Rovers use Bees for Turkey practice.

28 Nov

Oh well. In the end it makes no material difference beyond putting our push for a play-off spot back by a game. Brentford lost by the odd goal in one at Blackburn Rovers last night but, with other results largely going our way, The Bees are still in eighth place. Primary amongst them was West Bromwich Albion retaking top spot from Leeds United after their own home win against Bristol City. Whilst it would have been nice if some form of resistance had been offered to Nottingham Forest at Loftus Road, who doesn’t love seeing the not so ‘super-hoops’ on the wrong end of a 0-4 trashing? Ultimately, we are three points off top six with a visit from relegation threatened Luton Town to come on Saturday.

First things first, well played Blackburn Rovers. Their first half domination was rewarded with an early goal for Bradley Dack and from that point on it was a game of catch up. We couldn’t. You can understand the home fans’ appreciation of the finish. If Jota had performed miracles at Ewood Park a few season back, this one was much akin to that incredible effort. Playing out from the back, Rovers used Brentford as some sort of makeshift turkey. Putting in the practice ahead of December 25th as they carved us apart with all the finesse of a Masterchef contestant (Professionals rather than Celebrities). It was a break that must have had Thomas Frank tearing at his luxuriant hair, with pass and move being rewarded by Dack’s run into the box. 1-0. 11 minutes gone. Game over.

There was only one team in it over the first half and, sadly, it wasn’t The Bees. Given our lack of penetration and languid start, it could have been worse. At least there was promise on the bench with Josh Dasilva and Bryan Mbeumo having been dropped in place of Norgaard and Jan Zamburek respectively . The former a decision that could have gone either way – three into two of Norgaard, Jensen and Dasilva simply won’t go. The full debut of Zamburek somewhat of a surprise but, to be fair, one that has  been coming and is more than deserved based on performances off the bench so far. Moreso with that third game in eight days, the crucial visit of Luton Town, at the weekend. 

Both Mbeumo and Dasilva made it on to the pitch in the second period, a clear attempt to add impetus to a team that looked transformed following the half time talking to. Benrahma hit the woodwork early on with a magnificently struck free kick from the heart of Saunders’ territory. Pontus Jansson then saw a header cleared off the line. Surely the goal would come? Surely? Alas not. With Norgaard also coming close-ish, it was as far as Brentford got. Blackburn able to hang on to a 1-0 win that sees them climb further up the Championship table . Their 13th place a position aided by virtue of having less bad goal difference (-2) than the likes of Birmingham City, QPR and Derby County who all sit below them on the same 24 points. For Brentford, we remain on 27 but so tight is the table that the gap from QPR in 16th to Swansea in the play-offs is just 6 points. Talk about every point counting. Of taking every game as it comes. With so many teams so close, something has to give somewhere. The weekend fixtures are as intriguing as the midweek run we’ve just ‘enjoyed’.

There’s not really much more to say about this one. We’ve all seen it, somehow. Even the highlights are up now. Such as they are. We all know the stats and we can all read the table . Perhaps this is a game that will simply serve to be looked back on when we tell the story of how Brentford fared in our final season at Griffin Park.

Whether that story is one with a happy ending remains to be seen, of course. There’s nothing we can do to change yesterday’s result. Blackburn deserve the win by virtue of scoring the goal. For Brentford, its onwards and upwards. Next stop, Griffin Park. Next opponents, Luton Town.

See you there.    

Nick Bruzon

(below – the crucial moment)



5 Responses to “Rovers use Bees for Turkey practice.”

  1. Mark Hardy November 28, 2019 at 9:09 am #

    Wasn’t there – but are the BBC stats total cobblers Nick?
    Their full-time take was that possession was heavily in our favour again (37/63) and shots 7(4) / 13(3) – ‘on target’ in brackets.
    That we didn’t win seems to speak for itself…?.

    • nickbruzon November 28, 2019 at 1:37 pm #

      Full time, yes. First half we were most definitely under the cosh

  2. Brighton Bee November 28, 2019 at 12:07 pm #

    For me it was a case of Deja Vu last night. I thought we had left behind poor team selection, poor tactics, poor use of resources / substitutions, slow tortured build up etc etc Yet there we were again last night stepping backwards and losing against a team who lets be frank were ordinary to say the least. We appear to be short on quality resources which is a real question for the D of F. Re team selection why put pressure on the young players by playing them in a tough game on a Wednesday night in the rain / freezing cold at a ground we traditionally struggle? Why not wait until Saturday to change the team around? So a disappointing night, I hope Mr Frank gets us back on track against Luton!

    • David Carney November 28, 2019 at 2:15 pm #

      You can’t have it both ways.
      You stated Brentford played a team that were ordinary at best then immediately contradicted by complaining about playing young players in a tough game.
      Were Blackburn tough opposition or ordinary opposition in your view?
      There is plenty of quality at Brentford, so no need to question the D of F.
      A couple of Brentford shots could have snuck in, likewise with Blackburn attacks. The margins are wafer thin and the competition from every team is strong so unfortunately there will be a few losses on the way to the Premier League – and Brentford will get there in good financial condition, unlike many others.
      I for one am enjoying the good quality of football from Brentford and can take the losses on the chin, even though I would prefer losses not to happen.

  3. HerzyBee December 1, 2019 at 1:05 pm #

    Agree we didn’t play well, I think Frank has to accept that the four midfield players were a bit ‘identikit’ and we spent too much time crabbing about and although Rovers did press us hard and high for most of the game… our inability to recover from an early goal is cause for concern. Raya was unquestionably our MOM, we did have a cluster of chances late on and Rovers GK did well. We did however look more energised and direct when Josh D came on……

    We shouldn’t also not fail to mention Rovers ‘game management’ aka Shithousing…..constantly crowding the ref and delaying free kicks, not collecting the ball for throw-ins, (Bees players fetching the ball on several occasions) kicking the ball away after infringements…. and the goalkeeper….who must have burned 10 mins of match time… you know the stuff, throwing the ball too far at goal kicks, cleaning mud off boots, adjusting socks and laces etc etc… the match referee only addressed it after 80 mins… tactics fully endorsed by Mowbray who gestured to the (inactive) ball boys to sit down half way through the second half.

    Sour grapes? Well maybe, but it’s not a one off… he perpetrated the same time wasting antics at QPha a few weeks prior, right from the outset, as did the rest of the team…..let’s see if the ref allows the same shenanigans at GP on 22 Feb….. (observed in the stadium, not sofa) loyal 🐝

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