Ten Signs Better? Shock move precedes weekend fixtures.

28 Sep

Well that was a day to catch us all cold ahead of the trip to Barnsley for Sunday’s TV game. Former Brentford number 10 and Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran has pushed the number of ex-Bees at Birmingham City back up to three following the departure of Jota to Aston Villa over the summer. There are no words beyond….’wow’. Possibly with a ‘drink being spat out of mouth’ gif/meme to accompany it but let’s not go there. Elsewhere, Nottingham Forest have gone to the top of the league following last night’s 3-2 defeat of abject (we would also accept ‘lowly’) Stoke City. Played 9 Won 0. Points 2. Cripes, that’s a worse record than Madonna’s version of American Pie. It is a result which sees Leeds United displaced from the penthouse suite of the Championship table hotel, heading into the weekend fixtures.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 06.44.49

We went there. But come on… ‘Allo ‘Allo! beats the usual ‘Downfall’ analogy.

First up, Brentford v Barnsley. Are you going ? Hats off if so. A Sunday lunchtime trek to Yorkshire when the comfort factor of TV presents an obvious alternative is a strange one. Not so much for Brentford fans who always travel in numbers but more that it would have been an easy one to swerve. An early, early start after a Saturday night out when the pub or bed beckon would be deemed acceptable reasons to catch up via alternate sources.

Personally, and there is no pretence here, I’m saving my beer tokens and green cards for those Saturday 3pms on the road. That’s nothing to do with the opposition but simply the fact that both are finite commodities which need to be played at the right time. The Barnsley game is on TV and that’s the option I have to take this time out. I’d love to be there, of course, but with a family and a dwindling bank account to juggle, sometimes one does have to take the a different option.

Being blunt, I’m still not sure why Sky have picked it. And I’m a Brentford fan!  If for no other reason, and with respect to both the Tykes and The Bees, it is hardly a game which screams of interest to anybody outside of Oakwell or Griffin Park. There is no real rivalry (mascot races aside – and do pick up the match day programme if you get a chance….).


But what happened next….?

Still, there are only so many times that they can show Leeds United. Or should that say, presumably there are only so many times they can show Leeds United? However, Bielsa’s boys do seem be starting at 3pm today – away to Charlton Athletic – so there you go. They do, sometimes, play in the traditional timeslot. Can they retake top spot from Forest or is their now annual ‘falling apart’ about to start once more?

The Griffin have their Sky TV lined up once more and will be showing this one. Certainly that’s where I’m hoping to take the family.  For Sunday lunch. Still, all that’s for tomorrow.  Right now, I’m still spitting my drink out over the Josh McEachran story.

Not so much that the player, released by Brentford when his contract expired, has joined Birmingham City but more the point at which it has happened. Nobody in TW8 saw this one coming with most clubs having long since wrapped up business following the early transfer window. Especially from a player who, if we’re being honest, never really lived up to the potential that the former Chelsea man brought with him to Griffin Park. Instead, we parted ways after four seasons, 102 games and a solitary goal. Against Birmingham. 

It just never clicked for/with him and when a player is best known for his services to mobile phone cases or mini-golf then perhaps it’s best to admit that despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things just don’t work out. Sadly.


Whatever else happens, we’ll always have this

It was a shame and for no other reason than he did start last season so brightly. There was talk of an England call up (from the player) and it looked as though we were finally going to see the McEachran that his reputation suggested. It didn’t happen.

Pep Clotet is not quoted on the Blues website although the club’s editorial describes him as, “A composed player happy to receive the ball in tight areas, McEachran’s vision, positioning and clever passing was apparent in the Under-23s matches when he was influential in helping to dictate proceedings.

So there you go. 

Could Blues have vision that Bees lacked ? Or is the player simply better suited to a more industrial style of football than the fast flowing movement of a Brentford team who have, let’s not forget, finished above Birmingham for the last five seasons?

Instead, Josh now has the chance to ‘go again’. Birmingham travel to Derby County this afternoon, with the Rams looking to put their car-crash start to the season well behind them. Will he get the chance to dominate the ten yards around the centre-circle ? Or is it one to start from the bench ? Either way, I’m intrigued to see how this all plays out…..

Nick Bruzon

7 Responses to “Ten Signs Better? Shock move precedes weekend fixtures.”

  1. Martin west September 28, 2019 at 7:36 am #

    Morning Nick, good article,it does seem strange for sky to pick us,maybe they want to show the world that life without Leeds on TV is not a place to be.if it’s a 0-0 stalemate then that will show everybody how great Leeds are. As for Josh mceahrean, I liked him for his ability to pick a great pass once a month but wil not miss his lack of commitment his lack of pace or his niggly fouls.perhaps this a wake-up call for him,having to join Birmingham instead of Barcelona,and he can impress enough for an England call up.

  2. Ijaz September 28, 2019 at 8:17 am #

    Interesting comments on Josh McEachran. He hasn’t had a pre-season so it’ll be a few weeks before he gets up to speed. I would like us to play 4-1-4-1 with McEachran and perhaps Crowley providing the bullets for Jukey. Hopefully Anthony Pilkington sorry Jefferson Montero ( made out of glass) gets off the injury table to provide the much needed width on the other side. Apparently your favourite player Harlee Dean recommended Josh McEachran to our board. Let’s hope he’s not just his drinking buddy.

  3. Nigel Garrigan September 28, 2019 at 11:45 am #

    Interesting about Josh McEachran, particularly as we have 2 clones of him in Jensen and Norgaard, too slow, too inaccurate and too weak for the Championship. I feel sorry for our groundsman who will be the only guy in the league who has to re-line the centre circle and half way line after every game. That may be controversial, but look at the the ‘stats’ and the much “celebrated” embryonic 10 games in table which is only 2 games away. Barnsley should be pivotal – we’ll see.

  4. Nigel Garrigan September 28, 2019 at 11:54 am #

    Sorry Nick, as an after thought, for the last 2 seasons we’ve started the campaign without a left back for a variety of reasons, although Barbet did his best, we still suffered for that imbalance, this season no No.9, same result. Olly Watkins is doing his best, but he’s not a centre forward, and whose brilliant idea was it to loan Fords to Wimbledon? Does anybody actually plan anything on the playing front. Again I’m sure I’m being enormously unfair as just ‘Joe Blogs’ on the terrace, but the table doesn’t lie, and ineffective possession football never did get you goals.

    • nickbruzon September 28, 2019 at 4:43 pm #

      Let’s catch up again in two games time, Nigel. All valid points on your side but, for me, the ten game marker is the most telling. Late night Wednesday could be an interesting place…….

  5. Spanish Bee September 28, 2019 at 6:18 pm #

    Glad we agree about Madonna’s American Pie

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