Victory would be huge but can we do it?

7 Dec

Here’s the good news. Win today and Brentford will go into the top six, regardless of other results. Victory at Sheffield Wednesday means we would overtake fourth-placed Nottingham Forest, who sit just three points ahead of the Bees following their own draw at Millwall last night, regardless of other results. Here’s the bad news. We’re at Sheffield Wednesday. Hillsborough has been somewhat of a bogey ground for us in recent seasons, losing four out of the last five played  from of our recent visits. The sole victory coming in 2017, courtesy of goals from John Egan and Harlee Dean. Yet with confidence high following the annihilation of Luton Town last week, we have to go into this one with our tails up.


Brentford celebrated 7 (seven) times on Saturday

Besides, past form counts for nothing. So we may have found this fixture a tricky one historically but this team is now one that is on fire. They have the taste for goals, even prior to last weekend’s 7(seven) goal bracketing of Luton, whilst recent away games have seen us banish the alleged jinx of the chocolate and orange back to the rumour mill from which it emanated last season. 3-0 at Wigan. 3-0 at Swansea. 3-1 at QPR. I forget what happened at Blackburn the other night but we have, mostly, being picking up the points in emphatic style. Could there be more of the same to come today?

Well, the BBC stat page (for once not focussing on the number of non-English players we’ve used – thanks for that helpful insight) give us the good news that regular thorn in our side Fernando Forestieri will be missing . This is a bonus for Brentford and just one of several absences for the hosts. Wednesday’s last three home games have all ended as draws and whilst a point may be sufficient to take us in to that hallowed top six, you can bet Thomas Frank will have the scent of blood in his nostrils.

Last Saturday against Luton Town was about as complete a performance as we’ve had the privilege of watching. It was immense from start to finish. The Hatters may, in part, have been the architects of their own demise but you can only play who you are up against. Josh Dasilva’s hat-trick included that blockbuster from outside the box and the tightest of finishes on the angle. The ball from Said Benrahma to sit that up was about as filthy as they come. Yet for me, Clive, Mathias Jensen had the goal of the game. A cool head and clever positioning allowed him to stroke the ball straight through a defender’s legs with slide rule precision for our third. You’ve seen it. You know. Laser guided brilliance.


Mathias and Josh celebrate

That was then. This is now. We know the chance that awaits us if we can do this . Brentford have had similar opportunities in the last two games. Then, though, victory also required other results to go our way in order to hit the top six. Against Blackburn we got the ‘other results’ but not much else. When Luton came to Griffin Park it was the opposite. Now, thanks to Millwall (not often one can say that) holding Forest last night, destiny is in our hands. The stage is set. Will Thomas Frank’s boys fluff their lines or are we going to give them a standing ovation?

The heart says that we’re flying and more of the same will come. The head says that this is going to be a tough afternoon. Don’t forget that Wednesday are only a single point behind us in the table. Their incentive to get back into the mix will be just as great as ours. If not more, given as they’ll be playing in front of their own fans in their former home. Owner Dejphon Chansiri holding the keys to Hillsborough these days after buying it from the club for £60million. Misconduct? Sounds fine to me. Good luck with that counter claim against the EFL. 

Perhaps all that nonsense is just what we need. An unnecessary distraction for the visitors at a time that the Bees need everything going for them if we are to really turn the screw on our divisional rivals. Not being funny, I’d be happy to come out of this with a point and no injuries ahead of the midweek visit from Cardiff. You can bet your bottom dollar that the team will be thinking otherwise. Win or bust will, I am sure, be the mentality.

I can’t wait for this one. Bring it on ! 

Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 07.24.21

The BBC show the state of play , as it stands..

Nick Bruzon



5 Responses to “Victory would be huge but can we do it?”

  1. Martin west December 7, 2019 at 8:36 am #

    Hi Nick, I tend to be a pessimist when it comes to our results, having been a fan 59 years my expectations have been crushed too many times. I agree the past should have no bearing on today so here’s to looking at a glass half full for a change. Also this team of exciting players know nothing of our past and continue to excel. Like you I worry about injuries as the bench although very promising is lacking in experience.come on bees consign the past to room 101 and make a brighter future.

    • nickbruzon December 7, 2019 at 9:58 am #

      Well said!!! Here’s to another stab at the top six with our new breed of super-confident Bees. Roll on kick-off

  2. Andy S December 7, 2019 at 11:01 am #

    Another great article, Nick. Just a quick fact check, as they’re quite popular at the moment, Millwall was at home. I’m sure you meant to mention the fantastic 3:1 away at that lot in W12 who are tumbling towards relegation under the breadman!

    • nickbruzon December 7, 2019 at 1:27 pm #

      Very much appreciated. Think I had Millwall on the brain. Meant qpr . Updated accordingly.

  3. David Carney December 7, 2019 at 12:43 pm #

    Oh dear, oh dear, so little faith, so much criticism and oh so much lack of confidence. If people (supporters?) really want to look back on history as a guide, then why not dwell on the wonderful years of Harry Curtis at Grifin Park as a comparison. The parallels are there, he came to a team that struggled for years (as did Benham), he bought new vision (as did Benham), he had an eye for identifying new talent (as does Benham), he created a new team (as has Benham), he dared to dream (as does Benham) and he led Brentford to become one of the top tems in the Country (as Benham plans to do).
    What is wrong with so many Brentford supporters who see the future developing in front of their very own, eyes, yet still fail to grasp the reality of what is happening at Brentford.
    Why are so many Brentford supporters afraid of success? It makes no sense and about time that broken record was discarded for the very bright future of Brentford that has been happening for the past few years.
    So quick to criticise, yet so slow to recognise success.

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