Glenn’s twoddle ruins an otherwise wonderful afternoon of football.

25 Jan

The losing I can take. First and foremost, congratulations to Leicester City. Worthy winners in the FA Cup fourth round with plenty of gas in the tank to really take things to the next level when they were needed the second half. For forty five minutes Brentford had it in our grasp but, as with Swansea City a few season back, the half time cuppas worked wonders and a 1-0 lead dissolved quicker than the snow which had carpeted the pitch prior to kick off. That weather suggesting we may need to crack out the orange ball and the extra long studs. Alas not. We were stuck with the yellow variant  (ball, not snow) and the possible leveller of inclement conditions disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. As did our cup dreams. Next up, a game with Brighton for the Foxes. For Brentford, we are now free to concentrate on the league (sorry, I’m too tired ) and that starts on Wednesday evening at the Liberty Stadium where there’s that huge showdown with second placed Swansea.

Snow had been falling hours before kick off.

As for the cup, well Thomas mixed things up as predicted. A team that included Mads Roerslev and Fin Stevens at full backs along with Jan Zamburek in midfield took an early lead against equally changed opponents. Mads Bech Sørensen on hand to stab home a corner after just 6 minutes had passed. Dreamland for Brentford. A nightmare for Leicester City who, despite the lion’s share of first half possession can perhaps count themselves lucky to have only gone in one down based on chances created. Then again, with the Bees defence being stretched in the build up and Ethan Pinnock having to pull us together, the warning signs were there. Sure enough, the inevitable happened.

Ünder restored parity in, err, less than a minute. Perez cam close and again. Then Fosu was was adjudged to have tripped up Tielemans in the box. He picked himself up and there was no mistake from the spot. Within the space of six short minutes the lead had changed and Leicester were in the driving seat. Any hope of salvaging something was put paid to by James Maddison leaving us to play out the last tweet minutes or so two goals down and against a team who only got stronger as their bench players came on for a run out. Game over, man. Game over.  Well played Leicester City – they really did look strong and what a way to step it up when needed. Good luck Brighton in the next round.

For Brentford, it had looked so good for a while but in the end was too much of a mountain to climb. No complaints, on pitch. We’ve more than had our share of fun in the cups this season. Of testing ourselves against opposition from the higher division. Off it, we had one major problem. That of Glenn Hoddle. My word, he spouts guff. The most annoying thing from BT since they replaced Busby with the ‘flatmates’. The flatmates that , I’m pretty sure from memory, used identity fraud as means of promoting the internet when the Simon ‘character’ tried online dating…. “He’s reeling one in“.

The BT flatmates. Remember them? Hopefully not.

What a load of clichéd nonsense that man spouts. Glenn, rather than Simon. (ahh, hello Mr. Pot. Irony is alive and well on these pages).  Amongst other things we discovered, several times, that :

Jamie Vardy isn’t playing.

It had been snowing (and there was still some on the pitch).

Brentford have beaten four Premier league teams this season.

Brentford lost to Spurs in the league cup semi-final.

We do clever recruitment.

We might have been playing this as a league match had it not been for something last season.

Both sides like playing decent football.

Yet the coup de grâce was saved for the fact that Brentford were, apparently, taking a risk by pushing up at set pieces. If Glenn mentioned it once he mentioned it a hundred times. In the end, domestic salvation came from our Harry. He’s only 7(seven) but still knows when enough is enough. 

Glenn: Brentford taking a risk here. If Jamie Vardy was playing….

Harry : but he isn’t.

And with that, sanity was restored. Kind of. We’re out of the cup but no tears here. The quest for the W place in North London has been fun whilst it lasted but is now over. Let’s hope we don’t need to make a third attempt later on in the campaign. Getting three points as Swansea on Wednesday would be a huge step in that journey. It won’t be easy but I can’t wait to find out how we go…..

Nick Bruzon 


9 Responses to “Glenn’s twoddle ruins an otherwise wonderful afternoon of football.”

  1. Rob January 25, 2021 at 9:11 am #

    I have to say he annoyed me too. That Zamburek tackle where he was adjudged to have gone over the top of the ball and got a yellow card, Glenn was saying yes that was a foul (looked good to me), then in the second half Soyoncu two footed lunge on Canos where he took the ball and player, Glenn saying Ahh yes, good tackle, Don’t know why Canos is limping.
    And it was all Leicester this and Leicester that.
    Like you, I’m not bitter. I was impressed with Leicester how they upped the tempo and they looked a top side with Maddison at his Imperial best, but come on, the commentary was a bit sycophantic towards Leicester I felt.

    • Anne Coombes January 25, 2021 at 10:40 am #

      I do sympathise. As an LCFC supporter I make exactly the same complaints about the commentary whenever we are playing one of the so called big six teams. Quite honestly I think the TV coverage should be set-up so that one could choose to listen to completely biased commentary just like one hears on local radio. And don’t get me started on long shots of managers while the game is going on in the background.

  2. Arise Sir Vardy January 25, 2021 at 10:25 am #

    All very true but you missed one, his constant use of the word “them” when it should be “those”.

    • Peter H January 25, 2021 at 11:28 am #

      I agree with Nick’s comments on deserved win by Leicester (young Harry will sadly have to put his foil cup away for another year)

      The Radio 5 commentators were clear however that the penalty would have been reversed if there had been VAR and Zamburek’s tackle was good unlike the dreadful two footed tackle by Leicster player.

    • Rob January 25, 2021 at 1:38 pm #

      🙂 very true! He’s a reasonably intelligent man, like Frank Lampard, yet struggle with basic grammar, and to say anything note worthy or insightful.
      Anyway, well played to you. Enjoyed the game, enjoyed watching our young guns, Maddison showing his quality, and Robbie Savage looking forlorn at half time!

      • Martin O'Brien January 26, 2021 at 12:53 pm #

        Struggles with basic grammar

  3. Lichfieldbee January 25, 2021 at 12:16 pm #

    And that’s why I won’t pay out good money for BT sport.
    I listened to the game on Radio 5 Live and they were quite balanced with their coverage although they did mention “if Vardy was playing” once

  4. martynwilsoncopywriter January 25, 2021 at 5:18 pm #

    I’m a Leicester City fan, and I entirely agree with your comments. It’s an unfortunately fact of life that modern TV commentators have an irresistible urge to talk all the time, and let’s face it, there is only so much that is worth saying during a match.

    My big moan is when commentators spout a load of meaningless statistics (“This is the fifth time that Brentford have played Leicester in the FA Cup, but the first at this wonderful new Brentford Community Stadium. The first game was in….” To be honest, who gives a flying one?)

    One side effect of this is that when commentators have an original thought, they repeat it endlessly. Holy Hoddle picked up on the fact that to begin with the Brentford full back Stevens was being pulled out of position and he must have said this about five times in the first 15 minutes.

    Anyway, as you say, it was a good game and I hope Brentford get promoted this season.

    • nickbruzon January 25, 2021 at 9:56 pm #

      Appreciated. Here’s to next season. The rest of this one could be fun though. For both of us…

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