Oh. Sergi Canos. I do not want to know how you scored that goal.

3 Dec

A first trip for Brentford to the new Tottenham stadium and we are immediately greeted by a giant golden cock standing over an unnecessarily huge home end. If ever there was a metaphor for inadequacy and over compensating in the shadow of Arsenal then there it was. The visit to this part of North London one which coincided with Spurs coming out of a bleak run at just the wrong time for Brentford. Victory would have taken us 7th(seventh) in the Premier league. Instead, it was back to the drawing board and starting our prep for Sunday’s visit to Leeds United on the back of a 2-0 defeat.

For Brentford, a performance which was approached with the same level of caution reserved for selecting BBC1 on a Saturday evening without checking the guide first. The risk of stumbling across Mrs Browns Boys one which requires careful navigation. And so it was at Tottenham.

A triumvirate of holding midfielders and any attacking intent limited to Rico, Bryan and Sergi. The later two in particular not at their usual best. Tottenham a cut above and quickest to everything. Antonio Conte had his men hunting us down in packs every time we got close to it. Any attempt to play it forward snuffed out. Credit to Spurs. They were a level above throughout. Ivan barely getting a look in and doing more at the back than the front.

The goals came, first, via the head of Sergi. Not seen the replays as yet but it didn’t look good at the time. Spurs offered all the time they needed before the unfortunate wing back was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up steering it past Fernandez. Perhaps time to focus on the football rather than the fashion. That hair… 

Yet Brentford managed to hold on to the most slender of deficits until half time and beyondA glimmer of hope offered by the arrival of Shandon Baptiste. Harry Kane, a player who has had more Premier League managers than Premier League goals this season, kept quiet throughout. Then the midfield and defence were cut open and man of the match  Son Heung-Min was there to make the finish look so, so easy. Kudos to that man. For all the talk has been of Kane heading towards Manchester, Son was a class above in a team that, on the night, were already a class above.

Losing I can take but it was the approach that was baffling. The ball spending the majority of the time being passed between our defence, looking for the perfect gap yet none could be found. Instead, lumping it forward would, at least, have mixed it up and given Bryan or Ivan something to run at. But no. Instead we approached it in the style of a non-league team with a plum FA Cup third round tie, there for the day out and hoping not to lose too heavily.

Which is a real shame because when we did push with the arrival of Baptiste, Wissa and Jensen it seemed as though Tottenham might crack. There were certainly a few wobbles and we even made steady progress into their box. Yet it was slim pickings and a solid defence snuffed out any threat as easily as the ‘channel down’ button being pressed upon discovering that everyone’s favourite Irish mammy had, indeed, replaced the scheduled programme.

Well done Spurs. Unlike Arsenal, who went down 3-2 at Manchester United, they were able to take advantage of opposition who (on paper at least) they were better than. Perhaps they are slowly emerging from the shadows although it will take a lot more than this to prove it.

For Brentford, it was frustrating. It was out of character. A rabbit in the headlights. All that matters now is putting it behind us and focussing on Leeds United. A team and ground we are much more familiar with. Elland Road. Alan Jugde. Stuart Dallas. Seen it and done it all before. From League One upwards. Here’s hoping for a happier ending come Sunday.

The player review is up now and can be found here. Then its upwards to Leeds United.

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Oh. Sergi Canos. I do not want to know how you scored that goal.”

  1. Max December 3, 2021 at 10:01 am #

    We all new that their would be games like these in the prem and we would of all take our present league position at the end of the season. So I agree that we have to move on ,however one or two of the players that were excellent at the start of the season look fatigued or just plain knackered to me and I would like to see one or two get a rest ,as we have cover on the bench .I would like to see wissa, baptiste and Rasmussen get a Start next time out.

  2. southafricanswallow December 3, 2021 at 10:31 am #

    excellent comments.

    from my perch here in south africa, i am (at the risk of being shot down) half wondering if it is more fun and less stressful to be winning in the Championship than a 1,2 or 3 season fight for survival by the finest margins in the top tier? maybe we won’t have a choice.

    really dunno.

  3. Rod Davidson December 3, 2021 at 11:14 am #

    Thomas talks about being brave, and you can see what he means in certain games – but not last night.
    Ivan Toney is being starved again. And just like last season when this happened before Thomas then changed the system and we won 5-0 at Preston.
    So time for a rethink again please.
    Rest Mbueno and start with Wissa and then get Forss involved. Forss must be chomping at the bit to have a go, while Mbueno seems to have lost his own – get up and go.
    We have done well, but let’s not have any regrets of what might have been.

  4. Paul klein December 3, 2021 at 12:27 pm #

    This was the most disappointing display yet this season. I know we have a lot of injuries but when you think of the Liverpool performance it was miles away. Sergi does his best but he’s not a wing back… we just need to hope that we can unearth a few gems in the January window and scrape together enough wins to stay up.

  5. Simon Sapper December 3, 2021 at 1:05 pm #

    Good analysis as ever Nick – thank you.

    • hobbo December 3, 2021 at 2:46 pm #

      Especially the giant golden cock with a huge bank of self righteous twats under it.Are right up there with the Bush and Putney mobs only on a far bigger scale.

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