One step closer to the mother of all first team comebacks….

15 Feb

Could Valentine’s Day have been any sexier? The pass from Christian Eriksen to free up Josh Dasilva for the first of the midfielder’s hat-trick when Brentford hosted Southend United in that ‘behind closed doors’ friendly yesterday was about as, err, stimulating as it got. It was a game in which the return of Tariqe Fosu would have had others licking their lips at the prospect of what might happen to our midfield by the end of the season. Most importantly though, it saw Christian back out on the field of play for the first time since, well, we all know. Will Arsenal on Saturday be too soon? Is a cameo from the bench against Newcastle United the more realistic option? Frankly, who knows? If the reception received when he appeared before the Crystal Palace game is anything to go by it’ll go bonkers when things finally happen for real. Whenever that may be.

A thing of beauty unfolds

There’s not much to really add at this juncture. The entire Brentford family united in good wishes to the player and anticipation about what will come, whenever it does. The most beautiful conclusion to the most awful of events. And yes, I’ve already referenced back to it. It’s just so hard not to. How lovely will it be when we are talking about what just happened in the Premier league rather than what happened in the Euros?

Surely everybody that wants to has seen the highlights already? They’re below if not. You’ve also got the ‘official’ report on Brentford ‘official’ which can be found here. All eyes were, understandably, focussed on Christian. Brentford was once again trending on Twitter (fists being shaken angrily from Essex where Brentwood continues that slide out of the limelight – of all the things that Matthew Benham has done, that’s up there with the best) but , for me Clive, it was Josh Dasilva who should be making us all take notice.

The three goals he scored were great but that he managed the full 90 minutes is just huge, huge news. He’s already had a clutch of half-hour first team appearances but could Arsenal on Saturday see his first start in the Premier League? Even if for one of Thomas Frank’s much telegraphed 60 minute substitutions? Might it give us the first hint at the favourite three in the middle? With Josh and Mathias Jensen both placing well in the Crystal Palace post-match round up – both yours truly’s attempt and, in the case of the later, ‘official MOTM – might Vitaly be the man to miss out?

It sounds implausible we’d even have to consider this. Short of switching the German U-21 to right wing back, reserve goalkeeper or keeping Christian (N) in front of the defensive trio and really locking up centre mid at the expensive of one of our more familiar attacking options, 3 into 4 won’t go. Make that 5 when Eriksen is good to go.

For me Clive, its not an immediate ‘problem’. I’d suspect that Thomas will stick with Janelt, Jensen and Norgaard for Arsenal.  Give Josh one more half hour appearance in the second half and then, boom. Newcastle United will see it all start in earnest. Then again, I thought Everton in the FA Cup was too early for David Raya and look what happened there?

David had an earlier than expected return

It’s a beautiful guessing game to have to play, that’s for sure. Only Thomas and his medical team have the answers. Only they know the preferred starting XI once everybody is fully fit. The sight of a squad decimated by covid nothing but a distant memory. The wealth of potential midfield riches a joy to behold.

Sometimes, less is more so let’s wrap up. We’re getting points back on the board after the Crystal Palace game. Next up, Arsenal on Saturday. That one’s a sell-out, of course, and will be huge.

The chance to complete our first Premier League ‘double ‘of the season.

The opportunity to go one better than our last visit to the library in Highbury.

The prospect of seeing who Thomas has available.

I can’t wait. Bring it on and see you there.

It says Liberia, not Library…

Nick Bruzon    


3 Responses to “One step closer to the mother of all first team comebacks….”

  1. Tim February 15, 2022 at 1:27 pm #

    Vitaly, Norgaard and Dasilva …. no question!
    Baptiste as back up with Jeanvier and Eriksen ….let Jensen and Canos have a run in the B team to get some fire/fight in their bellies!
    We’re in a scrap …. don’t think we’re not … and draws aren’t good enough seeing as all teams have games in hand. Brighton have only lost 4 but have drawn loads and it’s not as if they’ve pulled that far away from the pack. Same with Southampton …..if both these teams have a little losing streak …. nothing too big and a few teams below them put on a little winning run … again nothing too big 3 or 4? Then suddenly Brighton and Southamptons “enviable” table position is blown out of the water. Whilst Thomas may laud our defensive solidity draws won’t be good enough. Its balls hitting the back of the onion net for us is what counts. Draws will be doing all those below us and the 6 or 7 teams above us big favours …. for them not us. Until we’re all on the same matches played tally then its wins only that will count. Which is why the Palace game was a big disappointment ….. two points dropped against a poor team at home …. we will now have to meet better teams home and away and up our attacking game loads. Solid defensive draws or narrow losses are no good whatsoever. And to re-iterate we are involved in a scrap. Only two teams below us have lost more than us! Think on.

    • Youdan February 16, 2022 at 3:10 pm #

      Jeanvier is he still with the bees haven’t seen or heard about him for a couple of years?

      • nickbruzon February 18, 2022 at 5:36 am #

        Yes – still here

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