Brentford pointless after car crash of a no-show.

20 Feb

Wow. Just wow. There are no-shows, and there are no-shows. Then there was that. A next level no-show from Thomas Frank’s team with Coventry City taking just about as easy a three points as they could ever be offered. Brentford, generous visitors to St. Andrew’s and allowing our hosts 90 minutes to enjoy lunch at the all you can score buffet. In the end our hosts took advantage just twice but it could have been double that. Or more. Our second place in the Championship remaining by virtue of nothing more than goal difference but Swansea City must be salivating now with a massive three games in hand. A win at Huddersfield Town this afternoon (at the time of writing it is, amazingly, 1—0 to the hosts) will see them overtake us with an additional two games to play. Norwich City will, I am sure, also be looking to extend their own lead at the top in the game against Rotherham United at Carrow Road.

Full credit to Coventry City, btw. They fought and scraped for everything. Kept pushing to the last. Outplayed a changed Brentford line up in every position. One can understand Thomas needing to use games for rotation but the new look line up weren’t even close to coming second. Ben Wilson in the Coventry goal having just about as easy a game as they come. Ninety minutes to catch up on some sleep. Brentford, on the other hand, pointless. Before, during and after. Ghoddos anonymous. Mbeumo overweight. Canos out of sorts and out of touch. Forss not getting a look in. Dasilva and Dalsgaard on the bench. Toney not even making the squad. Let’s hope that was nothing serious.

We ended the game with changes having been made but Rico Henry looking like he may have sustained significant damage and a second goal conceded that came straight from the textbook of schoolboy defending. A woeful clearance from Raya, under no pressure whatsoever, selling his team short. Coventry being given all the time and space to pick their moment and double the lead ten minutes into the second half. A second goal for Tyler Walker to complement his penalty in the opening period. It had looked an innocuous decision awarded against Rico but the general consensus was that it was the right one. Walker squeezing it through and under Raya after 19 minutes to shock us, briefly, into life.

The resuscitation was a short one. A game crying out for change before half time continued the same way and the ultimate price was then paid after the defensive horror show that allowed the lead to be doubled. Brentford declared dead on the table but limping through the motions for another half hour or so. Offering up about as flaccid a performance as we’ve had the misfortune to sit through in a while. It was Stoke City away levels of bad. Second half against Preston awful. Horrific. An insult to the word performance. 

Play this rather than watching the highlights – its the same

You get the gist. Whatever the results from Huddersfield and Norwich, we’ve been about as bad as it is possible to be. Knackered? Perhaps. Mentally drained? Maybe. But enough about the fans. I’m sure the players are feeling it too and I’m equally sure that Sheffield on Wednesday can’t be anywhere near this woeful. It would be impossible to be so. Even with Ian Moose up front, the England Supporters band across the back four and Mrs. Brown filling the defensive midfield berth.

The obvious concern being that this is now three defeats on the spin. LLL. A blip could become a car crash. Barnsley was poor, QPR better (for a while) but this was off the cliff levels of bad. Man of the match probably going to referee Steve Martin, simply for his bringing proceedings to a close. The one bit of pleasure to take this afternoon. Thomas, frankly that wasn’t good enough today. Nowhere near. No guts. No desire. No clue.

On the other hand, if there can be any positive, at least we’re having the bumps now. Better to get them out the system now with 15 still to play than in the final few games of the campaign. We’ve got Ivan Toney to return. Likewise Christian Norgaard and Emiliano Marcondes. The former can’t be back soon enough. The later hopefully to provide some much needed flare. There was good news with Pontus being declared back on the grass although I can’t imagine his return being in the next few days or even weeks.

No amount of post mortem will find any genuine good from today, though. I’m not even going to try. I have eyes. What is important now is where we go from here. Wednesday night demands the mother of all reactions. Fingers crossed it comes. 

In the meantime, if Huddersfield and Rotherham would like to do us a favour then that would be good. 

Nick Bruzon

11 Responses to “Brentford pointless after car crash of a no-show.”

  1. Maybee February 20, 2021 at 4:31 pm #

    Some good points nick .but as you said before we are not man City , 7 players out of most probably our best starting line up,no team could handle that and the only positive to take from this performance is that when these players are back we will be a good side again .that said it is incredibly frustrating to watch the imposter that has taken over from Bryan and it would be nice if Marcus forms got his shirt dirty and broke into a sprint when its not going for you however to be fair only Rico and the subs put any type of performance in today .

  2. Rod Davidson February 20, 2021 at 5:37 pm #

    What I wonder constitutes being a keyboard warrior, because I really want to let rip about that effort – the formation, and the performances of certain individuals who don’t seem to be under any pressure to improve.
    Even Pontus has given up shouting from the sidelines it seems.

    • nickbruzon February 20, 2021 at 6:15 pm #

      Rod, constructive criticism all the way. Lay in. What I despise is the singling out and bullying of certain players. The innate inability of our more knee jerk supporters to differentiate between a lousy performance and a lousy season. Today was unequivocally in the former camp so you go for it if needs be. Nobody showed up – pure and simple. We paid the price.

  3. Brighton Bee February 20, 2021 at 5:55 pm #

    An absolutely shocking performance today against a team near the bottom of the league. In the commentary, Don Goodman summed it up when he said he “…..I can’t believe I’m watching Brentford as they have stopped playing football….” I wholeheartedly agree. Too many players never showed up and to me the team selection and tactics were bewildering. I also felt sorry for Forss as he was left up front on his own with no support. We have a few injuries now and I raised the issue after the QPR game of the Ds of F failure to support TF by strengthening the squad in the last window – I wonder if this will now come back to bite us!

    • Max February 20, 2021 at 7:15 pm #

      We also let a couple go out on loan as well that may of come in handy even off the bench when we are playing twice every week .not sure about forss though seems to lack desire at times. although i would love him to prive me wrong. Still think that every team in this league will have a wibble and there is a long way to go .

  4. David Carney February 20, 2021 at 8:27 pm #

    It is so very easy to criticise, make offensive comments, give gratuitous advice on how to fix the problem when what is needed is additional support for a team going through a horror stretch. It is little wonder that players depart for pastures greener when the very people that should be offering support turn and criticise at the first opportunity.
    We are Brentford and we should be above all that. the whole playing group wants what we all want – success and the Promised Land of Football. Time people (supporters?) learned that the everyone wins and loses together and rats should not desert at a time of difficulty.

    • nickbruzon February 20, 2021 at 9:04 pm #

      Ahh, David. I say black. You say white.
      To be fair, I agree with what you say (to an extent) and am as staunch a supporter of this squad as they come. However, I won’t pretend that we didn’t have a shocker today with just about everyone off their game. It was an awful performance- perhaps with injury/exhaustion/ other reasons behind it – but pretending it didn’t happen won’t help anyone.
      What will be really telling now is how we react and how we retake one of the top two positions on a permanent basis.

      • David Carney February 20, 2021 at 10:33 pm #

        Nick, my criticism was not so much of your comments, rather the very same people you were criticising just a few weeks ago. Some comments I have read are just not helpful to the players and coaching staff who are looking for the exit door of poor performances, of which they more than anyone else would be well aware. At a time like this they need support, not half ar*e comments that are just unhelpful and destructive. We can all see the results, but only the coaching staff and players will have the solution and negative, mindless, half witted comments helps no one to find that solution. We, as supporters have a responsibility to support the team in rediscovering the recipe for success, despite the injuries and missing players.

      • nickbruzon February 21, 2021 at 7:31 am #

        Cheers. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

  5. AUSSIE BEE 53 February 21, 2021 at 8:27 am #

    Not only did we look a different side we, sounded like one ” Sir onson & Conos ” ? Sergie might need to be a little more sturdy on his feet if he doesn’t not want that to stick.
    On the bright side we lost at St Andrews and it wasn’t to Birmingham, and we are still 5 games ahead of last seasons tally.

  6. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 21, 2021 at 11:50 am #

    Firstly kudos to the Herb Alpert reference. I spent 2 years trying to get Alpert’s ‘ genial ‘A Taste of Honey’ chosen by #BeeTheDJ but without any success (that along with Conway Twitty!)

    Anyway to the game. I think you have got it pretty much spot on & not too much else to add.

    At half time i tweeted that if Thomas replaced Mbeumo, Roerslev & Ghoddos with Fosu, Dalsgaard & Dasilva, then i would not be disappointed. Sadly, that exact triple substitution came 12 minutes a further goal down too late for me. Ghoddos anonymous, Mbeumo another abject performance. I do wonder with Bryan whether having Covid has had a long term effect on him, he hasnt been the same since having the disease. Those of us who have had it will all probably testify that the effects are still felt even now. Saying that Bryan is 25+ years younger and 10x fitter than me, to use a Deanism.

    That brings me to the third player, and someone who seems to have escaped criticism in many quarter. Roerslev. In 45 minutes I possibly saw the most inept performance from a Bee this season. Constantly losing the ball and often in critical positions (see 1st goal). always turning back, rather than going forward, a lack of energy. We just seemed to be pulled backwards constantly by the whole right side in the first half. His performance was painful to watch, and makes me question whether he can cut it at this level.

    Its going to be a difficult couple of weeks without Rico too. Sorensen also in horrendously bad form (what the hell was he doing for the 2nd goal). Our lack of strength in depth now for all to see. Even Dean Ashton commmenting on Quest last night, saying how odd it was we let Thompson go to Swindon.

    Speaking of commentaries. For the first time ever i had to mute a commentary. Don Goodman’s so called expert opinion was as bad as the Bees performance. There didnt seem to be 5 minutes pass when he would say that Ivan would have done it differently. Don…Ivan was injured. He was not playing. Therefore his understudy steps in. Understudies are not as good as the primary player. Thats how it works. Truth is Ivan would have probably lost his rag and got all narky, gave away a load of fouls and got booked or sent off!

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