Some humble pie for our Christmas puddings. What a way to show them three fingers.

27 Dec

It’s one thing doing it in front if your fans at Brentford against Blackburn Rovers (yes, we did have supporters allowed in for that brief moment!) but can you do it in Cardiff on a wet and windy Boxing Day afternoon with no support? The answer was an emphatic YES. Not once, not twice but three times as Sergi Canos fired home a sensational second-half hat-trick to secure the points for the Bees. Each goal was class. Each goal knocking a further nail in the coffin of the social media haters who’ve spent the last few months talking sh8t about, and to, a player who had been feeling his way back from that horrific injury picked up at Forest last season. With Bournemouth next up (one of the few teams still above us) the excitement can only continue.

Sticking three fingers up to the critics? Official shared this one at full-time

Brentford are now 15 unbeaten in all competitions. One point off second placed Swansea City. A squad carefully negotiating their way through December’s fixture pile up that has also seen us reach the semi-finals of the league cup. We’re five points better off than this time last season (a game also marked by a defeat of Cardiff City) and have the Championship’s leading goal scorer. It all makes somewhat of a mockery of the Frank Out nonsense  – something which, like the Sergi bile – had been emanating from the same sources and had gone equally quiet yesterday. Even if the picking of Marcondes and non-selection of Tarique Fosu and Josh Dasilva caused certain supporters’ little brains to fuse. My word, its almost as if having to play two games a week for 7 (seven) weeks might cause individuals to need a rest.

It could have been different, of course. A first half which was as brutal as the weather ended in a storm of angst. With no shots having been recorded on target, Will Vaulks changed that from inside his own half. A hoof up pitch – caught perfectly, to be fair – turned from speculation to part Nayim, part Paul Evans with a dash of David Beckham thrown in for good measure. David Raya could only back pedal but, alas, not furiously enough (is there any other way to back pedal?)  as the ball sailed over his head and into the back of the net. Urghhh. Groan. Your exclamation of despair may vary.

He caught it well

As the players trooped off and supporters hit the fridge for refreshment, the feeling of a dire second-half to come was overwhelming. We’re talking about a Neil Harris team. A side sure to set out their stall and carry on grinding it out as they had in the first. What we got , instead, was the Canos show.

His first came just minutes in and was about as incredible as they come. If Vaulks was all about the length, Sergi’s proved that technique and placement is just as important when summoning up the spectacular. With his initial shot bouncing back into play he caught it once more as the ball fell out of the sky , almost on top of him. Yet, somehow, the Spaniard was able to angle his body to catch it first time and return straight back from where it came with interest. A rising, then dipping volley that cleared the defence and the goalkeeper to level the scores. This sweetest of strikes, from outside the box, with a trajectory to send Vaulk’s earlier effort into the back of next week.

eye on the ball.. eye on the ball.. eye on the b… BOOM

It got better, though. Little over an hour gone and we were ahead. The Spaniard picking up the ball ion the left and waltzing through the Cardiff backline. Beating defenders with abandon and waiting to pick his moment before firing low into the bottom corner. 2-1 Brentford. Different technique, same class. Something Thomas Frank would describe at full time as, “Another wonder goal, while the third one was maybe a cross but don’t tell anyone”.

Yes, the third. Well it looked pretty good to me. If that was meant as a cross then all well and good. Perhaps. But it ended up in the back of the net and they all count. Due reward for a player who had been on fire. Not just these three but several other efforts that could easily have seen Sergi surpassing ‘that’ Mike Grella performance against BournemouthInstead, he’ll need to be content with the ‘praise’ from those who had previously been slating him. Destroying him. Abusing him. What a response to those pudding brained fools. Again!

For Canos, a half-hour hat-trick earned in the toughest of conditions. Not just the weather but the brutal approach of Cardiff who resorted to predicted type. Vitaly Janelt in particular being targeted for cynical assault. IF you can’t win fair, win foul being the mantra. Yet not even that worked, despite a late consolation goal via a wicked deflection that left things close for the final fifteen. Yet there was to be no collapse. No throwing away of points. A steely defence, bolstered by the return of Pontus Jansson, doing their thing in style to close out the game. The clock further run down with late, late substitutions . Marcus Forss and Josh stretching their legs. Both sure to be used for longer when Bournemouth visit on Wednesday.

All that’s to come. For today, Sunday morning, one can only admire the drive and determination from not just serge but the entire team. This was a hard fought win, no question.  You could see from the smiles at full time and the celebrations in the dressing room just what this one meant. My word, its almost like Thomas actually knows what he’s doing. Like having a strong squad to pick from and showing faith in his players is a sound tactic. Who’d have thought it? Thank goodness he, not social media, are the ones picking the team and the tactics. Fifteen unbeaten a spectacular run that will see one of its toughest tests on Wednesday. A real six-pointer in the ongoing pursuit of a place at the top of the table. Brentford are flying and I can’t wait for this one.

Until then, though, perhaps let’s just watch those goals once more…….

Nick Bruzon

5 Responses to “Some humble pie for our Christmas puddings. What a way to show them three fingers.”

  1. Rod Davidson December 27, 2020 at 12:45 pm #

    Well done Brentford and in particular Sergi Canos.
    What a transformation. From looking like a lost sole in recent times he is now creating doubt panic and fear in opposition defences.
    So what has gone on here ? Has his confidence suddenly come back, or is it more to do with the training routines he’s been put through by Thomas Frank and the back room staff.
    I can remember Toumani Diagoura reinventing himself after a loan spell at Portsmouth.
    But I can also remember players who were ‘never the same again’ particularly after a serious injury either at Brentford and on the wider stage. Scott Hogan comes to mind.
    Thomas has said that Sergi is the fittest he has ever been, and that seems evident watching him drive past defenders with ease. His indecision seems to have disappeared and he is now picking a pass and linking up play in a decisive way.
    The cleverness of this, is that the perseverance of all concerned, has given us back a player who is a real asset.
    I wonder whether I would have had the strength of mind to persevere as Sergi and others have done.

  2. Eddie Hutchinson December 28, 2020 at 1:58 am #

    The way Sergi backtracked a few yards and arced his body while keeping his eyes on the rebound before arrowing his first goal was just first class.

    • nickbruzon December 28, 2020 at 7:40 pm #

      Incredible!! Wasn’t it? We’ve always loved Sergi in our house but to see him doing this just amazing

  3. David Carney December 28, 2020 at 6:17 am #

    Self confidence and success, both individually as as a group is infectious, just as lack of self confidence is to an enormously damaging extent.
    That Canos is back to where he was and probably better is just wonderful, but that, to me, is just the tip of the story. We all know the loss of two of the Championships best players and play off failure was potentially damaging. But despite adversity every player and non playing member has stepped up. Marcondes has finally found his self confidence, Mbeumo is over Covic and fit again, Dasilva has grown in stature, Janelt has been a revelation, Jansson has been the glue and everyone else has more than contributed. The arrival of Toney, his exuberance and self confidence both in attack and defence has had an impact I am certain.
    So, my take is that the return of Canos, in itself wonderful, is more a reflection on what is happening with very player in the team wearing the red and white stripes.
    Abetter position than last year, every position covered aplenty, and only just starting to demonstrate the real class that is Brentford of 2020/21.
    Well done Canos, well done everyone, thank you Benham.

  4. Keith Matthews December 28, 2020 at 7:21 pm #

    Good report Nick!
    I couldn’t agree more!
    I am a life long Bees fan living near Stuttgart, Germany!
    Let us hope that this year is finally our year!
    Happy New Year to all Bees fans!

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