Ticket details announced. #farce. But there IS another way you might get in….

24 May

Monday morning and still grinning like a lunatic. Voice still sounding like the squeaky teenager from The Simpsons. Brentford having delivered the ultimate high in turning a round a two goal deficit against Bournemouth to reach this Saturday’s play off final at Wembley. A day where what happened pre kick-off, post game and off-field was as incredible as what happened on the pitch. You can read about it here if you want. Likewise, huge thanks for all the kind comments. Especially regarding the second column about Woody making his way back to a game. Yet special though it all was, and it was amazing, it has been and gone. Now, Swansea City await in North London.

The Monday after the weekend before

Like us, the Swans are one win away from the Premier League. For Steve Cooper, this most coveted of prizes. Amongst other things, a chance to avenge last season’s semi-final defeat to the Bees. For us….. well, we all know the scoop. We all know the history. We all know what happened last time out in the final. Not to mention the eight attempts prior to that one. Tickets go on sale this lunchtime and if the enormity of the task at hand is now the immediate focus, the fact that we will have less than 4,000 supporters present in a 90,000 stadium has, understandably, got everyone’s back up. Also, I have no doubt, for Swansea who will also be operating under the same, crazed restrictions.

That this game, and the other divisional finals, will be played out in front of just 10,000 seems utter madness. The FA Cup final had 20,000 last week. Likewise, with the authorities prepared to sell us up the river and shift the final elsewhere at the 11th hour to accommodate a relocated  Champions’ League final with a similar sized crowd part of the deal. So don’t give us this “It’ not a test event” gumph. Then we’ve got the Euro’s next month where larger crowds will be in attendance. There is no logical reason to have a crowd reduction this coming weekend. No practical reason why extra supporters can’t be allowed in. Nobody is naive enough to think that a full house is anywhere near feasible given what’s going on at present but, equally, a paltry 10,000 makes no sense in the broader landscape. 

We all know the arguments. We all know the situation. We all know that the bun fight for entry will see thousands of regular season ticket holders disappointed. At any other time, they’d be guaranteed entry. Not now. Not even close to a chance. The club have taken the least bad option available to them an, in line with the Customer Charter, gone for a TAP based threshold once more. Its all they could do. The full details are on the website, along with a hard hitting statement lambasting the situation:

We at the Club feel it is unjust that only one week ago, more than 20,000 fans were admitted to The FA Cup Final and advanced discussions were taking place for Wembley to host the Champions League final with a similar number of fans attending. We find it incredulous and unjustifiable just two weeks later, the Championship Play-Off Final will be restricted to just half of that number.

We’re fighting for an extra 750 but, if you want to go, there MAY be another way. BIAS have leapt into action and set up an online change.org petition to have capacity increased. You can see that and sign it here. Supporters DO have a voice. Whether it will be listened to at such short notice is another question but if you don’t ask you don’t get. At the very least, it will help further highlight this ludicrous situation and the contempt football fans are, once again, being held in. Besides, with Boris prepared to jump on to any bandwagon to potentially enhance his image amidst the debacle of the covid crisis, perhaps its not a as futile a gesture as the cynical may suspect. So sign it. Please. HERE. Share it. Pass it to your mates. Send it to other fans. Should any Swansea supporters be reading, this impacts you as much as us.

Saturday will be incredible. Wembley will be rocking. 4,000 supporters took the roof off Lionel Road. Double that, with fans from both clubs, will be next level. But imagine with double even that? There’s no reason not to. One of football’s greatest, most anticipated, weekends deserves as many supporters there as possible. There’s NO genuine reason why this can’t be possible.

See you there. I hope…

Nick Bruzon   


7 Responses to “Ticket details announced. #farce. But there IS another way you might get in….”

  1. John D May 24, 2021 at 6:58 am #

    Hi Nick
    Thank you for another great article .
    I think it’s an absolute disgrace regarding the current permitted allocation for the Play Off Final . Again I am in this horrible situation where my 8 year old Bees mad son (1st time season ticket holder) will most likely not get a ticket but myself , my dad and uncle will be able to get tickets .
    How many more parents are going to have to explain to their young children they cannot go to the biggest game in the clubs history .
    Really hope the club and fans can put enough pressure on the government to increase the permitted capacity to the same level as the FA Cup Final.

    • nickbruzon May 24, 2021 at 7:07 am #

      you and me both. H has been an ST holder since he was three years old and will miss out. Not the club’s fault at all, btw. They’ve made the best of a dog’s dinner served up to us. Just hoping some common sense kicks in over the coming days

      • John D May 24, 2021 at 8:54 am #

        Totally agree . The club have been put in a thankless position and in my opinion done their absolute best to be open and fair with ticket allocation.
        We can only wait and hope for miracle.
        I was lucky enough to go to the Play Off Semi and feel very lucky and privileged to have witnessed first hand the performance of the season .

  2. newroadkasualfirm May 24, 2021 at 1:30 pm #

    Cast your vote carefully

  3. Garry Shrimpton May 24, 2021 at 2:28 pm #

    I would leave politics out of your articles Nick, has got jack shit to do with the PM (but you knew that anyway) 🐑

    • nickbruzon May 24, 2021 at 3:58 pm #

      Pretty sure he could sort something in a moment if he wanted to. Has been quite happy to make noises about other football events being staged at Wembley

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