Bees keeper puts in killer performance as strikers blitz Boro’.

7 Feb

Where to even begin ? How about in my bed? Don’t turn away – it’s not like that. Genuinely, I woke in the middle of the night from a terrible dream. Fate had conspired to see us in the play-off final once more. We were playing Fulham once more. For reasons unknown our opponents had rocked up wearing Sumo suits so we couldn’t get near them. Keith Stroud choosing to ignore this flagrant breach of the rules. Despite the score being 2-2 with half an hour left, they then started scoring goals. 3-2. 4-2. Ten minutes to go, somebody changed channels and I woke with a jolt. I never found out if we won or otherwise. Whether the team was broken up after a second successive defeat at the W place. Yet what I will take from it was that it was horribly vivid. Felt devastatingly real. A combination of last season and that game at the Millennium rolled in to one. Thankfully, it was nothing more than nonsense. The yin to a quite incredible yang of our 4-1 win at Middlesbrough. Three points which see us leapfrog Swansea City and offered the opportunity of topping the table. Victory against Reading on Wednesday night, our game in hand, will see us overtake Norwich City at the summit. Cripes, this is getting exciting. 

It certainly was

Yet if anything, that dream has reminded me that settling for the play-offs is not an option this time around. I can’t go through that again and, the way this team are playing, I don’t think we’ll need to. That’s now 20 games unbeaten and one of the biggest potato skins on the calendar, Middlesbrough away, has been negotiated. Not only negotiated but sliced into the air and volleyed into the recycling bin. Brentford were immense. Magnificent. About as devastating as we get. Quite honestly, it could have been brackets. 4-1 doesn’t begin to even tell half the story of a game that was about as poles apart form that awful 0-0 at Lionel Road as it is possible to be.

If nothing else, how often do you see a 2 goal striker (Ivan Toney with another brace) in a scoreline of this magnitude miss out on Man Of The Match to the winning team’s goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who, move along nothing to see here, made a rare slip to gift our hosts a third minute own goal? It could have been curtains for Brentford yet just like the game with Bristol City during the week, it only served to inspire us. What came next was about as brilliant as it has been all campaign. 

Brentford pushed up. As did Middlesbrough, to be fair. Both teams going for broke and David Raya, having got whatever it was out of his system, playing just about the best game we’ve seen him have for The Bees. Brilliance and bravery in equal measure. Bolasie amongst those thwarted before Ivan Toney eventually levelled things up on 38. The goal had been coming and Tariqe Fosu was in no way offside – it was marginal, ok – as he took the ball from Ivan, cut down the flank and returned it into the box for the simplest of tap ins. Simple , of course, if you are on this sort of form. 

1-1 and Brentford on top. Another goal was imminent although it was Middlesbrough who should have had it. A point blank double save by Raya from Britt Assombalonga and then George Saville underlining the sort of game our number 1 was having. The net should have been rippling. Neil Warnock should have been hugging his assistant in delight. Thankfully for all of us, not least the assistant, we were spared that sight by the sheer, unadulterated brilliance from the Bees’ ‘keeper. He had no right to get even half-way close yet pulled it off. The goal intact, unlike his own more delicate parts. A very painful looking boot to the groin area the price to pay for keeping us alive. Ouch!!!

“PS: that hurt” – not my words but those of David Raya when he published this photo

Half-time couldn’t come quick enough. A chance to regroup. To dry off from the biblical downpour. To massage the more tender spots. To decide which way we would approach the second half. At full pelt was the answer. Just as we’d done against Wycombe and Bristol City, it was back out and fly at the opposition. With Raya pulling off his one man heroics whenever they had a sniff it gave us that belief to keep going for it. And what a way to do so.

Vitaly Janelt made it 2-1 on 58. A shot from the edge of the box so telegraphed that we were already shouting ‘Gooooallll’ before it even reached him. Ivan Toney teeing it up so beautifully that it looked like something out of a video game. The finish was equal to it. Hard and true to the bottom corner. My word. What a strike. What goal. What a team. He buried it with all the finesse of an undertaker. Bettinelli in nets left for dead. 

2-1 became 3-1 minutes later. This time it was Matthias Jensen who capitalised on a slip and raced clear from half-way. Brentford were 3 on 1 yet, if anything, he had too much time. What to do? Pass or continue? Shoot or round the keeper? He went with the later and despite defenders rushing back, there was no mistake made. It was cool as you like and one of the hardest of chances to take. I really thought he was going to Clayton it. Much as we absolutely loved Donaldson in our house, and still do, he would sometimes overthink the moment when clean through the middle and bearing down on the goalkeeper. Yet here was no faltering. No hesitation. No doubt. If there had been any nerves then they weren’t showing. Surely things were now safe?

Perhaps, but it didn’t stop Brentford from carrying on. Rico Henry saw a shot on goal tipped onto the woodwork by Bettinelli but the ball only found its way as far as Ivan Toney. On this form, there’s only one place its going to end up and that’s in the back of the net. Boom 4-1. Game over, man. Game over. Except even then, he could have had the hat-trick as he steered another just wide. Jensen could have grabbed a second as a shot from distance hit the post and went the wrong side. It was that strong an attacking performance although one matched by our hosts. They never stopped either and on another day, with a different keeper in the way, could well have got three or four themselves.

Smiling assassin Chuba Akpom coming close as did George Saville on a number of occasions. The later in particular crudely exposing himself as somebody who hasn’t been able to progress since his time at Griffin Park and, perhaps, going for the snatched attempt rather than the more patient approach when opportunity presented itself. The again, on this form I think that David Raya would have stopped a juggernaut. 

I’m not sure what else to say about this one, really. The excitement from the players on social media said it all. The genuine pleasure from Thomas Frank, who’d got so wet in the conditions he had to change jackets at half time, a joy to behold in his post match interview.

Twenty games unbeaten in the league a quite incredible run of form and one which only sees our team looking stronger and stronger. Nine points and 14 (seven times 2) goals from our last three games are quite amazing statistics for any team at any level. Norwich City surely looking over their shoulders now. Swansea City the third team in this two way tussle. Yet unlike last season, when our run was just a tad too late in the end, this time around we are moving early. We are destroying all in our path. We’re loving out football. Oh, I can’t wait for Reading on Wednesday. It won’t be easy and we shouldn’t be over confident. Very much a case of ‘each game as it comes’.

Equally though, let’s not deny ourselves the opportunity to enjoy watching this team at their best. To celebrate Brentford at their finest. Saturday at Middlesbrough was all about that. The play-off nightmare long since dissipated into the ether. Carry on like this and we won’t be having it again.

Whose coat was Thomas wearing…….?

Nick Bruzon


8 Responses to “Bees keeper puts in killer performance as strikers blitz Boro’.”

  1. Ken Luckett February 7, 2021 at 10:16 am #

    I agree entirely with Nick B on the performance.
    However I have two points to make. Is it now Brentford policy to give their opponents a goal start in all games? Also isn’t it time to give the kneeling a rest. They looked silly with the home team standing there watching.

    • nickbruzon February 7, 2021 at 4:29 pm #

      Sorry Ken, but have to disagree. Kneeling is a personal choice but it is also a hugely important message in the intent. There’s nothing ‘silly’ about our players supporting their team mates and the broader football community. Looks at the crap Ivan has had to put up with recently. If Middlesbrough or any other team choose not to join in then that’s down to them but I’m proud of our boys for taking part

      • Ken luckett February 7, 2021 at 10:31 pm #

        Ok Nick, I respect the point you make, but I think it is a divisive gesture and has to end sooner or later.Cheers.

  2. Rod Davidson February 7, 2021 at 11:20 am #

    Sleep well Nick, I think that this team and squad can be relied upon to dismiss all nightmarish demons.
    Everyone seems to be doing their bit.
    Rayer deserves a medal for what he was able to do.
    And Janelt – what a Rolls Royce performance, gliding around as he was, and looking every inch a top class performer.

  3. Max February 7, 2021 at 12:27 pm #

    Can someone please tell me has the football league passed a new rule that ex bees players are aloud to foul our goalkeeper from dead ball kicks .no attempt or even eyes on the ball from Bidwell (nasty)or Saville (clumsy).No matter the bees go rolling on with no negative complaining just positive winning .

    • nickbruzon February 7, 2021 at 4:32 pm #

      Hey Max. I gear you. Although, to be fair, it stinks of desperation and how just how far we’ve out grown our former players. Saville and Bidwell wouldn’t;t get close to out current starting XI

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 7, 2021 at 12:45 pm #

    For me, this just shows how far we have come.

    This was Middlesbrough. A team we have had so many heartaches against, but we went there, to play in an arena with weather conditions similar to those on a North Sea oil rig. But we still managed to play our game. We just seem to be a level above anyone else in this division now. We have now gone up that gear, and thats down to Matthias Jensen. A player i have much criticised in the past. He was incredible yesterday, and has been i the past month. His goal was like watching your 20/1 punt being in the lead in the final straight at Kempton Park.

    For me this team could be even better than last years, and thats still with Pontus, Christian, Josh & Bryan all out.

    Every fan of other clubs i have spoken to have said that Brentford will do it this season. Its just us fans that need to believe now

    • nickbruzon February 7, 2021 at 4:32 pm #

      Spot on BQ. Jensen has shone. Canos is better than before his injury. Pinnock continues to look International class. Janelt has come out of nowhere. Another on the talent conveyor belt. To outplay and outscore Middlesbrough would have been beyond my wildest dreams a few years ago. The stuff of schoolboy fantasy. Yesterday showed that become a reality – just look how far we’ve advanced. The top flight beckons…

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