Awesome news. Awful photoshop. Just another day on Planet Brentford.

1 Feb

Another transfer window slams shut for Brentford. We now know the names of the players who we have for the rest of the Premier League campaign. Those pushing for FA Cup glory (starting with Everton on Saturday) and Premier League position (continuing with Manchester City and then Crystal Palace). The headlines were, of course, made by confirmation of Christian Eriksen joining us for the rest of the season. One can’t truly describe how monumental this is. The out-door saw deadline day moves for Marcus Forss (Hull City) and Charlie Goode (Sheffield United) to join those who had already moved on earlier in the month but it was the 8am announcement of Eriksen that had everyone and anyone talking. If for no other reason, about who had given the keys of club photoshop to the work experience student.

Hi everyone. Its Christian Eriksen. I’m happy to announce I’ve signed for Brentford football club and I can’t wait to get started and hopefully I’ll see you all soon.

Not my words, Carol. The words of Christian Eriksen. The actual Christian Eriksen. And now he’s on the books at Brentford. Actual. Christian. Eriksen. He’s a player in the very top bracket of world football and now he has chosen to play for the Bees. It’s nuts. Its crazy. Its about to happen. He’s due to start training next week (so Everton and , in all probability, Manchester City are games too soon) but beyond that who knows where or when we get our first glimpse of the man in action?  

Fitness is the obvious issue here. Not so much his recovery form that horrifying collapse agasint Finland in the summer but more in getting back to the levels from last season. A season where he helped Inter Milan win the Italian title. He hasn’t played a game in anger since the Euros and it would be unimagineable for anyone to spring straight back in to action full tilt. Just look at how Josh Dasilva is being nursed back through the B team for context. But, when he’s ready, it’s going to be immense. Immense. Until then. perhaps dig out those mid 90’s shirts?

Speaking on the BBC football news show, ‘transfer expert’ Simon Stone describes it as, “A fantastic deal for him and it’s a fantastic deal for Brentford aswell. Who could imagine a club like Brentford could sign someone of that kind of standing?”

For once, a ‘teams like’ comment that is spot on. He’s the sort of player that could fit into any of the best teams in Europe. Instead, he’s chosen the Barcelona of the (former) lower leagues. As Stone also suggested, this is a move that has long foundations with Thomas Frank having coached the player when he was part of the Denmark U-17 set up.

It’s a funny old game, as somebody once said. All the bile directed towards our head coach for so long. All the negative talk. Yet all he’s done has guide us further up the football pyramid. Won an actual play off final. Seen us hit the top flight running. And now used his associations to bring in a truly World class player. Bravo Thomas.

Frank out, eh?

If nothing else, it got our H ready for school early with a quick fly-by of Lionel Road on the way in to class. The excitement will do that. The retro shirt getting a display in public and, I’d imagine, we’ll be seeing many more of these in the coming weeks.

Ericsson on the front. Eriksen on the back.

As Stone continued, in a piece you can see here, “Once he gets to match fit, if he can get to anything like the ability that he has shown through the rest of his career he will be a force for good for Brentford and, actually, a force for good for the Premier League aswell.”

For the rest of our activity, you could substitute tumbleweed. The frustration amongst certain quarters was clear. Primarily given the lack of full back cover and the loaning out of Marcus Forss to Hull. For me, Clive, the former is playing percentages. Muddling through as we’ve already done this season. The later, a gamble if Ivan gets injured but Marcus has rarely featured this season and getting minutes under the belt is the absolute priority. Sergi Canos substituted admirably at Leeds United and whilst his best position is out wide rather than wing back or up top, that versatility is something Thomas very much relies on. The fans may not always agree but the table speaks volumes.

Leeds away. Sergi is in there somewhere. Making friends as ever

Likewise, what are / were anyone’s actual aspirations? At the start of the season survival was the absolute must. We’d all have taken that if, somehow, offered. We’re fourteenth at the moment after coming though as tough a run of games as is possible. Manchester United and Liverpool back to back. Manchester City at the end of December and due up again imminently. The freak game with Wolves where everything, and we mean everything, happened….

That people are now frustrated at an apparent lack of ambition is a sign of how well we have taken to life at this level but also a colossal insult to a squad for whom relegation is now being predicted. That’s how I read it, of course. Please note: opinions may differ.  

Then again, the current era is one in which confidence and trust has been an easy thing to buy into. Again, that’s my feeling and perhaps as much this comes through living through the years of mediocrity which, whilst absolute fun, were nothing like the football we now enjoy. The players we’ve been fortunate enough to see grace the pitch. That Christian Eriksen is the next of these in line is something that just cannot be over-stated enough.

Let’s not forget, either, the imminent returns of Josh Dasilva and David Raya. They’ll feel like brand new signings and I can’t help feel both will be back in the starting XI soon. With all of the, understandable, Eriksen noise yesterday this video probably got lost in the crowd. But take a look. Raya looking flexible and throwing himself around.  With moves like Jagger, to borrow from popular music’s Maroon 5.

We’ve not sold any of the big names. People forget how commonplace a thing this used to be. Instead, several first teamers have signed contract extensions whilst we’ve got as marquee a signing as the come. Staying up and building for next season would seem to be very much the order of the day. Perhaps with an FA Cup run chucked in.

The latest chapter in the Brentford story begins on Saturday at Everton. I can’t wait….

Until then, here’s that window in full…

IN: NEW Actual Christian Eriksen: Jonas Lössl

IN: Loan return: Ellery Balcombe

Contract Extensions: Pontus Jansson, Christian Nørgaard, Bryan Mbeumo:

Out: Jan Žambůrek: Viborg FF.  Patrik Gunnarsson: Viking Stavanger.

Out loan: Marcus Forss: Hull City.  Joel Valencia: AD Alcorcón.  Dominic Thompson: Ipswich Town. Mads Bidstrup: FC Nordsjaelland. Charlie Goode: Sheffield United. Luka Racic: HB Køge

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “Awesome news. Awful photoshop. Just another day on Planet Brentford.”

  1. Brighton Bee February 1, 2022 at 8:08 am #

    A balanced view Nick, not what every Bees fan might have.
    Personally, I think that Eriksen aside, that window seemed more like an exercise in getting wages off the books. Eriksen is an unbelievable signing for a club like ours but the lack of a Dalsgaard replacement (again) and the lack of LB cover is a worry. I sure hope that PG / TF and MB have got their sums right!

  2. David carney February 1, 2022 at 8:11 am #

    I am always intrigued when people express surprise and refer to Brentford as a “little club”, or as you quoted above the BBC transfer ‘expert’ Simon Stone stating “…Who could imagine a club like Brentford could sign someone of that kind of standing?…” when referring to Eriksen joining Brentford.
    So called bigger clubs sitting below Brentford in the pyramid include Newcastle, Everton, Leeds in the premier league. WBA, Nottingham Forest, Blackburn, Sheffield United, Stoke, Derby, all in the Championship and in league 1, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich, Portsmouth, bolton, almost all of whom at some stage have won some impressive silverware including, European Champions, Division 1 or premier league Champions, FA Cup winners, league cup winners and all of whom have a larger fan base and larger stadiums. The one thing every one of them has is common is that they all sit below Brentford in the football pyramid and all may finish below Brentford this season.
    Why would it be so surprising that Christian Eriksen would wish to join Brentford ahead of those other so called “bigger” clubs?
    I think there will be a realisation at some stage that Brentford are not just the bus stop in Hounslow making up the numbers in the Premier League and are a force to be reckoned with in the premier league.
    The first year in the PL is tough for everyone and so far Brentford have confounded the ‘experts’ such as Simon Stone and all the others that publicly forecast Brentford as the whipping boys of the Premier League who would be immediately banished for another 74 years.
    My dad told me when I started supporting Brentford in the first season in Division 3 (South) in 1954 that Brentford did not belong playing in the lower Leagues and would return Division 1 ‘before too long’. It took a little longer than he predicted, and he never saw it, but he was correct. He grew up as Brentford developed into a major force in English football in the 1930’s and although he saw some rubbish in his later years he never lost the belief that Brentford belonged where he regularly watched and supported them as a boy. That same belief will most likely be instilled in the young and next generation of Brentford supporters over the next decade or so and beyond.
    It is time every Brentford supporter recalibrated their understanding of Brentford’s standing in the football world – so too, all those so called football experts who are far too slow to accept that nothing is static in football and Brentford are part of the elite of English and therefore World football

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 1, 2022 at 9:02 am #

    For most of my life we have bumbled around the lower two divisions picking up bang average journeymen on the way, and yet yesterday we signed a genuine world class player.

    But for me that doesnt hide the fact we are still lacking following the transfer window. We have Eriksen for 3 months. With the optional year removed from the contract, its clear he will be looking to go elsewhere in the summer. He is not arriving until next week, and having not played a game since the summer and had major physical trauma, I just cannot see him having any kind of impact until the end of the month. I am sure he will make an appearance against Palace, albeit a cameo 5 minutes from the end. We mustnt expect him to be in the starting XI any time soon.

    In that time we have some very important games, yet following the window, all i see is an even more depleted squad. We have still to solve the issue of right sided defender, which for me would have been number 1 priority. We have let Thompson go to Ipswich, which gives us a genuine possibility that if they are injuries then we could see a Canos/Mbeumo full back situation. Very disappointed to see Forss go to Hull. I thought Forss was very useful as a late substitution, the Chelsea & Watford games in particular, just mixing it up, getting important touches, causing problems. And with Ivan’s mind, who knows where, I felt we really needed that cover. I know you mentioned Sergi as cover, but i see him now as needed as a wing back due to a lack of cover there.

    I do feel there is a lot of pressure on Dasilva and his return, and we can only hope he comes back as the Dasilva of old and not do an Alan Judge and finally return and try so so hard but with little of the magic of old. Hence why i think letting Bidstrup go was another mistake. And with an injury here and an injury there, i can see us adding a new name to Rob Rowan’s Roll of Honour by the end of the season.

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