Who will tear who apart? Why tonight will be epic.

11 Feb

This is it. This is the latest ‘big one’. Leeds United face their cup final. A trip to Griffin Park to take on a rampant Brentford team. The visitors wobbling and on the ropes after seeing their double figure lead over the play-off pack slowly eroded away to the point where defeat tonight will see them removed from the automatic spots. A result that, if Charlton can somehow avoid defeat at Nottingham Forest, will have the added bonus of seeing the Bees take second place.


Brentford – rampant

That’s one way of looking at things, of course. Absolutely we’re full of optimism and rightly so. Saturday against Middlesbrough saw more of that ‘never say die’ spirit . The much touted attacking trio helping to make it eight goals from the last two Championship fixtures. If the BMW are making all the headlines for Brentford, our visitors are having theirs written by a horrific run of form that has seen them hit the self-destruct button once more. 

Leeds. Leeds are falling apart. Again. 

We all know the words. We all know why. Just two wins out of the last ten games will do that to you. Yet to underestimate them would be the cardinal sin. The ultimate error. Anything less than 100% focus on the game being played out in front of us rather than the reputation or the situation could prove fatal. So of course we’ll be behind the team. Of course we’ll be singing ‘that’ song – this is football and any cheap shots are, of course, going to be taken.


But don’t expect this to be any form of foregone conclusion.

Leeds United are giants. A huge club. One that should be in the Premier league. Massive crowds week in, week out. One time European trophy winners. Champions of England back in the day. We’re just tinpot interlopers. A pub side. A bus stop. Imagine a team like Brentford having the temerity to challenge their divine right to promotion? A team that takes the notion of success and top flight residence being intrinsically linked, screws it up into a little ball and then kicks it firmly into touch. Or, rather, the back of the net.

They’ll be up for this tonight. More, possibly, than any game in recent weeks. A chance to reinstate what their fans consider to be the natural order of things rather than face the ultimate indignity. And this is where Headless Bee absolutely nailed things on Twitter last night, noting: 

I see tomorrow as one hell of a test, Yes Leeds are having a dodgy patch, but if anyone thinks this is a given is in for a shock, a team very much like us with a very good defence, they’re 2nd.

Probably end to end, the team and us need to be absolutely on it.   

Yes, we do need to be on it. We need to not think that this is any form of foregone conclusion. Bielsa is a genius. A king of psychology. Of ripping up the rule book. Of tactical brilliance. A tracksuited demi-god overseeing a once mighty empire and doing his level best to reinstate this to the, perhaps unattainable, heights demanded by his followers. Underestimate him at your peril. But I’d say the same to him and to Leeds United about Brentford. 

Thomas Frank was in fine form during yesterday’s press conference . Respectful but positive, he summed up the current mindset nicely: “We definitely have more momentum than Leeds right now. Everyone knows how much I respect Marcelo Bielsa and what he has done to build up Leeds as a club and as a team but they couldn’t pick a worse place to play Tuesday night”


Thomas remains full of positivity

That’s not arrogance. That’s a fact. Griffin Park under lights is an incredible place to play football. Packed to the rafters with fans on top of the pitch, it’ll be a cauldron of passion.

Size isn’t everything but more what you do with it. Expect this one to be noisy. Exuberant. Especially when we have the free hit of ‘that’ song. 

Whilst it would be foolish for anyone in TW8 to presume that three points are in the bag already, by the same virtue Leeds have to expect us to go for it. They can’t believe we’ll just step aside and defer to their reputation. They are trying to arrest the decline and restore the natural order but we have momentum and incentive on our side. It has all the ingredients of a thriller.

With Pontus Jansson now close to recovery, he’ll be as desperate to be involved as we are. I don’t envy Thomas Frank that decision. Ethan Pinnock is as permanent a fixture as they come whilst Julian Jeanvier added to his impressive form with the opening goal on Saturday. Stick with the winning team or pick your inspirational captain?  

I can’t wait to find out. Then again, I can’t wait for this one. The one thing you can be sure of is that tonight will be epic.

7.45pm can’t come soon enough. 9.30pm could be incredible. See you there.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 06.16.59

Could Pontus be back tonight?

Nick Bruzon  


9 Responses to “Who will tear who apart? Why tonight will be epic.”

  1. David McMullan February 11, 2020 at 6:56 am #

    Well written and fair .. Whets the appetite but remember Leeds have played some wonderful football in this dreadful run of results… MOT

    • Martin west February 11, 2020 at 7:35 am #

      That’s right David they have a tremendous amount of possession and shots on goal.they will be a handful and being a pessimist of the highest order I’m worried
      As Nick rightly says the only statistic that matters is in the goal column. Be still my shaking heart,arms and feet,let’s get the job done

  2. Adam D February 11, 2020 at 7:41 am #

    It’s 90+1, the scores are tied at 0-0, Brentford win a dodgy penalty facing the away fans after Leeds force us to kick off into the Ealing Road, Pontus Jansson picks up the ball places it on the spot, hands on hips… he smashes the ball straight down the middle and the stadium erupts.

    Leeds… Leeds are falling apart. Again.

    (but please, let’s win this one before it comes to stoppage time!)

  3. BORU February 11, 2020 at 10:18 pm #

    Leeds classy, outplayed BFC; really suppressed BFC, who never got out of first gear in the attacking department.
    Leeds, every pass completed, every Brentford pass, or clearance, mopped up by Leeds. Apart from Noorgaard’s shot and he is no goalscorer, the opportunism of Benrhama, the only show of attacking flair. He is getting a little embarrassing with the t-shirt stuff, time to move on. He should have let a left footer take the free kick, he’s getting a bit too entitled.

    Another Raya blunder, they are creeping in at a crucial part of the season and his distribution was falling to Leeds too many times, or going straight out of play.
    De Silva, poor, ducking out of tackles, again. Jensen looked overwhelmed.

    Ethan Pinnock, a great game; the desperate defensive effort tonight, saved the loss. Lots of errors by Dalsgaard, particularly poor in his throw-ins, but he did enough defensively.
    Emilio, I was rooting for him, when he came on, but apart from a touch or two and a defensive assist for Dalsgaard, couldn’t get into the game.

    Let’s hope the Lions play a lot better than Sunday’s debacle, tomorrow.

    • nickbruzon February 11, 2020 at 11:08 pm #

      Wonderful fishing rod, Brian. Were you actually there tonight? Leeds played well but you overlook now,crucial, factor – they failed to beat us. The second best team in the division and the tinpot, bus stop team held them. Despite playing well below our potential

  4. BORU February 11, 2020 at 11:53 pm #

    I wrote an honest assessment of the game, which (I didn’t) enjoy, on Sky
    I’m sure that you have read the GPG comments, on tonight’s performance and they largely reflect what I have concluded about the game.

    • nickbruzon February 12, 2020 at 7:05 am #

      I don’t read the GPG but prefer to make up my own mind. Thanks very much

  5. BORU February 12, 2020 at 11:26 am #

    So I hear you, Nick, to paraphrase your stance -“I am the (self-appointed) bfc super-groupie ;I’m NOT listening, your not agreeing with me, so, nerrrh!”

    • nickbruzon February 12, 2020 at 7:39 pm #

      No – I am a self-appointed blogger who has taken the time and effort over the years to track and trace our fortunes whilst attempting (Arguably with mixed results) to entertain. I agree with many people ; disagree with others .
      At the same time, I’m here for enjoyment. For fun. CAn’t understand why certain individuals – including you – seem to take pleasure from wallowing in self- sought misery and a glass half-empty perspective. My word – what do you ACTUALLY want? Three points every game? Anything less being some sort of melancholy downer and cause to sack the board. It’s real football ; not FIFA.
      You don’t like what I say – fair enough. But don’t then come on here and moan at me, slag me off, take cheap shots. Then get the shits when you are called out – again. Nobody forced you to read it. IF you don’t like it then I’m sure there’s a Fulham site that would take you with open arms

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