Did we all enjoy our night at the theatre? Will anyone be able to go to Everton?

3 May

Farewell, oh luckiest of lucky omens. In the end, not even a magic green jacket could save Brentford on a night that saw Manchester United pick up all three points. On a night where the Old Trafford crowd put the theatre into theatre of dreams. The game played out in a bubbling cauldron of abject silence, save for the three thousand Bees’ fans in that far corner. Where Cristiano Ronaldo was the lead player – acting skills, feigning of injury and theatrical flailing of arms all coming to the fore. Where even Sammy Saunders’ name got more of a cheer than any song mouthed by the Untied. Their planned exodus in the 73rd minute failing to materialise. Hey, its easy to support your club when you are winning. It was a night made only more frustrating by today’s news about the game with Everton….

Farewell, my old friend

In the end, the Red Devils were worthy of the points after taking their chances in a 3-0 win which left many supporters feeling disappointed on the way back to London. For clarity, should read – which left many away supporters feeling disappointed on the way back to London. I’m sure the mood from the home contingent as they headed back down South was one very much of relief.

Old Trafford felt less a Theatre and more a Coliseum. A vast arena that once saw heroes triumph. Now, nothing more than a relic. Banners lauding Sir Alex Ferguson hanging from every vantage point. A ghoulish reminder of when they used to be any good. A spectre looking down over a team very much trading on former glories. One half-expected a bit of Jethro Tull for the run out music prior to kick-off. Brentford unable to take advantage of our own fine run and our opponents’ current self-destruct. Manchester United grateful for coming up against a team showing way too much respect and playing far too cautiously.

This despite a pulsating first ten minutes which saw it all Brentford until we were caught off guard. Beaten by pace. The game swung in an instant and Bruno Fernandes edged the offside trap by a hairs breadth before finding the back of the net.

During the war, Grandad

That was it. The hosts ahead and the game settling in to a much more even affair. Brentford attempting to dictate play via the magical boots of Christian Eriksen. Ivan Toney coming close. David de Gea called in to action on several occasions. Instead, it was United who had the second attempt but this time Ronaldo was offside. His hissy fit as the decision was given against triggering the expected reaction from the Bees. 1-0 down at half time and all to play for.

The second half then seeing two more goals, a bucketful more ‘gamesmanship’ and Brentford not really at the races. United looking as comfortable as they had every right to once the lead had been doubled following a foul by Rico in the box. Ronaldo unable to believe his luck – much like an opportunistic car thief finding a brand new motor with the engine running, a bow on top, the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition. Who’s going to turn down that sort of gift horse? There was no mistake made and with the third goal coming moments after Brentford had mixed it up in midfield, the game was done.

Waking up this morning after just a few hours sleep, I’ll take one huge positive. That we are are genuinely downbeat not to have got at least a point from a game against Manchester United. It is a measure of just how far we’ve come. They rode their luck in the first game at Lionel Road and could well have been there for the taking had we gone for it as we had done all April.

Instead, United proved that games are won by seizing on moments. Dark Arts slow things down. Silent crowds, plastic fans and fake walk outs all an irrelevance. Ultimately, it comes to taking your chances and, last night, they did just that. Whatever feelings one may have, balls in the back of the net are what counts.

The player review is now up. That look at our top five performers. Something which was a bit more challenging than normal given the subdued approach to the game from Brentford. You can find that here.

Otherwise, the only other thing to do at this juncture is reflect on today’s 11th hour slap in the face in regards to the game with Everton. A Sunday afternoon already ruined by transport chaos, now made worse by those arrangements being thrown into disarray with kick off time being flipped to 4.30pm to accomodate TV. West Ham – Manchester City coming the other way nd getting our 2pm slot.

Brentford official moved quickly to give those supporters who had already purchased tickets a credit on their account. Yet, as with Liverpool (a), all the talk about not moving games so close to the actual date once again being proven to be the crock of shit that it is. Something to be taken as seriously as Cristiano Ronaldo claiming he’d been fouled.

Sky 1 Supporters 0. Sort it out please, BIAS. And not just the usual statement saying you are disappointed although, to be fair, the one published this evening has upgraded the anger rating to ‘disgusted’. Well said indeed. Now let’s see where that may lead….

Brentford Official, likewise. A credit for the fans is a wonderful gesture but won’t help anyone in rearranging travel that was already fraught so close to matchday. Nothing will happen. It never does.

Everybody will, somehow, find a way. We always do. But that doesn’t mean its easy and it certainly doesn’t mean its right. Sometimes, a tweet sums it up quite succinctly.

Nick Bruzon


8 Responses to “Did we all enjoy our night at the theatre? Will anyone be able to go to Everton?”

  1. Garry Shrimpton May 3, 2022 at 8:45 pm #

    Sly UK loathe the working class in this country, don’t think for a second that despite their continual virtue signalling to others they will lose a seconds sleep over their own behaviour.

    Fair play to the club reimbursing fans though, and fair play to BIAS.

  2. Mark H May 4, 2022 at 6:05 am #

    I’m afraid it just goes with the territory of being a Premiership club, I know it’s a piss take but heh, we where all going up for 2pm anyway, (coach travelers not really affected, train travellers I get it !) but better than having routine times mid table in the Championship, well done Brentford for crediting our accounts.

    • Graham May 4, 2022 at 12:31 pm #

      For those on the coach, perhaps it’s not too bad but for train travellers, it’s not just being inconvenienced. Some of us simply won’t be able get home! We not only lose train tickets as we’ll have to buy new ones (and will unlikely be able to buy advance tkts) but will have to get a hotel somewhere overnight and pay for an extra day on park and ride. It’s just not good enough. And WHU may not get to the final anyway. It’s a nice gesture the Club reimbursing tkt money but they shouldn’t lose out: The FA, Sky or even WHU should be compensating all of us.

  3. Maybee May 4, 2022 at 10:10 am #

    Anybody that saw Everton v Chelsea can see that it’s A tough game for the bees at Everton, with the gamesmanship of their players and their crowd trying to influence the ref .So sky think why don’t we make it almost impossible for the brentford fans to attend the game (I have heard that it is a nightmare to get out of goodison at the end of the game ).On the pitch will will have to step up on the testimonial style that we employed against man u .Everton will be going to war for their survival and we need to be ready

  4. Tim May 4, 2022 at 12:12 pm #

    Maximum points needed against Southampton now.
    My 36-38 points for safety looking a little light and fragile now!😱

  5. Anna 🐝 May 5, 2022 at 8:46 am #

    You write so well Nick. Another great.

  6. Martin O May 5, 2022 at 8:58 am #

    Nick, one of your more bitter reports, but the subtle reference to Living in the Past was sweet.

  7. iamthesunking May 7, 2022 at 5:59 am #

    I really thought we would win this one, and it would have been so good to go into the last few matches with guaranteed safety! Still hoping our last match will be the one that sends Leeds down … 🤞

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