Brilliant Brentford batter United.

14 Aug

Is this what they mean by ‘second season syndrome’? Saturday evening saw Brentford write yet another incredible chapter in a story which continues to leap from the pages of a Hollywood movie script. If last season’s home opener against Arsenal had been a nice kick about with the boys, this was a full on bullying. A 4-0 spanking of Manchester United was a performance to rival the destruction of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last season. The Bees utterly dominant and scoring goals for fun. Each attack leading to another one on the board and, in the end, the only disappointment being that we didn’t make it to the 7(seven) goal bracketing of United that seemed more than possible with little more than half an hour played. Frank out !!  

At least in the Chelsea game our hosts had been vaguely involved. On Saturday, Brentford didn’t allow Manchester United the chance to even step foot in the game. The Bees on them from the off. Even the camaraderie seen in our pre kick-off huddle compared to our visitor’s standing around listlessly in their puke green kits telling you all you needed to know about the mental approach. There were points to be both won and proven here. The narrative around Christian Eriksen allegedly ‘saving our season‘ (yawn) being put to bed in a style that even the good people at Dormeo would have appreciated. 

What came next was like nothing seen at Lionel Road. The ferocity of approach up there with the play-off semi. United on the back foot from the off. Brentford hounding their rivals. Running with the ball. Passing it around with aplomb. Mathias Jensen on fire. Christian Eriksen greeted with a cacophony of boos every time he got near the ball. What must he be thinking now? “Left for the money” sung the crowd, amongst other things. He’s walked in to a living nightmare and one which only got worse with every passing minute.  Man U? More like Manure.

Within ten minutes, Brentford were ahead. Josh Dasilva receiving the ball from Jensen, drifting across to a shooting position and lashing it low from well outside the box. David de Gea should have stopped it but instead, all he could do was let it squeeze through him and into the back of the net. It was a good shot and let’s also credit the build up of pressure as a contributory factor. David Raya at the other end seeing his squad position for Spain moving up another notch.  

Credit, too, for the way Jensen took the ball off Roanldo to provide the assist. The tantrum prone stropmeister then left sitting on his haunches for a good 30 seconds after the ball had hit the back of the net. Like Eriksen, all his nightmares coming true. Unlike Eriksen, he had no fight. No stomach for a battle. Instead of getting up to inspire his team his game descended into a series of theatrical dives and hissy fits. One thumping of the pitch in frustration having the entire North stand in fits of laughter. 

An overprivileged show pony who should have been leading by example. Instead, his petulance and ego only contributing to United’s demise.

Get over yourself, Ronaldo

But if Josh had put us into dreamland with that early goal it was nothing compared to what came next. Jensen doubling the lead after de Gea played a woeful pass out of defence to Eriksen ( think Alvaro Fernandez at Anfield levels of bad) who was sold totally up the river. Jensen reacting quickest and cleverest to nick the ball and with a beautiful shimmy, create the space for 2-0. The cheers as loud as the Bees were brilliant. 

Two became three as Ivan Toney plopped it straight on to Ben Mee’s head in a crowded box and then, with 34 minutes gone, the pick of the bunch. Jensen again at the heart of everything. He won the ball off of Jaden Sancho in our box and played a delightful ball half up the pitch straight to Toney. His own first touch then delivering an exquisite raking pass on the diagonal straight to the feet of the on running Mbeumo. Luke Shaw’s clumsy challenge on th edge of the box evaded and the ball stroked home for 4-0. FOUR. NIL. Brentford 4-0 up against Manchester United with little more than a half hour played. My word. 

There it stayed until half-time. I genuinely expected United to come back out in different kits, blaming the shirt colour for blending in with the grass as the true reason for the absolute shoeing they’d received. Instead, there was more of that vile green which I’ll be amazed should it ever see ther light of day again. Equally, I expected them to come out at 100mph – Erik ten Hag having delivered the mother of all team talks. Instead, there was nothing. Sure, a bit more endeavour but no real chances. Instead, Aaron Hickey showing that his flattening of Ronaldo meant that we weren’t going to roll over in the second period.   

4-0 it stayed. It could have been more. Probably should have been more. Yet to be upset with ‘only’ ending the game third in the Premier League and with one of our greatest results ever under the belt would be nothing short of churlish. The full time celebrations showing just what it meant to everyone inside the stadium. That Manchester United were terrible is their problem. You still have to beat your opponents and Brentford did it in a style that made the world sit up and take notice. 

Full time as enjoyable as ever

One had to feel for their supporters. Obliterated by Brentford and their misery further compounded by the RMT strike meaning all trains back to Surrey were cancelled.

Or, should that be, almost all their supporters. Professional gobshite Terry Christian was still giving it large before the game. This, despite last season’s gloating having already blown up spectacularly in his face. Some people never learn. 

Still, that’s his problem. For me and for Brentford fans it was another beautiful afternoon. Another of those times you have to pinch yourself to see just how far we’ve come. Ten years ago we were drawing 0-0 with Bury at Gigg Lane. I was there for that one and now, well….  

It was demonstration that all the money in the world counts for naff all when you are that shambolic. That, ultimately, you cannot put a price on team spirit and mindset. 

All the talk coming into the game was about Christian Eriksen. All the talk coming out of it was about Mathias Jensen. He was incredible. Let’s not pretend otherwise. The star man awards (how to pick 5 out of 16 I have no idea) are now up and you can find them here. Otherwise, perhaps might just go and watch Match Of The Day once more. Think we may be first up. 

Jensen – a work of art

Nick Bruzon


8 Responses to “Brilliant Brentford batter United.”

  1. Brighton Bee August 14, 2022 at 8:35 am #

    Spot on Nick, what a great day for everyone. Words cannot describe the elation I felt yesterday when Tomas and the boys literally tore one of the so called big boys apart – absolutely brilliant!

  2. Maybee August 14, 2022 at 9:47 am #

    I also think that tomas Frank deserves some credit tactically he wiped the floor with man utd and also with CE .Hopefull people (non bees fans)are now asking did CE make brentford look good or did Brentford make CE look good ,Bees fans know the answer .Fair play to motm jensen aswell .fair minded bees fans knew he had that in him ,hope his critics are now silenced .the problem for brentford is keeping all our players happy this season

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 14, 2022 at 10:13 am #

    The 90 minutes yesterday perfectly encapsulated the vision and hard work of Matthew Benham, Phil Giles, Thomas Frank & the coaching team. Not forgetting those who left or are sadly no longer with us and their part of the dream.

    As you said 10 years ago we were happy with a 0-0 draw at Gigg Lane. Now we are there with the big boys, fully deserving of our place amongst the elite. Talk of second season syndromes already sounding like it should be filed with lucky green tops and other peculiar superstitions 😉

    When the 4th goal went in, I was close to tears. Remembering all those desperate times, defeats at the two Bristols sending us down, play off misery against Crewe & Yeovil and getting thumped 7-0 at Peterborough.

    Maybee has a point though. Did Eriksen make Brentford look good or did the Brentford way make Eriksen look like the greatest player in the world. We have an uncanny ability to play to the strengths of our players & get the best out of them. Thats why we have such a strong recruitment model and why we can now attract players like Damsgaard. Players who have ambition and understand the game, rather than those that just want top dollar.

    In 90 minutes we saw the difference of a team working for each other and believing in an ethos and some outstanding individuals who dont know each other. One of the greatest players that has ever lived resorting to thumping the ground like a petulant child whose mother wouldnt buy him that finger of fudge on the way home from school

    What has happened to Jensen? Jensen has gone from the man you groan at to Hoddle-esque since the beginning of May? His transformation has been astonishing.

    We now have a squad so rich in its depth, that the likes of Turkey’s top striker doesnt even make the bench and 2 of our big summer signings can just sit back and chill for this one

    Oh and Senor Raya has now definitely booked his place on the plane for Doha after that

  4. Tim August 14, 2022 at 10:43 am #

    Jensens best display in a Brentford shirt by a country mile and probably star man yesterday.
    He’s certainly upped his game from last season and now deserves to be in the starting line-up. Massive transformation from some very questionable games from our maiden season.
    Big problem for Thomas will be when we’ve got a full strength squad! Ajer, Pinnock, Damsgaard and Canos to come back (would Brentford be looking to ship Sergi on?) ….. Lewis-Potter didn’t get a run out!
    Brentford will possibly thin the squad a little bit or we’ll have a very strong cup squad!
    Plus there’s our new keeper and Halil …. spoilt for choice or what?
    Grounding is now key as we have Fulham and Everton up next.
    A great result yesterday and the future history books will show that ….MU have a good to great set of individuals ….. but and hears the crux they don’t have a good team … far from it. Arguing amongst themselves during the game they are actually a poor TEAM! Football history proves one thing …. it’s history.
    The Bees played a fantastic team game of football (the original concept for the game, team being the operative word!) ….. MU were absolute rubbish playing as a team. Embarrassingly so. Even at the end their fans didn’t want the patronising claps from their own players!
    Who do you pick for MotM …. Jensen, Rico, Norgaard, Mee, Mbueno …. the only player I wouldn’t consider is Raya as he didn’t have a lot to do! Though as an outfield player he whipped the arses of all the MU players 🤣
    My only criticism yesterday ….. Freed from Desire was played too quietly 😉 … and the club don’t do vegan pasties at the Four Corners Bar!

  5. Dan King August 14, 2022 at 10:51 am #

    The skill displayed by the three players involved in the 4th could perhaps be overlooked for its beatiful simplicity.

  6. iamthesunking August 14, 2022 at 2:14 pm #

    The Man Utd team bus going home must have been a sombre affair, with Ronaldo sulking at the back with his AirPods in!

  7. Eddie Hutchinson August 15, 2022 at 8:18 pm #

    Three Christians (if you include the Portuguese spelling) with egg on their faces in the same blog thread, Brilliant!

  8. Peter Hills August 17, 2022 at 6:00 pm #

    Must be one of the best results after 69 (sixty nine) years of supporting BFC.

    Nick may be interested to hear there is an exhibition of shirts at the Design Museum football exhibition. My 6 year old grandson went today sporting his No 3 Brentford shirt – his name is conveniently Henry!

    Happy to share photos with Nick if he contacts me privately.

    Onwards and upwards

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