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The return of the king?

16 Oct

Crap hashtags. It’s not just Brentford. We’ll get to the first part of the Rotherham United preview and player news momentarily but I have to start with last season’s Championship rivals Bournemouth who, of course, are now gracing the Premier League. You may have heard mention of this.

Fair play to them for getting there and the start they have made. I can only doff my hat in admiration. With Watford and Norwich in similar form it shows just how tough a breeding ground the Championship is and, equally, how well Brentford did last season to keep pace with the eventually successful triumvirate.

In Eddie Howe, Bournemouth have a manager coveted by many and who their supporters worship (sound familiar?). So yesterday’s news that he has signed a contract extension which should see him at the Goldsands until 2020 was met with rapture by Cherries fans and the club. So much so that they even used the seemingly compulsory modern medium of a Twitter hashtag to help spread the word. #Eddiesigns

#Trophyfriends. #Novemberkings. #Bignewambitions . Brentford have had our share of these cringeworthy horrors over the last season or so but, for once, it wasn’t us. #Eddiesigns may not be that bad on the surface until you actually look at.

Rather than one of England’s hottest managerial properties, it makes him sound more like a local decorator or sign writer. My automatic reaction was that it was the sort of thing to be found on the side of a white van parked outside a less salubrious Pokesdown boozer. Still, Bournemouth are in the Premier League and we aren’t. One can only imagine what ‘official’ twitter would have come out with had we been in their shoes.

Eddie signs - no job too tough

Eddie signs – no job too tough

That said, we’re doing our best to get there over the next three years and this season’s attempt begins again on Saturday with the visit of Rotherham United. One player who won’t be in contention is young right back Josh Clarke who has impressed many after making the step up from the youths.

Despite a baptism of fire in a position he had hardly played, he genuinely looks like one for the future. He really has been a rare highlight in what has been a generally bleak start to the campaign but has now been loaned out to Martin Allen’s Barnet. This, from a position where my own sources close to the club suggest he was close to even being released over the summer.

Hopefully this will be simply to gain league experience rather than with a view to permanent exit. With Max Colin still on the road to recovery, it would suggest Alan Mac is now locked in at full back until that time. Or Josh returns. Let’s hope we see him again soon.

Still, if Josh has left (for now) there was some good news from the world of twitter as Jota has confirmed, without the use of hashtags, that he is ever closer to a first team comeback. This, certainly, news that seems to have been as popular as that from the South coast and an update that had me smiling.

Positive news from Jota

Positive news (and no hashtags) from Jota on twitter

His departure was the one I feared the most over the summer and so I was chuffed to bits when he stayed. Not so when he was spannered by Jonathan Douglas in the season opener against Ipswich. Those next few weeks can’t come soon enough.

But if Jota had ‘tweet of the day’ from a playing perspective, off the field that honour goes to @RoxethMyLord. The long time Beesplayer enthusiast and social media guru posted this gem to get the imagination into overdrive.

Come for the tweet; stay for Billy's reply

Come for the tweet; stay for Billy’s reply

And finally, the new video. Presumably you’ve all seen it? Thoughts? On the one hand, a beautiful piece of über-slick PR designed to remind us that the season is restarting following the international break.

On the other hand, an über-slick piece of propaganda designed to remind us that the season started with somewhat of an implosion. However,  let’s all put it behind us for a new beginning after our brand of woeful crab football, the pitch malfunction, managerial debacle and FFP related player sales.

I’m all for the later aspiration but it boils down to one thing. What we do on the pitch.

All the crumby hashtags and fancy videos count for nothing if your team can’t win. Likewise, three points and I’ll forgive us anything.

Which will it be? See you Saturday when we find out.

Is the squad that thin we've recalled Nick Proschwitz (middle)?

Is the squad that thin we’ve recalled Nick Proschwitz (middle)?

Nick Bruzon


Questions, questions, questions….

23 Sep

Brentford supporters must be starting to think we couldn’t make it up, with the injury crisis taking a further grip. Defender Maxime Colin has now been ruled out of Saturday’s game against Sheffield Wednesday, and beyond, after using social media to announce he ‘ll be missing for 8 -12 weeks as a result of his training ground injury.

Maxime gives his own injury update

Maxime gives his own injury update

After using last week’s press day to reveal that, ““He just blocked a ball with his knee. It’s possible he could play but it’ll depend how he wakes up” it will be interesting to see how Marinus re-evaluates the player’s condition now.

Moreso, with questions sure to be asked at the fans’ forum on Thursday night. Running from 6.30pm until 8.00pm, along with Marinus the panel is due to consist of Chairman Cliff Crown and Chief Executive Mark Devlin, plus Phil Giles and Rasmus Ankerson (our Co-Directors of Football).

I’d love to get their take on just how we have suffered so many freak mishaps. Were it not so serious it would almost be funny. But I can’t see anybody else laughing (to coin a phrase). Is it just coincidence and bad luck? Or is there some other explanation?

Either way, I can’t help but feel desperately sorry for all involved at the club. Primarily the players, of course, but equally the new look management team who have a big enough challenge following the incredible few years under Mark Warburton without then having the squad decimated around them.

Warbs - in there, somewhere. A tough act to follow

Warbs – in there, somewhere. A tough act to follow

That said, the players we do have are doing ok. Have we looked wobbly at times? Absolutely. I’m not so naïve as to pretend everything is perfect but, equally, we are only just into a new season with a new structure and are most definitely starting to gel.

After 7 (seven) games last season we had 11 points and were 10th.

This time around we are just off that with 8 points in 17th – albeit we’ve played a game less. Victory against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday will take us to an identical place as the previous campaign – 11 points from 8 games. And that was with a ‘slow’ start that saw us really hit the ground in late October before upsetting Twitter fans (and people with taste) as the club deemed us #Novemberkings.

Which also gets me thinking about the forum. Who drives ‘official’ Twitter and who comes up with the ridiculous hashtags? I’ve used these pages to ask before but can anybody take the likes of #trophyfriends and #bignewambitions with any level of seriousness and credibility?

As ever, hats off to the club for putting their people on the front line and under the direct scrutiny of the supporters. The forum is always an excellent event and this one promises to be no different.

See you there.

Nick Bruzon