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Feeling down about the Swindon result? Watch this!

14 Apr

Brentford may have slipped to a rare defeat on Saturday – a pain doubled by nearest rivals Wolves securing promotion – but that result is now in the past.

Naturally, there were a lot of disappointed supporters at the time whilst social media really gave an opportunity for some of their feelings to be magnified.

By the same virtue, social media can be a tremendous positive for a club such as Brentford. There’s no way that, in days gone by, you’d have had such immediate access to players (past and present) whilst aswell as the likes of twitter and Facebook you can also chuck blog sites, fan forums and video sharing into the mix.

For the Bees addict there is now 25/7 access to consume as much information and opinion about the team as you want. No longer are we limited to the matchday programme on Saturday afternoon then having to sit tight and wait for either an update on Ceefax or the alliteration fest of Thursday’s Middlesex Chronicle (“Beleaguered Bees Boss” was always my favourite).


In days gone by, this was it. The youth of today don’t know how lucky they are etc etc etc

And so it was this weekend when a chance crossing of paths with Brentford legend Gary Blissett on Facebook led me to the below video.

I’ve seen it before as, I am sure, have you. However, if anyone is still feeling a bit down about the result from the County Ground then give it a play. And even if you are over it, as I am, then it is still a timely reminder of the prize that can await a great team such as ours.

This may not be up to the quality – picture wise – of the present day ‘official’ YouTube channel but it certainly is in terms of what it shows.

So give it a spin and enjoy. It includes some final scenes that I hope may be played out as soon as this Friday at Griffin Park. Just maybe not the ‘short’ shorts.


Re-create the Peterborough spirit

1 Jan

To Brentford fans of a certain age, the mere mention of Peterborough is synonymous with one thing  – Gary Blissett grabbing the winner at London Road as the 91/92 season came to a close.

With that goal, of course, Brentford whipped the title from under the nose of Birmingham City whilst Peterborough also went on to join us in the second tier of English football the following season.

Whilst that subsequent campaign was one which included Murray Jones as the ‘new’ Dean Holdsworth (move along please – nothing to see here) and the gut wrenching injury to Terry Evans as the Bees were relegated (if only he’d been fit), there were plenty of highlights along the way too:

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 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.