Newcastle United v Brentford. Post match debrief and player ratings.

10 Oct

A 5-1 reverse for Brentford at Newcastle United. Like last season, another six goals at St. James’ Park but this time around there was to be no even split. The Bees thumped in a game where the scoreline does nothing to illustrate just how baffling some of the defensive decisions were. With Brighton up on Friday night, surely a reaction is incoming….?

Whilst the final scores may look brutal on paper, did anyone emerge with any credit for Brentford? Who shone for The Bees against a Newcastle United team who made light work of continuing their climb up the Premier League table in some style. Have any of the bench players done sufficient to make the starting XI for our next game, Brighton at home? Who, or was there, a star player? Who else made the top five in the season long quest to find the top Bees’ performer? 

And as ever at this juncture, the answers can be found in the post match debrief and player ratings article, here…..


3 Responses to “Newcastle United v Brentford. Post match debrief and player ratings.”

  1. Ken Brister October 10, 2022 at 6:24 am #

    Again 3 at the back with 1 defensive midfielder has failed. How many have we lost or had to save by changing during the matches. Not the defensive lineup option despite Thomas’s preferred big match go to.

  2. Tim Rugg October 10, 2022 at 10:25 am #

    The only plus is our biggest spanking (in the Premier League) has come early in the season and hopefully pride and guts will stop us having a repeat performance.
    Norgaard missing is a huge blow for us and we’re yet to see KLP have a good run and get established.
    I hope this result has the same effect on us as it did to Manure when we whipped their sorry arses!
    Time will tell.
    Another positive from the week-end is when the aforementioned Manure beat the Toffees the Bees went up the table to 11th!!

  3. Brighton Bee October 10, 2022 at 9:18 pm #

    I went to Bournemouth and that was bad but Saturday was absolutely diabolical. Schoolboy defending, unforced errors, no Premiership quality on show – simply not good enough from the players or the management team. There has to be a vast improvement this Friday otherwise I worry where the points will come from over the next few games.

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