Result fails to match the experience. This is why our club remains like no other.

7 Nov

Well wasn’t that just the afternoon that was both simultaneously awesome and awful. On pitch, Brentford made it LLLL after going down 2-1 to Norwich City. Early goals for the visitors giving them a 2-0 half time lead which proved that little bit too much to overcome. International break cannot arrive soon enough. With it, the chance to regroup and refresh before we go again (shudders) with games against Newcastle United and Everton. It should have been a home win. It could have been a home win. Tim Krul twice denying Christian Norgaard from point blank range when it was odds on ‘goal’. The offside flag chalking off one for Mbeumo (not Boo-mo, Match of the Day. Cripes, how hard is it to do a little research? ) early into the second period. It was the correct decision, sadly, but with the Bees coming out like Thomas Frank had let off a few half-time fireworks, the impetus of halving the deficit so soon after the restart would have been immense. Instead, the marauding Rico Henry pulled one back on the hour but that was as good as it got.

Looking down on Pukki doing his thing

We don’t do full fat match reports on these pages. No bad thing given the frustration of that one. Norwich City, sitting ducks based on their current form. Instead, the prey became the predator. They were quickest out the blocks and had the lead within six minutes. The otherwise exciting Sergi left flat on his arse half way through a move that culminated in Mathias Normann being offered the freedom of the pitch. Waltzing through everyone, the Bees midfield and defence were more standoffish than a bunch of nervous teenagers at a school disco. Eventually he picked his moment with a low strike that stand in goalkeeper Fernandez couldn’t quite reach. 

Soon after, it was two. Pukki from the penalty spot after Charlie Goode (an early sub for Zanka) was adjudged to have brought down the Norwich man when clean through. He had no real choice and did the best of a bad situation but there was deemed sufficient contact and the ref pointed to the spot. 2-0. Game over. Despite the second half resurgence it was three points dropped. Norwich with a first win of the season. A deserved win. It wasn’t enough to save Daniel Farke who it was confirmed had left the club after the game. The Canaries board acting now in a bid to salvage their Premier League place. With Nuno Espírito Santo, Neil Warnock and Steve Bruce all now available, the next incumbent of that particular hot seat could be an intriguing decision.

That’s the football. Brentford played well in patches but that was it. Patches. The early season confidence taking a bit of a battering and providing for a frustrating experience on pitch. If you want to read more (somebody might) the Hollywood Bets column will be up shortly. Link to follow.

Yet off field, it was Brentford at their very best. At our most awesome. Sometimes you need to take a step back and appreciate just what a club we have. Just how that ‘family’ feel we had at Griffin Park has been retained. Anybody reading yesterday’s column may recall the fact that our Harry was spending the afternoon up on the gantry with fellow competition winner Luke Mitschke and the Ifollow commentary team of Mark Burridge, Karleigh Osborne and Charlotte Tanner. Well, he’s had his moment and, my word, one can’t thank the club, Mark and the rest of the team enough. 

H was bouncing off the walls before, a little nervous on the walk up to Lionel Road but once into the groove had an absolute blast. Gassing away on the mic and looked after like royalty. To give two youngsters the chance to get involved in everything from pre and post match analysis to actually commentating on a Premier League game something that they’ll never forget. All being well, the listeners enjoyed it. Certainly, we’ve had more than a few messages back. Specifically in regards to Harry’s on-air observation that clearly the referee was a Norwich City fan. Likewise, apologies to anyone who heard him raging off-mic at Tim Krul for manhandling Ivan Toney.

H, Mark and Karleigh preview the game. Or discuss ‘that’ goal for Bristol City. I’m not sure which

The view from up on the gantry nothing short of incredible. The highest point in the stadium but still felt on top of the pitch, with the action unfolding in a glorious panorama. Mark Burridge, cool as you like. Handling it all in his unflappable style. A huge pang of jealousy from yours truly at his ability to make it all seem so effortless. So natural. So much fun. Actually, not jealousy but respect. And also for his engaging Luke and Harry. Making their day so special.

What a view

We’ve said it many, many times before but there is no other club like it. Where fans feel like family. Where supporters still have the chance to get involved to such an extent. Even with Premier League status putting us more under the microscope and Covid continuing to ruin everything for everyone, to keep this ‘Griffin Park’ vibe was nothing short of wonderful. To keep it real and remember what we do so well just the best feeling. Cripes, the onfield stuff hurt yesterday but off it, Brentford were, and are, the best.

Thank you everyone. Long may it continue. Now here’s to Newcastle United.

Mark Harry and Luke at the end of a wonderful experience

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Result fails to match the experience. This is why our club remains like no other.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) November 7, 2021 at 2:00 pm #

    What a great prize! Sounds like you all had a great time.

    Its a shame the performance didnt match the prize. I cant help feeling things went wrong before a ball was even kicked. Thomas’s selection left a lot of scratching of heads. Saman left out after being a clear MOM at Burnley & being a lot more confident in himself. Jensen picked yet again. Then 3 full backs on the bench, including a B team player, but only 1 forward player and still no Fosu. A man who can make things happen when things need to change. I dont get Fosu’s exclusion particularly while Wissa is out.

    Then the big one…. What happened to Hey Jude?

    All of a sudden Hey Jude came on mid chorus, catching everyone completely unawares. Some tried to join in, but everything was half hearted. The team came out to polite applause instead of a roar, and the atmosphere was completely flat. The team then started just as flat. There was nothing happening atmosphere wise. We are always being told we are 12th man. Who will ever forget the atmosphere’s of Arsenal, Liverpool and Bournemouth? Soon enough Norwich were in the ascendancy and teaching us a lesson.

    To those who think im OTT. Just think, would Anfield ever not start with the words pre-kick off ‘When you walk through a storm’. No. Never. So whoever is in charge, wake up for the Everton game.

    Sadly we then lost Zanka or goodness knows what the comms on MOTD called him, and Charlie Goode came on. Now Charlie seems a nice enough guy, but Premier League he is clearly not. Im very worried about the weeks to come, and maybe going to a back 4 needs to be the answer for now.

    And please please please Thomas, dont ever put Charlie Goode up front again. It was just embarrassing. It was Sunday park football at best. The coaching staff and directors of football need a good sit down next and work out where we go from here with this injury crisis. Even if it does mean up tearing up the Jersey Road pitch to match the Lionel Road one. Lets do something!

    • nickbruzon November 7, 2021 at 2:18 pm #

      Top, top work BQ. I missed the whole Hey Jude farce. The one thing we didn’t;t hear ‘up top’ although, to be fair, it sounded like nobody heard it. The CB situation worries me too. Mads Bech, Ajer and now Urine-son (or Zanka to us, thanks a bunch MOTD) all MIA. Whatever the question is, lumping it up to Goode is not the answer to our ongoing ability to run into ‘keepers at the top of their game. Two weeks now to very much catch our breath and rejig

    • Nigel Garrigan November 7, 2021 at 4:12 pm #

      Great summary, couldn’t agree more about the personnel, Jenson is too lightweight in a midfield that needs to work harder to help the back line, and I’m not sure what Saman and Tariq need to do to get some game time.
      I think the DoF’s have done an incredible job, but I wonder if letting Luke Daniels go was a little premature, although the keeper did ok yesterday, David Raya’s injury has clearly upset the balance at the back.
      Newcastle are also a team without a win………………let’s hope the Int’ break allows for a reset.

  2. Brighton Bee November 7, 2021 at 2:39 pm #

    Nice article Nick, glad to see that at least on the fan front Brentford are getting it right.
    I feared the worst yesterday, particularly when I saw that the bookies had us at 2-1 on to win. I have to agree with our colleague BQ, if that’s all we’ve got just lumping the ball up to Charlie Goode for potential knock downs then we should all start worrying. Where has all our intense pressure and non stop running gone? Where is a potential match winner called Fosbury? Our positive attributes of chasing down teams and playing real quality football has gone missing and is probably sitting on the treatment table! I fear our current injuries and the obvious lack of depth and quality of our squad are now really starting to have a detrimental effect.. I still remain committed and positive but we need to improve greatly for when we take on a potentially resurgent Newcastle.
    One other comment from yesterday, if VAR could spot that BM was just offside, why couldn’t it spot the bit of Harlem Globetrotter hand ball control by the Norwich defender near the end of the game?

    • nickbruzon November 7, 2021 at 2:45 pm #

      Absolutely agree on VAR. It seemed an extremely case of ‘pick and choose’ when to use this for retrospective review. That clear and obvious handball. not to mention Krul all over Ivan Toney. Any closer and he could have been booked under public decency laws.
      Call me paranoid, but starting to feel that VAR is very much a one way street when it comes to the Bees. You just have to look at the Brighton-Newcastle game yesterday to see how similar incidents in the box were handled

  3. Rod Davidson November 7, 2021 at 7:20 pm #

    Hey Jude took a back seat because of the Remembrance Tribute being played.
    The timings were all wrong thereafter, including the tempo of the team.
    Toney’s early yellow card meant he was being too careful and then with Zanka lasting only 10 minutes it was a headless chickens day.

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