Limbs? It was like an explosion in a doll’s factory.

3 Apr

Sometimes there just aren’t sufficient words. Football of the highest order. An afternoon of the most incredible passion. Brentford putting in one of our best ever performances on the road as Chelsea were ripped a new one at Stamford Bridge. The 4-1 scoreline truly deserved as the Bees turned on the style in a manner not seen since, perhaps, Fulham away (the Stuart Dallas game) in our first Championship season. This was next level, though. Champions of Europe? You’re having a laugh ! Third in the Premier league and blown away as easily as an empty crisp packet caught on the breeze. Brentford were ruthless. Dominant. Outstanding. Ballsy. Devastating. Chelsea made to look second class citizens. Real Madrid now, surely, about to face the most enormous backlash when they visit the Bridge on Wednesday. That’s their problem though. This is all about the Bees. This is all about another chapter being written in the story that keeps on giving. What a way to warm up for West Ham next week.

Celebrations for the first goal (of our four. That’s four)

We’d come into this one with a ‘nothing to lose’ approach. Christian Eriksen was back after missing out at Leicester City through Covid and his stock was high after the most wonderful return to international action during the two week break. Yet even a devil may care attitude or the inclusion of a player who is up there with the best in the world, couldn’t prepare us for what came next. For the scenes in the crowd. For the noise that not so much drowned out Chelseas as silenced them (36 minutes on the clock before we heard our first decent noise from our hosts). For the performance of a Brentford side who, after going in 0-0 at half time, came back out to score more times in 45 minutes at the Bridge than even David Mellor might have achieved in his most hedonistic days (don’t visualise it, don’t visualise it).

With Brentford reverting to the three centre backs that had seen us so cautious on the road previously, any thought that we’d come to suck it up was quickly dispelled. Brentford taking the game to the opposition. Eriksen pinging it around. Bryan, Rico and Mads Roerslev slicing through the channels. The Bees on top and, err, pushing up. 0-0 at half-time giving confidence that we could perhaps snatch something. What came next is up there with the most crazy scenes and the incredible results we’ve ever borne witness to. Limbs? It was like an explosion in a doll factory.

Ironically, it was Chelsea who scored first. As at Arsenal, just minutes into the second half and the score turned from 0-0 to our hosts taking the lead. Unlike at Arsenal, this was a flash in the pan. Granted, a moment of brilliance but one that was a bolt from the blue rather than the eventual culmination of pressure, pressure, pressure. Antonio Rüdiger’s shot from distance moving through the air, clipping the inside of the post and finding the back of the net. David Raya close but unable to keep it out. The ball leathered in from over thirty yards out and a wonderful strike. Hats off Chelsea. Yet anyone thinking this was now a done deal was bout to be rudely awoken.

Within seconds , Vitaly Janelt had levelled it up. Bryan Mbeumo teeing up as he took two defenders out of the game and the German fired home form just inside the box. Bees fans erupted. An outpouring of equal parts disbelief and joy. What a moment ! Yet here was better to come. Two minutes later and Christian Eriksen had given us the lead. Again, Mbeumo the architect. His run up field on the counter attack culminating with a beautifully placed ball to Christian Eriksen. The Dane carving a hole deep into the Chelsea defence and making no mistake with his first time effort. Oh, the smile from the player . The clenched fist. The outpouring of love from the stands. The players again celebrating in the corner in front our the travelling faithful. It was dreamland for Brentford, and there was more to come.

That’s the lead!

Within the hour, it was 3-1 Brentford. Again, Vitaly Janelt. Again, Bryan with a hand. Again. Freeing up Ivan for a quite delicious pass. Though the eye of a needle. Three defenders taken out in one touch and Janelt lofting it over Mendy from the corner of the six yard box. The crowd going bonkers.

This was madness. In the best sense. Another celebration from the players in the same corner. Their broad grins and screams of joy telling you everything about what this meant. About our team spirit. About the sheer incredulity of the situation. What a moment. 60 minutes gone. Brentford now leading Chelsea by 2 goals. Clear air and the gap growing ever bigger.

There’s the third goal

There was more to come. Much more. A disallowed goal for Chelsea. The correct call, btw. Another chance down the far end that should have been buried. The home fans then pouring out en-masse. Their supporters leaving The Bridge as quickly as the points. The home end looking as though the previously imposed sanctions had been reintroduced . There were more empty seats than a studio recording of Mrs. Browns Boys. Was this why they had played ‘The Liquidator’ as the team first took the field of play? 

Yet if the Chelsea fans had given up, the opposite was true for Brentford. The team being roared on at ear shredding volume. Wissa coming off the bench and, with his first touch, doing to Chelsea what he had done to West Ham earlier in the season. A late goal – albeit this time the cherry on the icing on the cake rather than the decisive strike. The result was the same. Brentford fans all over the place and the trademark celebration, arms aloft in that W pose. 4-1 Brentford. Moments left. This time it really was game over. This time, it was history being made. No crumbling to the reputation beforehand. No concession to their galaxy of stars or the Champions League winners’ badge that adorned the blue jerseys. Just sheer, unadulterated guts and joy.

And that’s four…

The celebrations continuing long after full time. Nobody going anywhere. Players and staff celebrating with the fans. Savouring the moment. Peter Gilham in the front row of the upper tier showing just why this was the perfect birthday present. He’s seen it all but surely nothing like this in his 75 years. Walking out afterwards, catching up with friends  we’d missed in the stadium.. The reaction – universal. An almost numb feeling of joyous disbelief. That three pint buzz followed by a lot more, for real. Tim Lovejoy. Tim Lovejoy. Tim Lovejoy. Your boys took one hell of a beating. And it was magnificent.

There’s more to come on this. If nothing else, trying to pick the ‘top five’ for our post match player review. For now, though, let’s just bask in what was one of the single best ever Brentford performances. A proper ‘I was there’ moment.

Sunday morning and I’m still smiling. Match Of The Day just rewatched for the third time. This was special. Next level stuff. Now bring on West Ham…

Pontus shows what the fourth goals mean

Nick Bruzon


7 Responses to “Limbs? It was like an explosion in a doll’s factory.”

  1. HerzyBee April 3, 2022 at 8:27 am #

    On so many levels the result matches the Craven Cottage BFC goal of the season game back in 2015, which, at the time, and with over 50 years of watching the Bees, was my best ever result away for so many reasons.

    That was equalled yesterday, I’m struggling to nominate a MOM as everyone put in brilliant shift, Janelt’s brace came after a first half where he seemed to be unsure of his role, and tbh, he looked a bit lethargic and leggy. Two goals in 10 exquisite second half minutes certainly perked him up and is engine came back to life and he finished strongly… the Stamford Bridge fire drill went off, we got stronger and more assured. Hell, if we can do this to the ‘World Club Champions ®️ Oligarch money SA…… certainly bodes well for the rest of our season. I still say we need another 5-6 points to be sure of safety, so we must not rest on the achievement, I’m sure Thomas Frank’s 24hr rule will prevail….

    COYB 🐝🐝🐝

  2. David Carney April 3, 2022 at 10:17 am #

    Waking up at 5.30am Melbourne time and nervously checking my iPhone to see is we had managed a draw or even snuck a 1-0 win somehow. I don’t think I have even woken so fast as my eyes adjusted to the scoreline. What an absolutely wonderful start to the day here in Australia. Someone had to cop it this season and as there is not a QPR or Fulham within range, Chelsea was certainly the next best option, particularly as they are European Champions. I can recall a retort from a classmate so many years ago when, as a Chelsea supporter, he told me in a bitter dispute about Brentford and Chelsea that Brentford will never be as good as the blues….well Colin, I hope you remember the argument as clearly as I do.
    Brentford have been shown on the TV News here in Melbourne today – now that is certainly a new experience.
    The only disappointment is why do Brentford play in Buttercup yellow when we are Red and White stripes shirts and Black shorts. There are far too few supporters in Australia and, I presume, elsewhere around the World (and in the UK). Red and White stripes will stay for ever, Buttercup yellow dispensed with after a single season (hopefully). Brentford will gain a larger supporter base as further improvements are made. Why not wear the tribal colours of competition whenever possible rather that dubious away colours which have nothing to do with the tribalism of Brentford. Supporters like the tribal colours.
    My Grandson would like to know why Brentford were not wearing the same Red and White shirt he wears – and so would I because I could not give him a satisfactory reason, because Buttercup Yellow is NOT Brentford.

  3. Rod Davidson April 3, 2022 at 11:14 am #

    Just watched the 90 minutes on catch up. Fantastic effort and achievement – well done Brentford.

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) April 3, 2022 at 11:15 am #

    For me, the greatest result in our history.

    Thrashing the Champions of the World on their own patch

    The comparison with the Greatest Friday 7 years ago is apt. The scoreline, the feeling, the high, even the date (out by 1 day).

    Unfortunately, i wasnt at the Bridge, but enjoyed the game in Dorset via South African TV (albeit about 5 minutes behind), screaming for joy with every goal. Even noticing some odd fella in the front row with a green coat, trying to celebrate madly while trying to take pictures on his mobile.

    Right from the start we imbued the spirit of Cpt Mainwaring and his men. Hugely against the odds, to the point that a Bees win was considered by no one. Well maybe not everyone, i had 1 or 2 Cherries fans message me to tell me, they did it before, why cant we. We were at them from the kick off, pressing high, realising that Chelski ‘dont like it up em’. The Bees were making advances all over the pitch, never giving the oppos time to even breathe. Thinking that Ivan’s gift early on was our chance missed, but chance after chance came and we made a team of world champions look like…well, Fulham in 2015.

    Now, it feels like we have achieved what we set out to do. Survival. And it now feels like we can enjoy the rest of the season even more now.

    If at the beginning of August, someone told me with 7 games to go we would be 11 points clear of the relegation zone, i would have told them to not be so bloody stupid. But here we are. With the bonus being that Micah Richards even had to eat humble pie.

  5. Tim April 3, 2022 at 6:50 pm #

    Proper line up
    Proper game plan
    Properly executed
    Bees at their best …. a top four team when we play like this. Unplayable.
    We’re nearly safe … so COYB’s … let’s be a top ten team in our first season!

  6. Brighton Bee April 3, 2022 at 9:10 pm #

    What a day out, I’ve been supporting Brentford home and away for 50+ years and that was right up there with my all time favourite day out way back in 1971 at the Cardiff City FA Cup game. Yesterday the team was magnificent from start to finish. Even Roerslev, who I have been very critical of in the past had a good game. Whilst, like others, I think Eriksen has made a big difference, my MOTM yesterday was either Ayer or Henry who were both magnificent. My moan of the match was reserved for Tomas Tuchel. His post match interview must have been an embarrassment to genuine Chelsea supporters. Someone needs to tell him that when you have been beaten by the better team on the day, you need to lose with humility and good grace and not trot out an extensive list of excuses and what ifs to justify the poor performance of your team of expensively assembled, ineffective so called superstars. What a great day to be a Bee and the results today further enhanced our position in the league. Happy days!

  7. Duncan Hadland April 7, 2022 at 10:03 pm #

    Love your blog Nick!

    I was there for the Fulham game in 2015, but have not yet seen the Bees in the Premier League, but I have watched Saturday’s Match of the Day a number of times as well …..

    You’d think by the third or fourth time, one of the three international defenders chasing after Brian (for the second goal) would suddenly think – I should keep an eye on Christian just in case Brian passes the ball across the area but no they only have eyes for Bryan (lol)

    Keep up the good work!

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