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If Bees Player was a band, then they’d be…

30 Dec

Sergi Canos – phenomenal”. Not my words but those of Bees Player commentator par excellence, Mark Burridge, as the Liverpool wunderkind made it 2-1 to Brentford at Reading on Monday.

We’ve all seen the goal by now, but that doesn’t stop the moment being recorded for posterity. And all the better to have a voice that is becoming as synonymous with the Bees as Peter Gilham to describe the action.

Whilst commentary wise it would be doing well to surpass the level of that Jota goal against Blackburn (but then what could top that?), the moment has been captured by a fan, for the fans. And it is a moment to savour. Moreso given that, on this occasion, it has been uninterrupted by the screams of hysterical pundits as has been a gripe in the past.

Come for the goal; stay for the second angle.

The only slightly sad note is that, in my personal opinion (for what it’s worth), Sergi’s strike has beaten Ryan Woods in terms of preference. Ordinarily a strike of the quality with which Ryan leathered that ball would have been goal of the month, if not the season. Thanks to Sergi it wasn’t even goal of the match.

That said, it was still a truly wonderful effort and one for which the 2,800 Bees fans present at the Madjeski can only be thankful to have witnessed. Truly, we have been spoiled in a manner befitting a dinner party hosted by the Ferrero Rocher ambassador.

And what Mark Burridge does on comms, Mark Fuller does just as well with the camera.


Mark Fuller captures Ryan Woods celebration after THAT opener

I think that, sometimes, we take Mark’s pictures for granted – such is the consistent quality of his work. So do check out his gallery from the Reading game on the official Brentford website. This one really does capture the excitement felt by those who were there on Monday.

It was an odd one yesterday. News about the sad passing of both the former Newcastle United goalkeeper Pavel Srnicek and Lemmy from Motörhead bookended the day. Pavel was a hero to many and, by all accounts, one of the nicest men in football. The pointed arm and the lurid shirts were as recognisable as the quality goalkeeping. Truly, one of football’s most iconic figures and a huge shock to everybody to hear this sad news at the age of 47.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 06.17.47

Twitter was awash with images of, and tributes to, Pavel

As for Lemmy…. Motörhead may never have been fashionable but they’ve always been there for as long as I’ve been listening to music. It’s hard to believe Lemmy was 70 already. Bomber, Overkill, Orgasmatron and of course, Ace of Spades are amongst those you may recognise.

If anything, they’ve been a bit like Brentford over the years. Unfashionable, unswerving, not often hitting the heights of popularity but a constant part in my life. And Lemmy passing makes me think how I’ll feel when Peter Gilham finally swaps his microphone for a seat in the director’s box or Mark Burridge takes the ‘Talksport’ gig.

I’ve always thought that if Beesplayer commentary had a musical style, then it would be Motörhead. Burridge is Lemmy – his instantly recognisable voice driving the comms at 100mph. And if that sees his current wingmen of Mark Chapman play the role of Phil ‘Filthy Animal’ Taylor and Ciaran Brett as Würzel then so be it.

What I’m trying to say, without sounding overly morbid, is enjoy what you’ve got and appreciate it whilst you can. Whilst I hope neither Peter or Mark are planning on giving up their roles any time soon, sometimes we can take for granted what we’ve got on our doorsteps.

Both are voices as familiar at Griffin Park as Lemmy’s was in the field of rock and metal.

Until then, here’s Motörhead….