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The good, the bad and the ugly. Bees win, Liverpool draw with West Ham and Kingsley is back. A week in football (Europe special).

11 Dec

Brentford got back to winning ways after despatching Burton 2-1 despite the best efforts of referee David Coote. Newcastle United and Brighton traded places at the top of the table, twice, as Dwight Gayle’s hat trick saw him move a further goal ahead of our own brace grabbing Scott Hogan. Nottingham Forest’s derby defeat to, erm, Derby saw the Bees climb an additional place to 15th on Sunday via the medium of goal difference whilst art the bottom it’s as you were. Cardiff City, Wigan Athletic and Rotherham United occupy the relegation spots although the Millers did, at least, have the pleasure of beating QPR. Stop. Sniggering.

That’s the latest Championship action in nutshell. Yet there has been so much more going on in the division and beyond. In the latest edition of our regular, weekly feature we look back at those things you might have missed from the world of social media.

This week it’s a European special although, of course, we start with Brentford. With new co assistant head coach Thomas Frank joining in the week, was the win down to him?


Perhaps. Although captain Harlee Dean was quick to recognise his team mates. How much better to read this sort of thing rather than any ‘going again’?



Before kick off, this faith wasn’t shared by all. Careful, they’ll remember you.


And it wasn’t just the musical choice that was causing some supporters pain.


But in our last game before Christmas, those three points were all that mattered. There was a festive vibe before kick off and one that was matched at half time as supporters crowded a forecourt that remains dominated by that beautiful tree. Great work to all at the club for what really is a wonderful centrepiece.


Hats off to Beesotted for a clip that needs no other words, beyond…..Push Up, Brentford.

And as our penultimate Bees related thought, those of you with a yearning for all things Spanish may want to look away now. Please, come back…..

From Eibar, further into Europe. In Portugal, Benfica have officially killed football.


In Germany, Manuel Neuer has officially killed fashion.


In the Champions league, Spurs limped into the Europa places whilst Leicester City had a familiar face between the sticks as they went down 5-0 to Porto.



Still, that didn’t stop them humping Manchester City 4-2 on Saturday night. Well done to the Foxes although perhaps City still had their minds on a shocking incident that occurred as they played the dead rubber against Celtic.


North of the border, Celtic may be running away with the title but that doesn’t stop the rest of Scotland having an awful lot more fun. The kings of football Twitter, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, were back and as ever the club remain happy to wade in on any subject.


Meanwhile Kingsley, the unchallenged mascot heavyweight champion of the world, was back. Twice. Oh Buzzette, if only your paths could cross….




Back home in the Championship, hapless Fulham were doing what the do best. Being hapless.


Massimo Cellino at Leeds has been found guilty of something again. And banned. Again.


Whilst Norwich City legend Darren Huckerby has hit Twitter with some hime truths.


At Old Trafford, Manchester United did something unheard of in footballing circles. They won a game. Yer prior to kick off, manager Jose Mourinho had been displaying all the seasonal goodwill of Scrooge.


Later on, he went down like he’d been shot. That, or his Peter Crouch robot dance really needs more work.


Liverpool were also in action on Sunday, against West Ham, in a game that was dominated by the goalkeepers.


Although perhaps events prior to kick off had affected both teams. For Liverpool, an opportunity very much missed.


For West Ham, David Gold’s lack of pop culture was apparent to all.


We finish with a double helping of Moose. Ian, that is. He had an old friend in tow on Saturday.


But, as ever, we close with his birthday friend of the week. Which of Ian’s good friends from the world of football did the Talksport DJ wish happy birthday to, via the medium of a Twitter post and picture of them together?

This week: former Bee Les Ferdinand


Nick Bruzon


The most bizarre tweet since records began.

27 May

Brentford are up and Rotherham United have joined them. Great news for us and Steve Evans’ ‘Millers’, if not for Leyton Orient.

Whilst there was a lot of banter over the course of the season (and rightly so), now’s the time to sit back and enjoy the moment rather than kicking our rivals when they are down. Indeed, the club seem to have followed the former course of action with a very unusual post on the twitter social network.

There’s nothing wrong with congratulating a fellow promoted team and, from that respect, another good job from Brentford. It was more the peculiar ‘hashtag’ that went with it: #trophyfriends.


I have no idea what this means or why we would even use it. I’m sorry. Perhaps I’ve had the same charisma bypass that one Bees fanatic would later suggest that Leyton Orient supporter @orientmeatpie had endured. But assuming not (and for that, I guess, you’d need some charisma to begin with), then what is it all about?

Amongst the confused comments and general derision – most from Brentford fans – was the suggestion from Mr. Pie that an ‘Inbetweeners’ moment was imminent.

Well, it’s here if you need one:


I know we are all in good humour about promotion but we are, also, a professional football club. I want us to be taken seriously – not laughed at as ‘little Brentford’ now playing with the big boys and using the sort of childish language that you’d find in the playground.

I don’t even know what a ‘trophyfriend’ is supposed to be or why we would consider ourselves one. The last time I looked (and £50 at 12-1 before the season began meant I was watching VERY closely) we didn’t win anything – friends and promotion aside.

And whilst I have had more than my fair share of digs at Russell Slade over the course of the season, I can empathise with the pain that Orient fans are feeling right now. Remember last season? So, unlike some of our fans, I’m not going to have a pop at them for, rightly, laughing at our ridiculous choice of phrase.

Come on fellow Bees, we’re better than that. I can’t imagine this is the image Matthew Benham wants for his club – but then what do I know?

Now? Are we friends?