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Brentford give us all something to think about

23 Jun

Back in January Oliver Holt, then chief sports writer for the Daily Mirror, was left somewhat perplexed by a Twitter ‘spat’ that saw him questioning whether Brentford practice “anti-PR ”. It all moved on rather swiftly – he’s now at the Mail on Sunday and, likewise, didn’t make any more of an issue out what was, ultimately, deemed “a strange volley of tweets”. However, the latest effort from The Mirror does make me wonder whether somebody else there has a longer memory.

The announcement of Flemming Pedersen as our new head of Football Philosophy and Player Development is certainly one that has me intrigued. Following hot on the heals of head coach Marinus Dijkhuizen and the co-directors of football in Phil Giles and Rasmus Ankersen, it is an appointment which further continues Matthew Benham’s bold vision of the future.

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We did. And we still are ! 

Flemming has already got people intrigued

Flemming has already got people intrigued