had a point. It wasn’t that Leeds were streets ahead but they took their chance whilst the longer the game went on the more it felt as though they were in control. Saïd could have taken the point late on but blazed over. It wasn’t to be and there are no sour grapes.  Besides, you’ve likely seen it all by now and, if not, the main action is up on the Sky website. We don’t particularly do match reports on these pages and there’s always the likes of the BBC, Beesotted or ‘official’ if you want any greater analysis. By which I mean any analysis.

I’m not sure what else to say at this juncture. One could take pleasure for another defeat suffered by QPR. Another penalty given away by Yoann Barbet. Another season where we are already ahead of the hapless hoops.  But with Fulham already up into the top three, let’s adopt the philosophy that with the table in fledgling state we need a good ten games before it is deemed to have ‘fully formed’. It is a mantra I have long stuck to and see no reason to change this time around.

Four games in is far too early to know who are the whipping boys and who are looking good for a fast track to the top flight. Besides, last season proved that running away with things early means nothing if the wheels fall off at the death. Just ask Leeds.

Instead, it’s Charlton next. They are currently unbeaten but the trip to The Valley is usually a wonderful occasion. A full house is guaranteed by the visiting fans with the short hop across London on a hot day something that will be enjoyed by all. Hopefully, we’ll be feeling the same at 5pm…..

See you there.

bees fans leave charlton shit

Hopefully the result will be better on Saturday

Nick Bruzon  


6 Responses to “No falling apart, this time, as shrewd loanees help the hosts.”

  1. Martin west August 22, 2019 at 9:13 am #

    Hi Nick, we lost a game against a pretty established side with a fledgling side, confident we will prosper. To read all the negativy on social sites you would be forgiven if so called supporters have ever watched the football when we were in div 1,2,or even the dark days of div 3. These are great times for us. My message is,as yours,get behind team and manager,and not moan so much.we are all hurt by losing.

    • David Carney August 22, 2019 at 10:19 am #

      Good comments Martin – and Nick of course.
      Far too many whingers who call themselves supporters. The quality of football at Brentford is better now than anyone can remember because it was back in the 1930’s that Brentford results were better than now – and I doubt the skill levels in those days were as good as the current crop of players possess, nor were the fitness levels and speed of game be to the same levels as now.
      So, the current team is probably the best ever – and still improving.
      Also, what so many whingers fail to understand is that pre Benham Brentford were on the slippery road to financial oblivion, yet now is one of the few clubs in the Championship that is financially stable and will enter the Promised Land in a stable position.
      Close ears to the naysayers because they live in a different world to the reality that is Brentford today.

  2. Paul Fletcher August 22, 2019 at 11:51 am #

    Time is obviously needed for the new players to bed in. However I am concerned that our midfield went AWOL in the second period. I don’t know if we need to revert to a midfield 3 or whether it’s just Messrs Jansen & Norgaard who have just not clicked yet ? I would like to have seen the option of either Mokotjo or Yearwood on the bench to add some “legs” to the midfield in the way Dasilva has done in the 2nd half of the last 2 games.
    Finally whilst I appreciate Ollie Watkins is doing his best as a central striker, I do feel we are missing out on his effectiveness coming in off the wing.

  3. Adrian Harris August 22, 2019 at 12:07 pm #

    Good article, but I think a bit of honesty has to come into play. The past few years have been and indeed are fantastic as we start our 6th consecutive season in the second tier. Brilliant stuff. There has been some marvellous football and a really good feel about the place. But let us not pretend that we were almost matching Leeds Utd last night. We were distinctly and thoroughly outplayed. There is little point in pretending that we played well and just because some choose to point this out there is the belief that they don’t appreciate everything that has happened recently. We struggled to string two passes together and there is little doubt that we have a problem in getting an effective strike pattern. I do think things will gel and we will improve, but I think we are a long way short of promotion material. We have not really played well any of our games so far this season and scoring will be an ongoing problem. We matched Hull City but did not dominate and the same can be said against Boro and Cambridge. We did dominate Birmingham but couldn’t score!! That does not mean I do not think the past few years have been great, they have and I also think, given our fan base and financial status, that we have done brilliantly and punched well above our weight. I

  4. Brighton Bee August 22, 2019 at 9:59 pm #

    Good article Nick. Apologies for the random nature of my comments but whilst I appreciate everyone’s points I am with Adrian Harris. I was one of the 400 loyal Bees fans who paid their £37 last night to enter the decaying stadium that is called Elland Road. To be frank (if you excuse the pun) I expected more from Brentford. As everyone says we are seeing some of the best football ever played at this club but not last night – we were slow in possession, too many players lost possession easily, players were muscled off the ball far too easily etc. It’s not as if Leeds were that good, in the first half they were no better than us. After the break Leeds pushed forward and maintained a high level of pressure, Brentford could not respond or match them, the only surprise was that it took Leeds so long to score. Our two Danish players Jensen & Norgaard may be technically gifted players but they are not strong enough for the Championship. I would like to have seen a more competitive edge in midfield last night by giving Yearwood a chance. In the second half last night, the team were under intense pressure for long periods but we had no outlet to help relieve this pressure and give the defence a breather. We miss Maupey’s goals but we are also missing his ability to hold the ball up and link play to other players. I was surprised Frank took so long to bring on Benerahma as he has the ability to help hold the ball and Relieve the pressure on the defence. I hope TF can sort out his tactics and playing formation sooner rather than later otherwise it might be a long hard season at GP.

  5. Hobbo August 23, 2019 at 8:23 am #

    Bloody whingers,two names Bolton and Bury,nuff said

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