Brilliant Bees round off April in style.

24 Apr

Well that was an amazing afternoon and as much, from a personal perspective, because I wasn’t there. A funeral in Gibraltar of a much loved aunt meant yours truly was overseas during the prep for Brentford – Tottenham. Having been expected home by Friday afternoon, weather based debacle then struck to such an extent that all flights were cancelled and touch down in London only made near 9pm last night. With the first half watched on mobile phone in a departure lounge and Mrs. B. reluctantly picking up green jacket duty, the chance to see us take on Spurs was denied. On the flip side, at least our next opponents, Manchester United, were able to be watched in the earlier TV match.  

If there is any positive, our own game being televised live means a full recording has now been watched. Not to mention Match of the Day.

Brentford, again, wonderful. Unbeaten in April and 10 points out of 12. Thomas Frank now in genuine contention for a ‘manager of the month’ award. With Manchester United next up, what time for that jinx to come in to play. Moreso, and I’m putting it out there now, the bank holiday 8pm kick off combined with no trains meaning the trip to Old Trafford has had no option but to be put on ice until next season. Magic pants and green jackets will not be there.

That’s a problem for another day, though. For the minute, time to reflect on where we are at and moreso given the noises coming out when the team was announced. With Ethan Pinnock already known to be missing, the announcement of the team saw him joined in the medical room by Kris Ajer and Christian Norgaard. Starts for Mathias Jensen, Mads Roerslev and Saman Ghoddos prompting our resident soothsayers to predict he ned was nigh. Instead, with regular reserve right wing back Roerlsev shifting to the middle alongside Mads Bech and Pontus (what a game he had), Thomas Frank was again one step ahead of just about everybody. Instead, it was that man Ghoddos how not only played counterpoint to Rico Henry but matched his drive, energy and tenacity.

We’ve all seen it though. We’ve all enjoyed it. The game a quite wonderful one and Brentford on fire from the off. Ivan hitting the woodwork twice, including a last gasp chance that was as close to goal as we were going to get.  Pontus and Christian also amongst those who came close. Tottenham snuffed out to the extent they were limited to a total of zero chances on goal. See also: last week.

There’s no such thing as ‘deserved to win’. We’ve always maintained that and this is no different. Brentford were hands down the better side. Tottenham very much playing second fiddle. Thomas Frank would talk at full time about how impressed he was, about our togetherness whilst also recognising the talent of our opponents. Likewise, Pontus, who would take to social media after the game to note:

A evening to me proud of. Mentality and mindset within this squad are out of this world! Thanks for top class support once again!

Pontus shared this picture on his Twitter – head and shoulders above Tottenham

It was wonderful watching it on TV. Even if in an airport / after the Lord Mayor’s show. It can only have been incredible to catch it live from a clearly buoyant Lionel Road. There’s not much more to add at this juncture although if you want the post-match debrief / star man review then that’s up now and can be found here.

Ultimately, if you were there, you know. If you’ve seen via screens, you’ll be smiling . Certainly, I am this morning. If for no other reason than being safely back in TW8.

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Brilliant Bees round off April in style.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) April 24, 2022 at 10:47 am #

    I dont want to rub your nose in it Nick, but yesterday was quite special. The atmosphere for the 90 minutes was electric. The spirit of Bournemouth, so many of us wanted, was back. Then the performance itself was outstanding. The only part that was missing was the ball in the net. The selection would have left everyone concerned. Back to a 3 man defence, with two of them B team graduates, up against the world class of Son & Kane. A huge testament to the vision of Rob Rowan, along with 2 B team players n the bench. But, wow, every man was outstanding. Not at all worried about Saman being in the side. Oddly, he feels more at home in the Premier than he did in the Championship, and a shame he has not been given more chances.

    MOM for me was Pontus. Kept the captain of England in his pocket, with Kane resorting to falling over at every opportunity. Vitaly, taking on Norgaard’s role and was outstanding…he even lasted the 90 minutes.

    But last night along with West Ham, it felt like we were back to playing with confidence and having a strong belief in ourselves which served us so well in the last 3 years of the Championship. We look strong, and if there is anyone who says there is a better English left back than Rico Henry at the moment, then they havent seen him play!

    And now on to Old Trafford. And i cant believe im saying this, but i genuinely think we have a chance to win at Manchester United

  2. Brighton Bee April 24, 2022 at 11:12 am #

    Totally agree with all Mr Quackenbush’s comments. The team were outstanding yesterday despite missing 3 key players. All the players who came in performed really well, particularly Ghoddos and Mads. I thought Sky and BBC made too much of the Spurs had a bad day thing – the fact is Mr Conte was outsmarted by Tomas’s tactics. Spurs had no answer to them and Kane and Son were made to look very ordinary and isolated up front. My MOTM was also Pontus who was immense as he was at Watford last week, he was literally out on his feet at the end. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would be disappointed to only draw 0-0 at home to Spurs!!

  3. Edward Soudan April 24, 2022 at 12:02 pm #

    Hi Nick,
    Just to digress. Much has been said of a £15 million offer for Jed Spence. Much better to offer Middlesborough a much lower offer for their current right/wing back, Nathan Jones, just as quick as Spence and is a better ‘all round’ player.

  4. Garry Shrimpton April 24, 2022 at 3:19 pm #

    If Ghoddos doesn’t make your top five we’re going to require a recount Nick 🙄

    He was class yesterday, his best performance in a bees shirt by some distance for me.

  5. iamthesunking April 26, 2022 at 8:22 pm #

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. 😢

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