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Lloyd Owusu finally did it.

12 Jun

The Forss is strong. Urghh, had to go there. Having successfully navigated Star Wars day, the fourth of May (note: not a real day or joke) the defences were down. Yet with Euro 2020 finally upon us and the mood in Brentford still high (moreso with the confirmation from one source that Fulham DO have to return theirs – see yesterday’s column) today has an extra level of spice. An extra level of excitement. For the home nations, focus is likely to be on Wales but for me, Clive, the real highlight is Denmark v Finland at 5pm. With it already being well documented that the Bees have more players in the tournament than Premier League stablemates Arsenal, today is the big Lionel Road reunion. 

Halil Dervişoğlu has already kicked off the Brentford connection, making it on to the field of play in last night’s opener between Italy and Turkey. A booking and match rating of 3.93 out of 10 insufficient to help his nation’s cause as 0-0 at half-time turned to a 3-0 victory for the Azzurri.

Yet depending on who is selected, tonight could see three out of the twenty-two players coming from Lionel Road. Christian Nørgaard and Mathias Jensen for Denmark with Marcus Forss representing Finland. Its a long way from a Bus stop in Hounslow to Telia Parken in Copenhagen but they’ve done it. With Sweden up against Spain on Monday, it could be a five out of five for the Bees before the Premier League fixtures have even come out.

For those of us interested in these things, the bookies have Denmark as red hot favourites. 2/5 for the win. Marcus is a rather precise 51/10 to score at any time. Christian 37/4 whilst my online provider (used purely for research purposes) isn’t quoting a price on Mathias . The BBC report him fit so go figure that one. Perhaps the lack of goalscorer price is based on the assumption Denmark will be awarded a free kick. Insert wink emoji.

That said, if you are reading, Mathias (he isn’t) let’s not forget that imperious form in the play-offs. Very much a man at the top of his game and so calm in the pressure cooker environment of the second leg semi and the subsequent final at Wembley. Which we won. In case anybody had missed the score. 2-0. Against Swansea. Brentford are in the Premier League.

The highlight of yesterday’s actions being the incredulity poured on the radio controlled car used to ferry the ball form the touchline to centre circle prior to kick off. A superfluous gimmick designed for no other reason than presumably to save the referees wrists additional strain and promote a car manufacturer.  Harry loved it although he’s only just 8 years old. The again, kids love Jar Jar Binks and Paw Patrol so it’s not a great yard stick.

As Mollie Goodfellow wrote on Twitter, “Sources telling me if a player needs to be stretchered off they will simply be driven off by four remote control 4x4s carrying a stretcher.

Still, it doesn’t take to be overly serious. If anything, there’s the ongoing moment of anticipation for when the ball delivery system is sure to go wrong. Could the driver end up being breathalysed? Stick to the Budweiser to avoid any danger there.

Back home, the demolition of Griffin Park continues. Cycling home from the school run yesterday, I had to perform a cartoon style double take on Brook Road. There was the New Road stand to my left but something was missing. Next time… Fly KLM. Not any more 😦 

Delorean Gray on Twitter hit the nail on the head, noting: “Lloyd Owusu finally did it.

Thankfully, there’s plenty to keep us distracted from what still remains a sensitive topic for many. The years spent at Griffin Park are packed full of memories  – good and bad. So many of us grew up there and it IS hard seeing it go. On a personal note, I’m thrilled the ongoing delays meant our Harry had a chance to experience how incredible a place it was. That he has invested in football so heavily is quite wonderful (right now we’re having to watch a rerun of Italy – Turkey). Equally though, and it was Mark Burridge who got it bang on the other week, that Bournemouth game was the moment Lionel Road became home. 

We’ve moved on. Griffin Park has a huge place in my heart but the future lies elsewhere. We’ve players at the Euros and we’re Premier League. The only was is up…

Nick Bruzon  


What a Finnish. Could we have a new FT Index?

12 Nov

Sure. You can do it for Brentford against FulhamL at Lionel Road but can you do against France in Paris on a Wednesday night? On your international debut. The answer was an emphatic YES with Marcus Forss giving Thomas Frank an even bigger selection headache (of the nicest sort) when he opened the scoring in a 2-0 win for Finland at the Stade de France. Picking up the ball in midfield after a mistake from Moussa Sissoko of Tottenham, he shrugged off the two defenders trailing in his wake to burst trough and lash a trademark thunderbolt past Steve Mandana into the back of the onion bag. What a finish. What a man. With the Denmark squad seeing the contingent of Bees committed for previously documented reasons, it was about as good an evening as it gets for the Bees. What next, though?

Marcus has the eye of the t,t,t… Eurasian Eagle Owl

If Marcus hadn’t already been knocking on Thomas’s door with his performances to date, this is only going to have increased the pressure for him to be given a starting berth even more.The calls for a return to the two up top which almost salvaged a draw from the Stoke City debacle (the game at the Bet365 rather than one of Billy Reeves favourite prog-rock bands) will only be growing. You can’t drop Ivan Toney – he’s on fire as the leading scorer in the Championship – but how on earth do you leave out Marcus now?

Cripes. Who’d be a head coach? Everybody’s an expert from the safety of their keyboards and the terrace but try doing it for real. Of course, we’ve got opinions and are all entitled to them. For what it’s worth, my own would be taking the chance to go for it when Wycombe visit on Saturday week. Play them both from the off. Go for broke and look to put a smile back on the face after the frustration of Norwich and Middlesbrough. Whilst tinkering with the defensive formation is, and always has been, metaphorical a car crash of the worst sort (four heads are way, way better than five), increasing the numbers at the other end of the pitch is always a bold and positive call. It has worked for the short, sharp periods when we’ve tried it but how about a full on 90 minutes? 

The halcyon days of Deano and Bliss, the FT index or for those of us with longer memories, the terrible twins George Francis and Jim Towers, always bring a smile to the face. The rose tinted memories of goals flying on for fun and Brentford winning game after game (play-off campaigns aside – move along, nothing to see there) are always associated with those strike partners. Could Thomas have now stumbled across the latest dynamic duo? Circumstance alone giving him no choice but to lead from the front? 

Forget the BMW. That was so 2019. A new FT Index of Forss and Toney rather than Forster and Taylor could be the most unexpected outcome of an already weird season. 

The FT index – had some amazing support, too

Let’s be honest, its not our way. Normally. But then this isn’t the normal season. Anything but. If we have any pretensions of hauling in table toppers Reading then at some point the draws will need to start being converted to wins. Last season’s incredible goal difference replicated. With a run of four games against teams in the bottom half of the table now approaching, this really feels like the best time to go for it. If we are going to look at building a regular Plan B of Toney and Forss together, now is the perfect opportunity.

It’s a big IF, of course. We’ve talked long and hard about the need to avoid player burn out. Let’s not forget either that there are nine games in December including that cup quarter-final with Newcastle United. I can’t see Thomas overly pushing it there. If anything, it’s going to be a period where we make full use of the squad. More rotations than an over oiled magic roundabout. But now is the time where we can, perhaps, afford to mix it up a bit. To go for the much fancied strike pairing and see what comes from there. 

Marcus and Ivan both have the taste for goal. Whilst the ‘no dickheads’ policy is one which permeates a squad where spirit seems high, will either player be truly happy keeping the bench warm when they are banging them in for fun? Good luck answering that one, Thomas. In the nicest sense.

Nick Bruzon

What links a win for Scotland with Dallas and Gibraltar?

26 Mar

Is it me or is this international break already taking, what seems, an interminable length of time? There are another eight days until Brentford travel to Fulham but the lack of any real news does make it seem like the domestic season has already ended. The flip side of this was, at the least, the chance for several Bees to shine on international duty with the highlights coming from the home nation games involving Scotland, Northern Ireland and England U-20s.

To read the rest of this article, season 2014/15 is now available to download onto Kindle (and other electronic reading device) in full. Containing additional material and even some (poor) editing, you can get it here for less than the cost of a Griffin Park matchday programme or Balti Pie.

Thanks for reading and all your comments over the course of the season. For now, I need to make more space on the site for any follow up. However, ‘close season’ will continue in full, further on.

Daniel, my brother. You are older than me (and a Manish bonus)

2 Aug

Not my words but those of Elton John (apart from the bit about Manish) which, I can only imagine, were ringing around the hot bed of activity that is the Griffin Park media centre on Friday as Brentford announced another new signing.

The latest name to join the Bees is Finland under-21 international, Daniel O’Shaughnessy. The 19 year centre back would seem, on paper, somebody who most definitely fits the club’s bill of acquiring young talent.

That said, early visitors to the Brentford club site may have been left somewhat confused. Had the media team taken a particularly long lunch, been caught short by a sudden signing or are they just massive Elton fans?

Apparently ‘defedner’ Daniel, brother of Daniel, played against England way back in 2003. Either Warbs had reversed the aforementioned youth policy or this had been in the under-9’s World Cup. You can see part of the story – as it first appeared – below.

Welcome Daniel - as first reported on the official site

Welcome Daniel – as first reported on the official site

The story was soon cleared up as it transpired that the game against England, where defender Daniel had actually featured alongside his brother Patrick, took place just last year – 2013. As ever, you can read the full (corrected) version on the clubsite.

Those who saw Brentford play CA Osasuna on Tuesday will already have had a brief taste of Daniel in action. Don’t bet against him having a further run out at some point today when The Bees line up against Crystal Palace.

The other news to grab my attention yesterday was an announcement from Manish Bhasin, of ‘Football League Show’ fame. I love this programme and was a regular viewer last season (despite their obsession with ‘that penalty’).

If for no other reason than to see which team ‘coupon buster’ Clem would curse with a visit. The spectre of a home defeat seems to follow the ever-popular roving reporter like seagulls sniffing around the proverbial trawler.

Well, the good news is that rather than waiting up until well past midnight on Saturday for our only chance to catch this, the show is to get a second running on Sunday mornings. The time, 9am.Ish. The place, BBC2.

Great news from Manish.

Great news from Manish.

This is fantastic news for those of us, myself included, who struggle to sit through Match of the Day. An hour of Mark Lawrenson is generally enough to finish off any hopes I had of lasting until the Bees action hits our screens.

Nice work, Manish. Now, if you could just make sure Clem is given a season ticket for Craven Cottage that would be perfect.

And if you want to read amore more about Manish, the Football League Show and how we reached the Championship then why not catch up on ‘Celebrating like they’d won the FA Cup…..’

The story of Brentford’s 2013/14 promotion campaign, amongst other football related gumph, is now available as a digital book. Featuring the best of the not so bad columns from last season, and some new content, you can download it here for your kindle / digital device.

Manish, Leroy and Clem feature more than Russell Slade

Manish, Leroy and Clem feature more than Russell Slade