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What is this season’s ‘must have’ item?

19 Nov

This season it is the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal who top the table whilst our own Brentford aren’t at the races. Frustratingly, even the Loftus Road mob need honourable mention, which is a phrase that sticks in the throat as much as having to acknowledge Fulham rediscovering their form.

The season being, of course, the festive one and the table being the pecking order of club shop fashion. Brentford may well have their gnomes but, as things stand, we are yet to dip our toes into the world of the Christmas jumper.

Browse the website of any top flight team and you are sure to stumble across the Xmas section where, amongst other things, will be a jumper adorned with a reindeer sporting a scarf of your chosen club. They are all at it this year – along with United, teams such as Manchester City, Everton and Aston Villa have all followed this template which, although somewhat generic, does put a new twist on football couture.

Available at most Premiership clubs - the Christmas reindeer

Available at most Premiership clubs – the Christmas reindeer

That’s the basic model. Look a bit further afield and certain teams even have a bespoke model. Arsenal have gone for the mutant football / snowman whilst QPR have looked to combine the traditional design with their own kit. Full marks for ingenuity although there’s no accounting for actual taste.

Arsenal and QPR (badge pixelated) try to go one better

Arsenal and QPR (badge pixelated) try to go one better

And all this gets me wondering if Brentford will ever be able to launch our own spin on this festive favourite. Our club shop is, generally, well stocked with plenty of gifts for this time of year although we are, as it stands, yet to launch our own bespoke knitwear.

That said, I think we’d face some very stiff competition – from our own fans. Christmas jumpers may look good but we have enough familiar faces who are as well known for their winter woolies as they are for supporting their club.

I don’t even know these people’s names but much as most of us will have a favourite shirt to wear to a game, these terrace legends have taken things the extra mile over the years. It wouldn’t be a  Brentford game if, at some point, you didn’t have the likes of ‘80’s golf chap’, ‘funky bee woman’ and the all time hero… ‘jumper man’. And please forgive the somewhat blurred picture but, incredibly, there is little internet based evidence of this design classic.

As such, although I’d love a club issue Christmas jumper when the competition is this fierce then I’ll happily stick with my gnome and shirts.

Jumper man is the king of football fashion...

Jumper man is the king of football fashion…

… but faces fierce competition from 'funky bee woman'

… but faces fierce competition from ‘funky bee woman’

Last seen alongside Nick Faldo and  The Two Ronnies at pro-celebrity golf