One thing’s for sure, we’re not watching football tonight.

14 Dec

The most gripping ‘will they / won’t they’ saga since the Gold Blend couple finally drew to a close just prior to midnight on Monday when the game between Brentford and Manchester United was officially called off. This, after a series of positive Covid test results for the Old Trafford outfit on Sunday morning following their laborious 1-0 defeat of Norwich City. Bees’ fans have been left understandably frustrated at the chance to continue a run of games against low par opposition that has seen points picked up from Watford, Everton and Leeds United in recent fixtures. Now, we have had the brakes slammed on at the 11th hour by matters outside of our control. That’s life.

Keeping it real with contemporary references

Don’t be a twat. It’s a simple code and one I generally try to live by. Actually, the word is a bit stronger than that and starts with C but we can’t go in any harder in what tries to be a (generally) family-friendly page. It would be easy to dive in with both boots here but we’re better than that. Possibly. Even if there is, understandably, a lot of disappointment, frustration and anger at how this has played out. 

Rumours had been circulating all Monday that the game was in serious doubt with Manchester United citing an outbreak after a reported four of their players had been struck down. To be clear, that’s the figure being bandied around in certain media reports but I’ve not seen that number actually quoted anywhere. That is, beyond one fetid rag whose name I won’t credit and whose concern for actual facts has long seemed more an aspiration than any form of practice. Look it up on the Internet, you’ll find them easily enough.

Whether it is true or not is by the by. Brentford supporters crying foul (or should that be fowl?) about our opponents being less Red Devils and more yellow bellied chickens is also irrelevant. Sure they were on woeful form but nobody could, actually, be scared about a game in TW8. About needing to go in full strength against what is already a paper thing squad with its own covid cases?  Could they? Ronaldo v Goode must now wait for another day. As must Canos v Maguire. Toney v De Gea. Oh, to see that penalty box confrontation.    

I’d have loved it to go ahead. I am as frustrated as the next fan. Let alone those local pubs and businesses, struggling enough as it is, who have prepared for a vast influx of fans and now find themselves to have suddenly over-ordered. Club caterers, too. Perhaps we’ll see some of those homeless charities benefiting off the back of this? Perhaps just go out and support your local this evening ? One thing’s for sure, we ‘re not going to be watching football. Unless Manchester City – Leeds or the Dean Smith derby between Norwich and Aston Villa is your thing.

All the unvented rage will do nothing to resuscitate a game that is now postponed, not cancelled. We WILL have our moment and let’s not forget that besides Ethan and Ivan, who knows which other Brentford players might have fallen victim to this ongoing cycle of testing? We may well have been channeling our own Russell Slade – and not in a ‘celebrated like they’d won the FA Cup‘ way – if some of the social media rumours are to be believed. 

Plus we’ve currently got the immense talent that is David Raya and Kris Ajer still sidelined, along with Josh Dasilva, amongst others. Tell me, honestly, that Brentford would have been stronger without them, without possible others and with the variable that could be Ivan’s fitness after ten day’s self-isolation to choose from.

Ah, if nothing else, it gives some possibly tired legs a chance to recover ahead of Saturday’s trip to Southampton. December is manic, no question. Likewise, those fans who have missed out on this due to their own current test status. And yes, I’m trying to clutch at anything because I still think Brentford would have won tonight. It would have been cracking atmosphere and another chapter in our history written. Now, we’ll never know. 

Ultimately though, like it or not, player and supporter health and safety comes first. No matter how it feels.    

There’s not much more to say at this point. We all wanted the game. We’re all gutted. We all just have to try and look for the positives. Test results aside.

Roll on the match. Whenever that may be. And get well soon to all at Manchester United. If nothing else,  beating a full strength set up will be all the sweeter.

You can read the official story here.

The news broke as we slept

Nick Bruzon 


4 Responses to “One thing’s for sure, we’re not watching football tonight.”

  1. Brighton Bee December 14, 2021 at 9:07 am #

    Maybe it’s the conspiracy theorist in me but anyone who saw Man Utd’s woeful performance at Norwich over the weekend will realise why they were so keen to get the game called off. I wonder if the PL would have called the game off if it were Brentford who requested it?? We will just have to make sure we batter them when we eventually get to play them.

    • Martin O'Brien December 14, 2021 at 11:34 am #

      Honestly BB, I know it is always sneered at to admit you trust a process, but I do. I think that if the same situation had arisen at Jersey Road, the “medical advice” would have been the same, as would the decision.

  2. David Carney December 14, 2021 at 11:47 am #

    Is there ever any consideration of postponing matches if a team has a bad run with injuries? Of course not, so why, if Man U are not managing Covid as well as other teams should they be given the benefit of waiting until they have a full and fit compliment of players. Whilst matches are postponed, injured players become available for rescheduled matches and potential injuries by competing are eliminated. It is unreasonable, it is just a silly decision and penalises those teams who are managing their players better than those that are not. It should be that Manchester United turn up for a match or forfeit 3 points.

  3. Brighton Bee December 14, 2021 at 11:56 am #

    Totally agree with David Carney. Brentford and their fans etc should not be penalised for managing their players better than Man Utd obviously do. It’s laughable and totally frustrating to think that United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, cannot put out a team to face little old Brentford.

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