Thomas and Trevor play the opposition like a fiddle. No pressure, Leeds….

9 Jul

What else can we say? The shockwaves from a quite magnificent win for Brentford over Charlton Athletic on Tuesday are still rumbling. Not so much about the strength of character and barrel load of guts shown by the team but more due to the predictable yet always brilliant reaction from Leeds United supporters. This time, in regards to Thomas Frank and his whiteboard. And if they were feeling the pressure after that, I daren’t even look at social media following yesterday’s win for West Bromwich Albion against Wayne Rooney’s Derby County. The stress levels in Yorkshire when Stoke City visit tonight could be immense.

There was no column yesterday. A relief for many, no doubt. This was for no more a reason than needing to catch up on some sleep after what had been a brutal yet ultimately exciting evening in front of the telly. Charlton got the early goal – our first conceded sine Joe Ralls found the net for Cardiff City in February (and just pause to think how far back that was)  –  then put down the shutters. The game managed beautifully by The Addicks and Brentford seeing all attempts at creativity stifled. Half time coming and going before we knew what had happened. The clock moving ever onward and the mood in the Midlands getting lighter by the second. And then came the moment which hanged the game. THAT hydration break…..

With games now interrupted for players to take on water at the midway point, Thomas Frank seized his moment. Along with the water bottles, out came his whiteboard and magnets. With the players taking on fluids, an impromptu review of tactics played out in front of our eyes. I say tactics, it could just as easily been an attempt to figure out the seating plan for the coach trip to Derby or decide who was going to take Ian Moose his full time snacks. Who knows what was said… 😉


And it was this that sent the Leeds United fans off the deep end. Twitter was awash with salty tears, cries of foul play, shouts of tin-pottery and a swathe of accusations that our head coach was somehow cheating. Hello Mr Kettle. Is somebody feeling the stress? With Brentford sitting just three points behind the Elland Road outfit and four to play, their game at home to relegation threatened Stoke City this evening will be absolutely huge.

The GPG have since released what they believe to be a transcript of the conversation that played out. If you haven’t seen it (surely everyone has) then it is below. And if you have, then watch it again. Quite magnificent. Great work Trevor and symptomatic of how much we are enjoying the wave of pressure that others seems to be struggling with at the business end of the table.

Yet whatever it was that Thomas did say had the desired effect. Man of the match (I presume) Josh Dasilva  creating mayhem down the right. Benrahma coming closer and closer with each attempt on goal before he was eventually felled in the box, picked himself up and made it 1-1 with a quarter hour to go. From that point on there was only one winner. Josh Dasilva saw a shot from distance bounce clear off the top corner as the Bees pushed on. Eventually, Ethan Pinnock grabbing the decisive goal with five minutes to go. A corner taken short (not a typo) was whipped in and rather than provide his customary assist, he went one better and steer it past the ‘keeper with a fine header. Oh. My.

It was a victory achieved in the toughest of circumstances abasing opponents who played a first class game and cause so close to themselves securing at least one point. Charlton gave it their best and will presumably remain safe. A win for Stoke City this evening probably the last thing they’ll be hoping for. 

In the end Derby County were unable to do us, or themselves, any favours last night. West Bromwich Albion swept them aside with all the ease of Ian Moose reaching for a slice of cake at half-time. The Rams at least offering hope ahead of our own visit to Pride Park on Saturday in their looking totally inept .

That, a game I’m dreading for no more reason than Thomas Frank has this morning been nominated for June’s manager of the month award. With Brentford boasting that 100% win record   and cleaner sheets than Danny Baker doing his doorstep challenge, he’ll be doing well to miss out on this one. And we all know what happens next time out should a manager scoop the award.

Then again, we beat the curse of Clem against Wigan Athletic. What’s to say that, should he triumph, we can’t beat this one either? The way Brentford are playing at the moment, nothing would surprise me.

The one thing we can be sure of is that Derby can’t possibly be as anonymous as they were last night. With the play-offs still in their sights, this is going to take everything we’ve got. And I can’t wait. Bring it on.

See you on the couch this Saturday.

Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 06.22.06

Trevor (and Thomas) play Leeds’ fans like a fiddle

Nick Bruzon


4 Responses to “Thomas and Trevor play the opposition like a fiddle. No pressure, Leeds….”

  1. David Carney July 9, 2020 at 7:51 am #

    who cares for one moment what Leeds supporters think. If they were confident of the ability of their team to gain promotion there would be no comments. It seems to me that Brentford supporters are focussed upon Brentford, will be disappointed if the Promised Land is not achieved this season, but will not blame anyone else if that is not achieved, we will all be happy and look forward to going one better next season with a team that will be even better than his season. We are not part of a melodrama, we are part of a very competitive Football competition where every mistake is punished to the full, as it should be.
    I always take criticism of opposition supporters as a compliment, so to all the whingers from Leeds and anywhere else, thank you for recognising how good and competitive Brentford is.

  2. ROY BOLTER July 9, 2020 at 8:18 am #

    Will Leeds get out the tactic board tonight and copy Little old Brentford

  3. Rod Davidson July 9, 2020 at 9:40 am #

    It must be tough for Leeds supporters bearing in mind how they have imploded before.
    But don’t worry! Brentford don’t really mean to play brilliant football just to upset you.
    They’re are doing the best they can to calm the nerves of Leeds supporters by keeping a low profile.
    You see we all want Leeds to do well at the expense of every other club in the Championship, and worry for you constantly.
    Keep strong and be brave !
    If you need professional assistance you can phone the Brentford Helpline where I’m sure you can get some FRANK advice.
    Best Wishes,
    Care in the Community.

    • Martin west July 9, 2020 at 10:33 am #

      Very funny Rod and accurate. Their latest sense of outrage at Thomas using a chart, calling for the EFL to look into it. With some miscevious fellows calling for points deduction. I don’t know if there are any rules in place but where does it lead, coaches talk tactics to players even producing I pads. Enough of that rubbish, the last thing we needed against Charlton was an early goal and for them to park the bus they didn’t do it to the extent of Forest, only the goalie strolling around gathering the ball. Being the pessimist I am I was expecting the worst. Hope we manage automatic promotion because I’d hate the thought of the play-offs, and having to hear all statistics thrown at us. Starting to feel anxious already, wheres me tablets!!

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