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Terry and Farid – could this be the best present yet….?

20 Dec

Back in 2005 the BBC conducted a fans’ survey to find their club’s ‘cult hero’.

If I recall correctly, ‘Football Focus’ would then run a piece each weekend, highlighting several clubs and announcing the respective winners.

A quick trawl of the interweb reveals that the results are still out there and, in the case of Brentford, the winner a very deserving Terry Evans – who secured 47% of the total vote. For the record, Terry Hurlock (28%) and Dean Holdsworth (25%) took second and third place.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry back in 2009, where he talked fondly about this honour : “It was probably one of my proudest moments, something like that. Especially compared to some of the people that have pulled on a Brentford shirt. For me to be in that top three was a hell of an achievement. I’ve really got to thank the fans for that, for rating me so highly.”

I also asked Terry whom he would have picked, had he voted? The answer was unequivocally in favour of Mr Hurlock: “Terry! I’d come here as a young professional and he just epitomised it. He was just a leader and I only thought – if I could emulate this fellow. He’d get press for his ruggedness and tough tackling but he could play. Week in, week out, year after year Tel was ripping up trees for Brentford so he’d have been my vote. He was a great player.


Terry – swapped Bees for Wasps

I’d love the BBC to run this poll again. It’s been almost ten years since the last one and would be a great feature to include as part of the Football League Show. Manish, Leroy, Steve – if you are reading (you aren’t) how about it?

More importantly though, who would get the Brentford vote?

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 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.


Bees on the Beeb – this article will self-destruct in nine hours

16 Nov

It’s a Brentford double-header on the BBC today ahead of the game against Crewe Alexandra, with your chance to get involved too.

First up, Herr Rösler is the special guest on this morning’s Football Focus in an interview with Damian Johnson that will go out on the show at mid-day. Uwe talks about his time as a player in East Germany and the Stasi’s attempts to recruit him.

From the brief snippet already available on the BBC website, which you can see here, it promises to be a fascinating article. Likewise, it appears to have been filmed at Uwe’s house, too, so there’s even a chance for you to go all ‘Through the keyhole’, if that’s your particular thing.


Uwe with Damian Johnson – thankfully, Keith Lemming not in attendance

Later today, should you not have BeesPlayer  (or just prefer the ever eloquent Billy Reeves) BBC London have full radio coverage of Brentford’s game. Whilst I’ll be watching it live myself, BBC local radio coverage has been a lifesaver in the past.

Notably when we were stuck in a three-hour tailback on the M11 last season, whilst the Bees were beating Colchester United at home. Initial frustration at missing the game for a family visit turned to relief as we’d got stuck in the radio ‘sweet spot’ that could pick up BBC Essex. As Mrs. Bruzon fumed at the delay in reaching her parent’s house, I sat back and enjoyed full radio commentary on another Brentford win. So do avail yourself of the BBC services – you just never know when you’ll need them.

Or, even, when you’ll be on them. Eagle eyed viewers of Billy’s Twitter feed last night will have seen that he is going to be in the vicinity of the Griffin Pub in the early afternoon. Its your chance to give your thoughts to the BBC on Brentford and anything else he may choose to ask you about.

1.20 is the designated time. See you there !